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Enter the VR Zone

[Music] Are you interested in VR or do you need help with VR then I got great news for you at Delft University of Technology the NewMedia center opens a brand new VR lab at the library the new VR lab is packed with powerful workstations VR sets and has all the necessary software, knowledge to get you up and running in no time. We also assist students with the project I’m Chloe and I created my thesis design the architecture of science fiction Ready Player One in VR for me it was very important to have a place like the VR Zone for help and advice in designing and developing virtual reality. You don’t want to waste your time figuring out everything yourself and instead I could use that time to create innovate and develop new designs and applications [Music] at Delft University of Technology we develop applications like the VR multiplayer environments the multiplayer application allows several people to interact with each other and objects in real time in the same virtual space with the application it’s possible to connect different devices together create one immersive environment this bridges the gap between virtual and augmented reality [Music] my name is Robert op de Beek for my graduation project I researched the impacts of VR and AR on the architectural design process and for my research I needed three things: the hardware, software and knowledge and the VR lab was able to provide all three. If you have any questions or are you just curious, come on meet us here at the VR zone [Music]

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