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[Eng Sub] Run BTS! 2020 – Ep.96

[RUN BTS] [RM] [SUGA] [JIN] [J-HOPE] [JIMIN] [V] [JUNG KOOK] [RUN BTS EP.96 Let’s play, BTS 2] [Last Episode] [The prize is gold?!]
We prepared gold for the winner. – Gold?
– How much gold? What’s the price? – How much? – It melts.
– Wow, it’s melting. – It’s melting~
– Pour it first. [Discovery of unexpected games]
What’s strawberry jackstone game? – JIMIN’s good.
– Nice. [7 ways of playing jackstones]
– I’ll do it like a chef. – Okay. [While playing the game]
Toss them first. [Talent show of the youngest]
I got them! No! [Going different from their expectations]
Oh no! [Bouncing off] [But the winner still wins]
I want to get the mineral too. This is humiliating. [Let’s play it with the coins
earned from the game] – I did this a lot when I was young.
– Amazing. [But game is a game]
Who hasn’t won a point so far? [Three won zero points]
– Me. – Me too. So how many points do I have now? [Will they win the points?!]
It’s a three-sided fight. I should’ve won the point here. Round 3 is top-spinning game. – Top! – Did you read cartoons when you were young? [Cartoons in their old memories]
3, 2, 1! – Go!
[Excited] – Go shoot! – Go shoot!
– Nice. J-HOPE reacts well. [J-HOPE=good reaction]
So here’s the thing. [Game 3 – Top-spinning] [Pick a top according to your current rank]
Amazing. [Make your own top and do a 1:1 tournament]
– Are you on this? – I am. [1st and 2nd winners get the point and a coin]
3, 2, 1 Go shoot! [Current rank: 1st JIMIN, 2nd V, 3rd RM]
Go shoot! [Last: SUGA, J-HOPE, JUNG KOOK] [1st place] JIMIN – will get to choose the top first.
– Okay! – No way!
[Mass protest] – He should get the penalty. – Look… – The winner should pick the last.
– That’s right! – I agree.
– That’s the right way to do it. [No way] – No way!
– Okay, since we seek for a fair society. [JIN’s frustration]
Look, making a top – doesn’t mean a god will come out of it.
– Okay… – It’s frustrating.
– Hey! I had a childhood fantasy! – I… – Why are you talking about your childhood fantasy here? – I cried because I didn’t get Blue Dragon.
– 3, 2, 1. – Go shoot! – Why are you crying now?!
– Wake up~! [SUGA’s intervention] – Let’s just do it!
– Okay, so… [SUGA’s ignored]
Then let’s do rock scissors paper. – Okay.
– Why are you choosing it on your own? [Would the game be possible today?]
– Give me anything then. – Hold on. [JIMIN got hurt following MC’s directions]
– Just do it with whatever that is left. – We must listen to the referee.
– Sit down! – Give me a chance, then.
– Okay. JIMIN goes first. [Let the youngest do it!] – Start from JIMIN.
– Since I’m the youngest one. – Okay. – Okay.
[Embarrassed] – JIMIN. If you pick JUNG KOOK, I’ll be mad. [MC and the oldest stuck between two brothers]
JUNG KOOK. [How will he find a way?]
– JUNG KOOK. – Yes. Which one do you want? [Let’s first hear what the youngest says]
– Let’s hear what you say. – Just do it! – Since I was young…
– When you were young! [Endless memories of BTS]
Let’s hear your memories! – I liked Black Tortoise. – Did you?
– I see. Who wants Black Tortoise? [Me!]
– I like Black Tortoise. – Do you? Oh! It’s the gold! Draciel Gold! That’s mine. [What’s that] – Hold on.
– What? [His shamelessness makes them speechless]
We should play the game! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!
One of them is mine! [The staff prepared MC’s top as well]
– Okay, it’s MC’s power. – Okay. [Accepted] – MC’s power.
– Okay, Draciel. Rock, scissors, paper! – Rock, scissors, paper!
– Please! [RM gets one of the two] – Rock, scissors, paper!
– You got the good one. [The other one goes to JIMIN]
A big box usually has a good one. [Hey you…]
– Good. – What? – How about us?
– JUNG KOOK, you’re the next. – I want Dranzer! – Does anyone want Dranzer?
– It’s Red Phoenix. – I do!
– Okay! Rock, scissors, paper! [Rock, scissors, paper for Red Phoenix]
Let’s do rock, scissors, paper! Rock, scissors, paper! I’ll get anything left out. [Picking a top is never easy]
– Who wants Rock Bison? – Me! – I’ll pick Rock Bison.
– As you wish. [SUGA got tired]
Just give me anything! [Sad JUNG KOOK]
– Metal Driger for SUGA. – Blue one? I’ll get this one. [Sad baby because he didn’t get what he wanted]
Do you want Rock Bison? [Angel JIMIN makes concession]
Hey, JUNG KOOK. You get this. I’ll get Rock Bison. [Became happy] Nice! Do you want to switch with mine? – Switch?
– Do you want Draciel S Gold? [No easy way]
– Yes! – Make an acrostic poem with Draciel, go! – “D”.
– Come on~ “Ra”. [Fast give-up]
I’ll just go with this one. [Cute] Okay, everyone. The game starts with making a top. – Really?
– Yes. [Touched]
Wow, this brings up my old memories. [Sharing tips] Experts put on sticker first. – Really?
– Because… – Is sticker really important? – It is!
– You don’t know how much that is important. Sticker is the most important thing. [SUGA’s words upset everyone]
The cover is important. It’s just following the instructions, right? [None of them even started yet]
– This… – This doesn’t require instructions. [Flipping]
You’re right. No need. Follow your instincts. [SUGA’s analogy]
Aren’t you supposed to do this like – putting a film on your phone?
– You all know that, right? – That’s so important.
– We all had those instincts when we were young. [The instincts are now gone]
Let’s see. – Wait, I’m stuck now.
– I’m stuck from instruction No. 1. [Already?] – Me too! How can I do No. 1?
– What’s No. 1? – No way…
– Everyone. [Confident]
Let’s give more points to whoever makes this the fastest. – I’m done. What’s next?
– What’s this… – Got it!
– I messed up. [Everyone’s following instructions]
Hey, you’re all in trouble. [Shining] See the details? – Just finish your thing.
– Okay. [Puzzled SUGA]
It’s so funny that [Perfect understanding of SUGA]
he’s always complaining but does his best. [Working hard but failed] [JIMIN burst into laughter]
What are you doing? – It doesn’t come out.
– Don’t stick it in so hard. Okay. Mine’s broken. [V’s top is broken even before the game starts]
V failed! Is V already over? [Sad V]
– V’s over. – That’s… – Amazing.
– Are you in this game? – I am.
– I really… [Desperately hoping to do it again]
– Hey. – I’m in. When I was your age, I wrapped this with thread. [SUGA began to call back memories]
You know, right? I played with an iron top. – He’s doing it again.
– When I was young… Latte is horse… (Korean word pun) What?! [JIMIN’s fancy top excites everyone]
– Shall I begin? – Wow, look at your top. – How did you make that?
– Gosh. I thought it was a Big Mac. [A top that has two beef patties] [Perfect analogy] Go! [Patty, lettuce, tomato all separated] Go! [Even the top owner got smashed]
Hey, it’s a defect. – You did it wrong.
[Embarrassed] – No, it’s still spinning. [Even both tops are spinning]
– This is how it’s supposed to be.
– Is it a replication? – Yes. [Almost passing out]
We made many legends today. [Teary] I’m crying. Here’s another replication. [JUNG KOOK finished his top]
– I… – In the game… [JUNG KOOK’s the best so far]
– Mine is working. – Ball. – Mine’s too. – My ball.
– It’s right here. [Satisfying outcome]
Honestly, no one can beat me. [Happy baby]
I made it so well. [JIN passing his top to brother]
V, you said you’ll make a nice one but it’s no different with mine. No, I can make a really nice one. [Long way to go]
I’m ready. Can I start? Come here when you’re ready. How did you put this in? Are you going to do this all day? [Complaining] It says put the picture
into the very end but I can’t. Let’s see. – Here.
– You made wrong decision. I’ll win the game with what you’ve not chosen. Why does this take so long! [Everyone finally made a top!]
– Got it. – Great. – So, are you all done?
– We are! [Introduce my top from J-HOPE]
This is J-HOPE’s top. Its name is Red Phoenix-HOPE. – Okay, whom…
– Red Phoenix-HOPE! [LOL]
Whom would you like to compete against? – Are you Red Phoenix?
– Red Phoenix-HOPE! – V, please introduce your top.
– V! It’s Golden Drilrel(?). – Golden Drilrel.
– Drilrel. [Gorgeous name]
Great, that’s a nice top. Whoever that top belongs to.
JUNG KOOK, show us your top. – Mine is Hyeonmu (Black Tortoise).
– Hyeonmu! I’ll add my family name [JEON (JUNG KOOK’s) Hyeonmu (top)]
– and call it Jeon Hyeonmu. – Okay. [Don’t get wrong! It’s JUNG KOOK’s top]
– Don’t get me wrong. – Okay. [Is RM again…?]
This just broke down – but it’s…
– Was that a top? [Used to be a top]
Looks familiar, right? It’s Draciel. – Draciel!
– Draciel! [Huge impact caused by huge hamburger top]
– How about your top, JIMIN? – Mine is…
– Big Mac. [Be quiet]
– Be quiet. – Okay. – It’s called Rock Bison.
– Rock Bison. It’s very close to me. [Already spent 30 minutes together]
Already? – We’ve been together for a long time.
– I see. [High expectations]
I wonder how it’ll perform during the game. – Okay.
– We’ll do our best. – I have high expectations.
– Mine is ace. [Self-proclaimed ace SUGA’s Metal Driger]
Here is the ace, Metal Driger. – Metal Driger. – I personally like the color most. Metal Driger! [Aspiring to win with the last top]
I picked the last one after everyone else. – It does look like metal.
– Yes, Metal Driger. [Big aspirations]
I’ll go to the finals with this. Okay! Great aspirations.
Shall we start the first game? – Over here…
– I want to compete with JIMIN. – JIMIN!
– Come here. – Let’s go. [Too soon]
Wait, isn’t this the highlight? [First game: SUGA vs J-HOPE]
Let’s start with J-HOPE, then. – J-HOPE and me.
– Okay. – You know, right? – Uh-huh.
– That line. – Okay. [Into old memories]
3, 2, 1. Go shoot! [SUGA vs J-HOPE]
– Go go! – Nice! – Go! I win!
– Let’s go! [Bewildered] – It’s quite aggressive.
– Call the top’s name! – The top’s name! – Go, Red Phoenix-HOPE!
– Go, Metal Driger! – Wait, no! No no no! – No way!
– Red Phoenix-HOPE! Red Phoenix-HOPE! [Red Phoenix-HOPE won in a second]
What was that! – Red Phoenix-HOPE!
[Impressed] – What was that! [Red Phoenix-HOPE won Driger]
– Metal Driger lost! – Red Phoenix-HOPE won! – Wow, that’s…
– Amazing! [The fun of Topblade]
Is this the fun of Topblade? Okay, next. [Next is JUNG KOOK]
– Okay, Red Phoenix-HOPE’s victory. – Me! Are you still not done? [Winner of top-making]
– What takes it so long? – He’s really… I think this one’s the best. [Confident]
I have the original Draciel. [Tension before the game]
Original Draciel. His is an imitation. [Upgraded Jeon Hyeonmu]
– It’s upgraded. – Upgraded – Jeon Hyeonmu.
– Yes. – Hyeonmu vs Hyeonmu.
– Okay 3, 2, 1 Go shoot! [RM’s top keeps bouncing off]
Namjoon! – It’s strong.
– Namjoon’s attack is strong~ [Please win] – JUNG KOOK’s is well balanced.
– His top is so balanced. [Childhood vibes] It’s so balanced! [As if its the Worldcup finals] [So focused on the game] – Yes! I won!
– It’s too strong. [Super excited]
Hey, next! [RM is upset!]
– Next. – Wait, I picked the biggest box but the top is the smallest. – You need to push it harder.
– It’s the victory of JUNG KOOK, aka Hyeonmu! [Jeon (JUNG KOOK’s) Hyeonmu won!]
Great. – Here’s Big Mac.
– Finally… [Here comes the long-awaited big burger]
The secret weapon is here. [Glaring]
Secret weapon! I reassembled it. – My body is literally trembling.
– What’s the name? [The reassembled top is called Taehyung No. 2]
It’s Taehyung No. 2. – Taehyung No. 2!
– Have you tried spinning it? [Big burger!] – Taehyung No. 2 vs Big Mac!
– It’s Rock Bison. Not Big Mac but Rock Bison! [Okay]
Rock Mac! Wait, I need to spin this a little. [His secret weapon]
That one as well? [Changing the top’s name]
– I’ll call this V-sel. – Whatever. – V-sel! – V-sel! – V-sel and JiMac!
– I’m ready now. [Finally the game starts]
3, 2, 1. Go shoot! Go shoot! [JiMac bounced off after hitting V-sel] – It bounced off right away.
– What’s wrong? [They think it’s because of power]
It bounced off right away. [Can’t give it up]
Rock Bison! Come on, Rock Bison!
[JIMIN wants to play] I wanted to play… [JiMac quickly came to an end] [The three-sided finals?!]
– It’s the finals. – It’s three-sided match. – Three-sided match!
– Let’s finish it at once. It’s not a three-sided match. I’m also in. It’s semi-finals! [Sad]
This one is actually better than you think! It’s finally coming. What’s the name of MC’s top? [MC brought SUGA’s Metal Driger]
It’s Metal Driger. – Metal Driger.
– Metal Driger! [Semi-finals first]
– Single round? – It’s semi-finals. – Semi-finals!
– The 1st round. V-sel vs Metal Driger. 3, 2, 1 Go shoot! – Let’s go. – Okay!
– Looking good. – Go, Metal Driger!
– Cross! This one’s disqualified too. – Yeah, I didn’t throw it well.
– The blader… [Suddenly became tense]
It pushes! – It’s pushing.
– It’s very powerful. [A sudden question]
Is that made of real metal? [I win] [JIN’s top stopped a little earlier] [Satisfied]
– It lasted until the end. – That was close. – V-sel wins!
– V-sel goes to the finals! – To the finals!
– V-sel! – When I was young, this top was a strong one.
– That’s strong. – I agree. Red Phoenix-HOPE vs Jeon Hyeonmu. [The winner goes to the finals] – Why is this making me nervous?
– 3, 2, 1. Go shoot! JUNG KOOK throws it well. [Everyone goes back to their childhood]
Red Phoenix-HOPE is good. – Red Phoenix-HOPE! – Red Phoenix-HOPE is good.
– It went to the center. [The center is important for the top too]
– The center is important. – It’s safe now. – What?
– The other is pushing. – It is. – That’s really strong.
– I know. – Come on! Nice! [Somebody interrupts] Stop, Rock Bison! [Go away!] – Go, Rock Bison!
[Can’t give up] – Ninja replication! – Stop, Rock Bison!
– Come on, Rock Bison! [JIMIN doing a talent show]
Go, Rock Bison. [The name itself is funny]
– The name itself is so funny. – Let’s do it! – Do you want new parts?
– I’ll go with yours for the 1st round. – Okay. – Come on~
– Jeon Hyeonmu vs V-sel. V-sel is now… – It needs to replace parts.
– Replace parts? – Yes. – It has to.
– Hybrid? [Becoming an advanced top]
Hybrid? – The gold…
[Yes!] – This is my secret skill. Dropson, stop! [Dropson(?) keeps reappearing]
What’s that? – Let it go!
– Go away, Dropson! – Just let it go.
– Let’s go! – Rock Bison! [Our daring charm] V-sel! [Real finals]
– V-sel vs Jeon Hyeon-mu. – Jeon Hyeonmu. – 3, 2, 1 Go shoot!
– The finals. – Finally! [Looks like it deserves to be the finals]
– Go shoot! – Finally! – The finals are different!
– It’s the finals. It’s the finals! It’s the finals! Come on! [Audiences even more excited]
It’s attacked! Draciel is really strong! Draciel’s going to die! [What?]
This is Hyeonmu’s victory. – Hyeonmu!
– It was 0.5 second faster. [Hyeonmu’s win by 0.5 second]
– Hyeonmu’s win! – Win! – Hyeonmu’s win!
– What’s all this… [Who else watched it excited]
– Why is this so exciting? – I know. The finals are really different. – Yes.
– It’s amazing. [Round 2 starts immediately]
We’ll start right away. This is really fun. 3, 2, 1 Go shoot! It’s time for V-sel’s counterattack. [Super excited RM]
– Now… – It’s at the center. – It’s very stable. – V-sel got the upper hand.
– It’s very stable. It’s got the upper hand. [Strong attack] – But…
[Nice] – It’s really strong! [Nervous] – Draciel’s so strong.
– It’s powerful. Come on! It’s the secret weapon. Not yet. – It’s not over until it’s over.
– If you go from underneath… [Hyeonmu used to be the strongest]
Going from underneath… Rock Bison! Rock Bison! [JIMIN still can’t give up]
– Rock Bison! – Rock Bison! – Rock Bison…
– I won! Rock Bison! Rock Bison’s victory! [Rock Bison was hard carry]
– Rock Bison… – Rock Bison! Why is the name Rock Bison? [So funny] – Rock Bison’s really…
– Come here, winner. – I’m the winner~ – I’m in trouble.
– The 2nd winner comes next. – I’m 2nd!
– I’m the last. [Super excited baby]
I’m so happy that I won my favorite game. Am I the last again? The 4th game is mini game. – Mini game!
– It consists of – 3 games in total.
– Okay. [The 1st is “Half-air, half-voice”]
One is “Half-air, half-voice”. Please show it, JUNG KOOK. [Obedient] Great. [Everyone’s making scary sound]
Rubber slap game! [High expectations]
Make rubber slap sound, J-HOPE. Rubber slap? – Ttap! – Nice.
– Rubber slap. – Ppak! [Quite the funniest BTS member] The last one is the eraser game. [All games of old memories]
– Three games in total.
– Doesn’t the eraser game go like this? Yes… No, you’re wrong. [Game 4 – 3 types of Mini Game]
Let’s get it! [1. Half-air, half-voice: Blow the ball
on top of the pipe] [Two members who blew the ball
the longest win] Ready, Go! [2. Rubber slap: Rubber slaps are randomly given]
I’ll try my best anyhow. [Two members who go to the finals win]
Yes! – Namjoon!
– RM’s too strong. [3. Eraser game: Roll your eraser
and place it on top of the other] [Two members who go to the finals win]
Yes, that’s how you do it. Safe! That was close. [The 1st and 2nd winners of each game]
– JUNG KOOK! – Okay, good. [will be given points and coins]
Why are you hitting me? [The first game goes by age!]
Let’s start with SUGA in the order of age. – Okay.
– Let’s go, SUGA! [Already funny]
Ready, go! Let’s get it! [Bouncy] [Burst into laughter] – Wait, what’s wrong with this?
– He looks like grandpa. [SUGA’s score is 4.35 minutes]
– It’s 4.35. – No, no, no. [So easy to laugh]
You shouldn’t laugh. Next is JUNG KOOK. [Don’t laugh. I’m sad] – Don’t laugh. – Ready, go! [Thanks to image training]
Rock Bison… – JUNG KOOK.
– Rock Bison! [JUNG KOOK staying still]
Oh, he’s good. – It’s floating long.
– Go JK! – It’s getting long. [His face tells it’s the limit]
What’s wrong with JUNG KOOK? [JUNG KOOK’s score is 23.28]
It’s 23.28. [Next is JIMIN]
– JIMIN! – Ready. Go! [Everyone’s waiting with their own rubber] – Rock Bison~
– This keeps spinning. Interesting. Because it’s the ball. [Everyone’s interested into the ball]
– It’s different by person. – The wind keeps – blowing this way.
– The earth revolves. [This is my limit!] – There.
– Jimin, 19.04. [Jimin’s score was 19.04 seconds]
– Good. – OK. [RM’s turn is next]
Go! Go! [It’s funny for some reason]
Why did you stop there. Why. – Why why.
– That atmosphere is here. – Rock Bison is here.
– Rock~ Bison is here! [They all burst out laughing] Get out~! Rock Bison! Get ready~! Baby RM. – Whoa!
– He focuses well. [Has been focusing for 5 seconds]
Good focus. Smooth~! [No!] [RM lost helplessly]
Come on. That was overdoing it. – Hurry, hurry.
– 18.75. – 18.75.
– 19 seconds. Ready, go. [V starts!]
It’s easy to make him laugh. – The nuance.
– Smooth! [No one knows why he’s laughing]
No, V doesn’t… [His face is so red] – V
– V’s face looks like it’s going to pop. [Right before his face is about to pop!]
– There. – All done. [V’s score is 18.54 seconds]
– 18.54 seconds. – Similar. This must the maginot line. j-hope was the last one. [Almost no laughing barriers within
BTS members] It’s so easy to make j-hope laugh. I bet he’d just start laughing. – Ready.
– Ready, go~! Jjiao~ [The other members laugh]
Jjiao~ – He’s not laughing.
– He’s not laughing. The ball is smiling right now. [People keep bothering him] [j-hope’s score is 14 seconds]
– 14 seconds. – OK. [MC JIN can’t be left out]
OK, I’ll play. – OK. – Sure OK.
– JIN is really good at this. [Will it be easy to make him laugh?]
It’s easy to make him laugh. [Or will he be good?] – It’s easy to make
JIN laugh. – JIN is playing the extra game. – JIN is the extra game.
– JIN’s record. Does anyone want his record? – You can.
– OK. – Me. [There’s no need to say]
I’m going to keep JIN’s record. I got 4 seconds. [Like this]
I’ll go with Jin’s record. – Fly it away.
– Yeah, let’s let SUGA have it. – SUGA. – Let me have it.
– SUGA. – Let me. [Will JIN’s record be helpful for SUGA?]
Knight in shining armor. Ready go~! [Bothering him] [No movement] He went over my record. – Jin’s expression is so…
– It’s a like trumpet… [Still not laughing…?]
Trumpet… He sounds like a trumpet. [It’s me~]
– What’s up with his expression… – Will he go
over the existing record? [No?] [His face is almost as red as the goal]
He’s lasting for a long time. [Jin’s record is 23.75 seconds!]
23.75 seconds. – Hold on. [How will the rankings have changed?]
Am I 2nd place then? – How many seconds did you get?
– You got 1st place. – I don’t know. [Is SUGA really 1st place???]
I’m first place, first place. – Wait, it was 23 seconds.
– Lastly… [Jung Kook 23.28. Jin 23.75. So SUGA wins!]
I’m last. – I’m 2nd place. [Suddenly cocky]
– You guys are being greedy. – Yeah.
– Give me the money please. [Coins please] – Give me the money.
– Everyone. – Dramatically. [MC Jin saved SUGA and brought him to 1st
place when he used to be last] Use your
knights well. – OK, OK.
– At the right moments. – You should use your knights wisely.
– Use your knights well everyone. [They find out which members are good
at which games] – OK. – Jin was a hidden card. [Jump jump]
Do you recognize these? – Of course!
– Do you know what this is~? – Totally… – It’s been so long.
– I used to love this. [There are people who have never tried this]
I’m going to hand out these [but there isn’t anyone who has played
with it just once] slap jacks randomly. [These two are busy eating their candy]
– Yes, yes. – Then you play 1 against 1. – And the member to win 2 first is the winner.
– OK! Loud]
Namjoon! Namjoon took his shoes off. [He’s that determined to win all the slap jacks]
He took his shoes off. – If he took his shoes off…
– That means he’s going to play his best. Fail! [One shot] [RM is right behind Jimin!]
– He got it! – OK! 1:1. [Succeeds in getting another!]
– OK! – Got it. [RM wins!]
– Namjoon wins! – Come on in. [Upset] – I used to be a good player.
– Not doing so well since the Rock Bison. Come on in. [Come on!] [Got one!]
There you go! [And another!]
Another one! [Jung Kook won!] [Comforts him]
– Jung Kook! – I lost but it was a good game! [Last game j-hope VS V]
It was a hard match. [Hesitates]
I have to win… [No…] If you say that, it makes it hard on
me to win. – I have 0 points. [Now is your chance]
– That’s when you strike. Let’s go! [Even if it hurts, a game is a game!]
No blood no tears. [So V won again…]
You did a good job. [j-hope is sad] – Come here, sit.
– What now? [What happens when there are 3 at finals?
The MC participates!] – There are 3. – One will
play with me. – Play with who?
– Hey! Knight in shining armor. Please be the knight in shining armor. [But you’re already over…?]
– You’re already done. – Do it. – OK, 0 point knight in shining armor. – OK.
– Here goes the 0 point knight in shining armor. [The consolation match!]
– I got it! – j-hope! [His own rules] [Will j-hope be able to survive?]
Come on in. [How about a dinosaur?]
– How about a tyrannosaurus? – I believe in it. [No]
I don’t think so. [j-hope believes in Jin]
– I’ll hold on to a rotten rope since I don’t
have a choice. – There! [Not even close]
– It was rotten. – I got it! – Let’s go. [Jeong Jung Kook is invincible]
– V, let’s go. – It’s really rotten. [Another invincible member] – Namjoon Kim!
– So strong. – It’s a match between the Kwangsan Kims~?
– Let’s go. [Kim Seokjin is 29 years old,
a real Kwangsan Kim]
– Kwangsan Kim is me. – Really? Barefooted young! [Kwangsan Kim and Gangneung Kim are
playing barefooted] – He’s hitting with his left hand.
– He’s doing really well. [Did you by chance… Only play slap match
when you were young…?] How come the
quarterfinals are so fierce? – Try saying some meaningful lines.
– OK. – Famous lines.
– Are you my ticket to the finals? Are you my ticket to the finals? [No]
– No. – Nope. [The members found something to
tease him about] I guess not. – Not the ticket to the finals.
– Cut! – Sorry. – V, action!
– Do you want to change to other cards? [Somewhat similar]
Is there anyone who can help? – Someone who can heal the…
– To heal my injury. [Appealing to the charm of the teddy bear]
Anyone? Look at those cards. – Look at the card!
– No! No! The sky is on my side. [Nope not that either]
– The sky is not on my side. – Nope. [Lines]
I’ll smile instead of you. [And slap match]
Me instead of you. – He couldn’t smile.
– He’s smiling. [V made it to the quarterfinals]
– Got it, got it. – I won. OK. – It was a fun quarterfinals.
– Who made it to the finals? [Jung Kook vs V]
Jung Kook versus V! [Interprets] [Jung Kook seems to have a good
card] Jung Kook kind of has a fake card. [I want one too]
Can I have one? [Here you go]
Take one. Which one do you want? – It doesn’t matter.
– It doesn’t matter? [Feels a lot better after getting one] – How about single-round match?
– Why is V so bright~? [A single-round match since it’s the finals?]
– Single-round match? – Single-round match. [Thinking hard] – The finals.
– Just one? – Cool! [He’s careful of his selection since it’s the finals]
– I’d go with the pink one. – I pick this one. – Let’s be human. – Pink.
– OK. – Then I’ll go this one. [V succeeds!]
– Go ahead. – It’s a compliment. I’ll show you the miracle of flipping
the front side. I’ll show you the miracle of flipping the
front side! [Fails]
Jung Kook. I refuse~ I refuse~ [The youngest refused politely] [Excited]
– Refusal~ – Refusal~ OK. Jung Kook won the slap match game. [Jung Kook won!]
Ding ding ding! If you don’t play, you lose.
Rock, paper, scissors! [The same] Rock, paper, scissors!
Rock, paper, scissors! Rock, paper, scissors! That’s enough! Rock, paper, scissors! [Listens well]
I listened to what you said. – Today’s TMI, Jung Kook will play scissors
at the first round. – Scissors. – OK.
– Now he’s being conscious. [Jung Kook doesn’t know]
– Really? Did I always play scissors? – Again. [Winning erasers!]
It doesn’t matter who goes first. [It doesn’t matter but Jung Kook won!]
One. [Sad looking back of the 2nd eldest]
Jung Kook won! [Oh yeah!]
So this is how it’s done. [Guozu’s battle]
Another move… Here we go! [Toss and turn]
Here we go! How can that go over? This is funny. [Their erasers are jumping around] – What is this.
– No way. [V won!]
– One match. – OK, one final match. [Last preliminary games among the 94s]
– The first point. – Got it, got it. Watch this right now.. (Can’t continue) You can watch… Lost. Why did you make someone else’s fall~? – Why did you make mine fall?
– Is this a failure? – Yes, fail. [RM lost!] – Unfortunately, you failed.
– Failed? – Yes, failure. [j-hope made it to the semi finals]
– It’s j-hope’s chance. – Next. j-hope. – j-hope went on by default and it’s me and
Jung Kook! – You have to do it too. My turn. Who has to go? j-hope versus Jin. [Jin gets to go!]
It’s these two. – OK.
– Are you going to be my knight? [Consolation match] – Jimin, do you want
a knight? – I want it. – OK let’s go. [j-hope’s first opportunity]
– An opportunity. – Let’s go. – An opportunity.
– j-hope took out his candy. [Halfway there!]
– Halfway. – Halfway. Jimin do you believe in me?
Believe in me. Turn over, turn over, turn over. [Runs away]
You have to run away. – Safe!
– So close. – Do you believe in me?!
– I do! – So close. You have to run now. [Succeeds by trusting each other]
– Halfway there! – Halfway. [The youngest is choosing the snack while
the rest are playing] Half versus half. [Jimin’s consolation match] – You could have won.
– Yeah. [Big hug] – Lastly…
– Did you believe in the knight? – Yes. – Next. When getting ready… If you don’t play you lose.
Rock, paper, scissors! [You thought he’d play rock and played paper,
right?] You played paper because you [Such simple thinking]
thought he’d play rock, right? You simple guy. [Anyways V won!] – Triple axel?
– OK, let’s go. [A difficult situation!]
This is… [Confident]
I’ll win right away! [Can’t hear]
Send this over right away. V definitely has an advantage. [7 audio sounds are working no stop]
– What’s going on? – It’s too advantageous
for V. [Burdened]
– This is way too easy. – Good job. [Almost there but not quite]
– Jung Kook. – There, it’s done. [Annoyed]
Why do you keep hitting? [Joy] Why do you keep hitting? [V hit too]
Fail! [Only the finals are remaining]
– Who goes to the finals? Who? – So fierce. – A fail in this cut throat game.
– Come on in! – Finals!
– It’s you. [Finals] [Jimin vs Jung Kook]
– Jimin… -And Jung Kook. – Is it Jimin? [Nice to see you]
Jimin! [Sure] – Rock, paper, scissors. – Rock, paper, scissors.
– If you don’t go, rock paper scissors. [Wow Jung Kook…]
Something else! [Thought it over just once]
Rock, paper, scissors. [I want to be alone…]
You’re so readable. [The real game hasn’t even started yet!]
It feels like he already won. Let’s go. Hurry up. [How easy will this game be?]
Yeah! [Loud]
– Great! – Triple! – So aggressive.
– Another game. So close~ It was hit. [So close] – It was done in almost one game.
– It was almost done in one game. [Jimin won halfway!]
– Half. – Half. – Halfway. [Is it Jimin or Jung Kook?]
Did Jimin win? Turn over? Turn over? [Jimin made it to the finals with the chance
Jin gave him] I won’t let this chance go. – I won’t let this chance go.
– What? [Turn after turn]
Another turn over. [Jung Kook’s move was ruled invalid!]
I should move first, right? Triple axel?
One more? – Yeah one more. – One more game.
– Not even once. – Why not! [Jung Kook is angry!]
Show us the finals! This wasn’t it… [Jung Kook succeeds halfway!]
– One game! – Half. – Half? Half. – Half a game. – Half.
– Half? Wow?! – Turn over. – Halfway.
– Half a game. [Jin is bewildered]
Turn over. [Hey~!]
– Turn over. – Turn over! [Jimin won the eraser game~]
Park Jimin is the winner! A great game! 1st place is Park Jimin and 2nd place
is Jeon Jung Kook! A round of applause! [Jimin and Jung Kook’s game was so cut throat] [5th game – Minicars]
I… [Similar minicars]
I pick this one. – Are you doing well?
– How are you doing? [They get a chance to pick which mini car
according to their rankings. [They can pick the options]
I think we’d get a sense of accomplishment. [The 1st and 2nd place to finish first] – The
stickers too… – Minicars depend on the motors. [They get the chance to select their spots
in the tracks] It all depends on the motors. [The 1st and 2nd places]
– Where did it go? – I’ve never done this before. [The get points and coins like last time]
Is this it? I’m so mad. Great. [Score until now] [Jung Kook 16, Jimin 13,
V 11, SUGA 5, RM 3, j-hope 0 points] There are 8 minicars. Jung Kook chooses since he was 1st place. [I pick this one first~]
I pick this one. Fire! Fire! I pick this one. [Now it’s time for Jung Kook to choose!]
Jung Kook, please choose. [MC’s power]
MC gets to pick first. I pick! [Picks one quietly]
The 2nd one. Yes, it’s me. – Jimin.
– I knew he’d pick that one. [Memories of his childhood!]
– When I was young. – When you were young. – I remember my dad getting me one
for Christmas. – Was it that one? [His dad’s first Christmas gift to JIMIN]
It was this car. I… [Thinking] – Please recommend one between these.
– The yellow one! [Consensus made!]
This looks better. – I like the strong color.
– Okay, 4th. [The MC chose it for SUGA]
– SUGA. – Am I the 4th? – I will take this. I like blue.
– Okay. [RM!] – RM.
– I want to bring this home. – I can’t see it. RM. [Take this] May we start? [In the end, JIN chose it for him!] – Like this.
– I really liked mini cars when I was young. [Finally, they all made choices!]
– I’ll go red. – Okay, red. [JUNG KOOK, JIMIN, and V earned motors
based on their current ranking!]
Is it time to assemble this? – Everyone.
– I don’t know how long it will take. [It took 30 minutes to make a simple top]
– Let’s make it fast. – How long will it take? – Well… [It’s full of worries]
– I am already concerned. – It’s easy to make. [They know themselves very well]
I don’t think we can make it quickly, maybe. [We will make any of your wishes come true]
This was my dream when I was young. That dream comes true now. I’ll give a motor to J-HOPE. [It’s for you] – Really?
– You take the motor. – All of a sudden? Why? I’m no.1 so I don’t want anything more. [Our youngest got so mature now]
You want nothing more. The motor is important. [Alert! Everyone, be careful of J-HOPE!]
J-HOPE got a motor. Be careful. We’re in big trouble. [The biggest trouble is to assemble a minicar…]
– Ours will get hit by J-HOPE’s. – Wait. I don’t know what to start with. Let’s open it first. [Everyone is working hard]
– There’s an order. – Where? [JIMIN, who knows everything] If you read this,
it says what to do like, A, B, C, and D. You can read that. – You don’t know what I’m talking about, right?
– No. – A 13… [Every game is designed to recall
each member’s memories]
It’s so nostalgic. – I feel the same.
– I’m so happy right now. [They got so into their memories]
It reminds me of my old days. Am I the only one…
J-HOPE, you haven’t tried this, have you? – Huh?
– You haven’t tried this, right? [I had no money…]
I couldn’t, because I didn’t have money. I haven’t tried this either. [It’s also first time for JUNG KOOK]
– All haven’t done this. – My dad didn’t buy
this for me. He didn’t buy it for me. I think I already lost some parts. [Again, RM…?]
It flew away! Have you already lost it, RM? [Fortunately, RM found it under the SUGA’s chair]
– Here it is. – When assembling this part… You have to be careful. [When assembling] [BTS stays quiet] So I have to put this on, right? It’s been a while since I made a minicar. [Enthusiastic] [It’s too stiff…]
It’s too stiff. It’s worked out somehow. [They get serious when focused on something] [J-HOPE, a reporter]
Everyone’s doing okay? – Are you doing well?
– Sort of. [Everyone’s doing pretty okay]
It’s worked out somehow. It’d be a bit fulfilling after I’m done. Wait a second. [The members started getting stuck] What is this? [Close your eyes and listen.
Mini cars are running] Okay, okay. [This is a sound of the real motor running]
Alright. Alright. – Oh!
– Wow! What is this sound? – It sounds working.
– Amazing. – It’s awesome.
– It’s awesome. – It’s awesome.
– It’s awesome. [FYI, JIN is older than him]
I think I should do it first. [The members know how to handle SUGA]
– That’s amazing? – You all can do this. In the end, you will do this. JUNG KOOK, I’m finally using the motor
you gave me. [The motor JUNG KOOK provided]
It’s different with other motors. JUNG KOOK, the motor is heavy. [SUGA’s quote] – Stickers are…
– Mini cars are all about motors. It’s all about the motor. – J-HOPE, I hope you get first place.
– JUNG KOOK, I’ll make it happen. [Playing] [The minicars are being completed]
Okay! It’s all done! [Turning the motor on] Let’s go, guys. [I’m done too]
I think we can go home soon. – It’s a new motor, right?
– I’m done! [It sounds different from other motors]
– What? – Your motor is awesome. [Most of them are almost done!]
I’m done, I’m done. Please raise your feet. I’m done. [Pretty hands]
You’re done. I’m done! Grease. My grease. [They do a lot of things for the first time
through Run BTS!] It’s my first time making this. – Where did it go?
– It’s my first time too. Is it working? [JIMIN got upset because of missing parts]
I am so upset. Good. [J-HOPE is almost done with SUGA’s help]
It’s so powerful. – Okay.
– You can do the rest by your own. [SUGA, a technician in BTS]
– Close the cover and lock it. – Okay. [Click]
I don’t know. Click! Why is mine so weak? [The motor sounds exhausted waiting
for him to turn it on] JUNG KOOK, what’s going on?
What’s wrong with the motor sound? [Things are getting worse]
Why is mine not working? [For sure] – You must be missing something.
– No, I didn’t. [What’s the problem?] [Clumsy][JIN got confused of the battery
position] Oh, it’s the opposite. [JIMIN’s works fine!] It looks great! [They got tremendous motors]
JIMIN’s motor is so powerful. – It’s so powerful.
– What motor is yours, JIMIN? [The baby motor runs quietly next to it]
– It’s crazy. – Good, good. Now, [Stand up]
shall we do the race? Aren’t we all done? [They all made it!] – We’re done! – Okay.
– Let’s race. [Distracted]
It’s heavy. Everyone, – How did you like it? Was it fun?
– How long did it take? [Assembling a minicar took more than an hour…]
Almost an hour. – It’s hard.
– Did you have fun? – It’s fun. – It was really fun.
– Let’s finally check if it’s working properly. 1, 2, 3. [Wow!] Isn’t it too obvious? [SUGA gets shy when he gets attentions]
No, it’s not fast. It’s just loud. – I’ll look forward to SUGA’s.
– Amazing. There’s an important rule! If you are the 1st one who completed a mini car,
you can choose your lane in Group 1. – Me? – If you are in 2nd place,
you can choose your lane in Group 2. [The 1st place is SUGA]
Was J-HOPE the 2nd place? [The 2nd place is V!]
– It’s V. – V was the second. [Minicar race rules][Getting back to the
starting point counts 1 lap] [The member completes 5 laps first
becomes the winner] [The members will be divided into 2 groups
and the winner for each group goes to the final] [At the final, 1st and 2nd place will be decided!] [Group 1: SUGA, J-HOPE, JIMIN,
Group 2: V, RM, JUNG KOOK] [JIN will join the final with the winners
from each group!] Please turn on the motors! [Who will be the winner in Group 1?]
At your starting position. Ready. Start! [J-HOPE’s minicar is fast]
It’s slow. Mine’s slow. [Eyes following minicars]
– J-HOPE’s is crazy! – J-HOPE’s is fast. [Off the track]
– It’s fast. – Too fast. – It’s fast. – Too fast. [I’m out!] [Wait for me!]
– He’s out! – J-HOPE is out. One lap! [J-HOPE trying to catch up with his minicar]
Hey, hey. [Scared out of his wits] [He was neck-to-neck with JIMIN]
J-HOPE’s is fast. [JIMIN and SUGA’s minicars]
I think I’ll win. – I’m winning!
– It’s so obvious. [Blue minicar=SUGA][White minicar=JIMIN]
Your minicar is pushing mine. [Proud] – I’m a lap ahead and chasing your back.
– Really? [JIMIN was a lap ahead]
I’m done. How can I stop this? [Like this!] Okay. Unfortunately, I lost. Too bad. I… I… I’m the bottom. [It was fast but couldn’t stay in the track]
Yours was fast. – Come on in. – You guys go ahead.
– Group 2. – Take whatever you want.
[I’m the youngest] – Let me take the uphill climb! V can choose the lane. [Nice guy] – You take it. – I need some
acceleration. – JUNG KOOK, choose the lane. [JUNG KOOK chose to the downhill]
Acceleration… The uphill. I need some acceleration. [The youngest got what he requested]
– Okay. – Turn on the motors. I’m looking forward to JUNG KOOK’s. [Moving for better vision]
Let’s go! [V got the only motor-tuned in Group 2]
– V’s is very fast. – Ready. – Start!
– Let’s go! – Let’s go! [V’s mini-car is untouchable]
What’s with V’s? [Ah…] – What’s with V’s?
– Out! – What’s with V’s?
– Out! No! [Don’t go!] [SUGA caught it for him] [They count laps by their own]
You have to count your own laps. – I don’t know.
– RM is the winner. – It’s not always good to have a good motor.
– It never happened before. – I know, it wasn’t a good thing.
– I lost! [JUNG KOOK’s meets RM’s minicar]
– It’s over. It’s over. – I lost. The 1st lap is important. [Everyone’s not satisfied]
– After that, every minicars runs the same.
– Mine never went off the track. Why did V’s go out? [Everyone’s good job!]
You’ve done a good job! Period. [It wasn’t all good that the motor was good…]
Everyone who has a good motor is out. [It’s the final]
Let’s go to the final of Group 1 and Group 2. [Happy] – Don’t you race this time? – I do. – Who’s the winner?
– It’s not a motor. [JIMIN, 1st place in Group 1] – It’s me.
– JIMIN’s has a good balance. [RM, 1st place in Group 2]
– RM. – It’s me, yes. [No one has scored yet]
[If JIN wins, the MC is the winner]
If I win, I win. – It’s out.
– Okay. [A message to his dad]
Are you watching this, dad? [5 seconds before the start]
Please turn on your motors. – It’s already broken.
– Turn it on. [Get ready!]
– Ready. – Count your laps. – Start! [JIMIN’s minicar is the fastest] – Why does it go
slow all of a sudden? – JIMIN’s is so fast. Oh, JIMIN! One. [JIMIN’s meets JIN’s minicar again]
They’re interfering mine. JIMIN’s is going to win. [Obviously][JIMIN is the winner?]
JIMIN’s winning. [Close friends]
They’re stuck. – It’s over.
– Five. It’s late. Cool. [Minicar game results][JIMIN=1st, RM=2nd]
[Points and coins are given accordingly!] [JIN got the final results] [I can read your face]
Okay, I can read his face. I said today’s prize is gold, right? I think there’s something more. [Amazed]
I’m… What is it? That’s… No.
This can’t be gold. [It was very competitive game]
– Isn’t that Korean beef? – I’m not the first, maybe. Isn’t it the 1st grade Korean beef? [Are you curious about my identity?]
– No. You’re the first. – It can be mushrooms. [Everyone guessing what it is]
– I scored 13 points. – Isn’t it… [Right! Our youngest is also golden]
– JUNG KOOK’s goods? – Like his figures? – Let me announce the results.
– Okay. [We announce results from 6th place!]
– 6th! – Yes. – J-HOPE!
– 0 points! [He couldn’t win 1st or 2nd place in any games]
– 0 points. – 0! – How come he got no points? I know… – 5 points!
– He did his best. [5th place goes to SUGA]
SUGA got 5 points. [SUGA and RM are only 1 point away!]
– 4th place is RM with 6 points. – Okay. Third place is V! He got 11 points. 2nd place is JUNG KOOK! He got 16 points. [First place!] First place! JIMIN, 18 points! [Today’s winner of Run BTS is JIMIN!]
2nd place is JUNG KOOK with 16 points. It’s not common for me to win first place. [JIMIN has made it]
– JIMIN got 18 points. – JIMIN, open it. [Everyone is curious about the prize]
– What’s this?- There’s a prize. – What? [Slightly open]
I haven’t seen it. – Oh! JIMIN. – Can I just take this?
– Is this real gold? [Heavy]
– It’s heavy. – Really? [The members still have no clue]
– I can’t hold it like this if it’s real gold.
– It’s not promising. – It’s heavier than I thought.
– Isn’t it seafood? – It’s heavy. Then let’s reveal it. [He’s worried if it’s seafood]
– He can’t eat seafood. – Yeah… 1, 2, 3! [Peekaboo] [Good for you] It’s golden! It’s golden. [As expected]
I told you earlier. It’s a prize for the winner. – It looks humble…
– I’ve never held this [The golden carp he’s never touched before]
– before… – Yeah. – I’ve never bought this before.
– I’ve got this once before. [J-HOPE]
What is this made of, by the way? Dalgona. [The prize that you can only get when
you win the drawing lots]
It’s the final prize. – This is for the first place.
– Can I eat this? – It’s dalgona.
– Yeah. – It’s made of sugar.
– I guess this is more salty. [JUNG KOOK recalling his memories]
I used to stack them in my fridge. Come out. [It’s the prize for the winner, but looks like for
everyone now] I will make a pose like, – JIMIN.
– I’ve caught a big fish. Please make the winner’s pose. [Me too]
Click! [No one expected that JIMIN would win]
No, you should pose like this. [The fishing magazine, March issue]
[JIMIN also made it, so keep working hard!] [The secret of winning? It’s simple] [JIMIN’s how to eat a spring golden carp]
Isn’t it like this? – Please sit down, everyone.
– Say something, JIMIN. I have good memories with a minicar. – It was fun today.
– I chose this car thinking about my father. [Games filled with JIMIN’s childhood memories]
I think I could win first place thanks to my father. That’s what I think. [Carved golden carp]
I will give all this glory to my father. I love you! Father! It was BTS for today! The penalty!
You said there’s a penalty. [Just to raise the morale of the members]
I’ve lied [The MC lied for good]
to make games more fun. [Oh, my]
– Okay, okay. – So, no penalties? – No penalty. – It’s sad.
– You don’t have to be nervous. [Relieved]
There was no penalty. [J-HOPE was worried of penalties]
– How do you like it? – I’m so relieved now. J-HOPE, you suddenly feel good, right? [Happy J-HOPE!]
I was worried. – It’s a relief.
– I got so concerned when my minicar was out. [His dark situation]
It was representing my situation. [JIN had a big picture] – I cared about the losers.
– I wanted to leave immediately. [I’m glad you didn’t leave]
– It was so funny that… – You’ve chased a minicar. – We did our best today.
– It’s been fun since Rock Bison. [JIMIN made everyone laugh today]
Thanks to Rock Bison and JIMIN, we had a great day today. JIMIN, please wrap it up. [4-line poem!]
I’ll make a 4-line poem with Rock Bison. – A 4-line poem with Rock Bison.
– Really? – Good.
– Bring it on. – “Rock”,
– did you enjoy today with Rock Bison? – “B”.
– Thanks to you, today could be a great day. – “i”.
– It was again a great episode of Run BTS. We’ll meet you again in next episode. – “Son”.
– I love you. [JIMIN’s cute end]
– Good. – I love you. Run BTS will continue! Run BTS! That’s a relief. Relax! This… Why is it going off the track? [See you next time]
JUNG KOOK, this is really hard. [RUN BTS] [RM] [SUGA] [JIN] [J-HOPE] [JIMIN] [V] [JUNG KOOK] [Run BTS
EP.96 Bangtan, Let’s Play 2]

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  12. BTS LOS AMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nose como rayo hacerles saber que los amoooooo con todo mi cora y amo verlos felices y disfrutar y recordar y e alegra muchisimo que esten juntos y con ARMY de la mano LOS ADORO MIS CHICOS…………

  13. TAEKOOK and yoonmin…oh my god…my poor heart ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œalso namjin and my j hope ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  14. Bts ฤฑ love youโคโคโค๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ท

  15. Oh poor baby Tae… ๐Ÿ˜ญAnd yet so adorable ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜…โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

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