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ENG SUB _ I Built a Water park in my Backyard for My DOGS! ๐ŸŒŠ

(Girl’s Planet, Small Planet)
(Sonyeo’s Hangseong, So-Hangseong) We’re going to be installing a pool in our yard. 🐶 *Rip Rip Dad’s working hard while Sonyeo enjoys the shade. She steals the parts,
(👧: SONYEO!) if not helping him. We somehow finished the pool! We’re building a stair case so that Sonyeo can freely enter the pool. 👧: Dad, you made that? The stairs were a lot better
than I had expected them to be.
(👧: Wow, I like it, it looks nice!) We filled the pool and now it’s all set! We also install the waterpark. But the machine that’s supposed to fill air
isn’t working well… We tried out the dogs’ blow-dryer, and it worked lol We’re all set for the summer fun! 👧: Let’s go, let’s go!!! 👧: You guys are excited, aren’t you? 👧: Sonyeo, what’s this? Sonyeo, who loves water, dives straight in.
(👧: yeah, it’s water, huh?) Hangseong stammers and carefully puts herself inside lol 👧: This much water is just right for Hangseong. (👧: That’s refreshing, isn’t it?) She’s taking a look around the water park. 👧: Come up, come up! I put the toy on top of the slide 👧: You can do it! She took off the lifeline ToT lol (👧: NOOO!) Sonyeo seems to be interested in the pool. (👧: Here, come up the stairs) But the stairs seems to be to high for her. 👧: Go up, Sonyeo. (👧: Good girl, good girl) Sorry dad…… We just put her inside ourselves. The fish has come to sea!
(👧: Yeah, that’s refreshing, huh?) (👧: You having fun?) She swims around having fun She’s good at making U-turns as well. I also took underwater shots, but she kept on kicking the camera ToT The greedy Sonyeo takes around several toys.
(👧: How much do you even have, Sonyeo?) You could spot her tiny teeth. Her mouth never has time to rest. Regardless of whether her face gets smushed, she still takes all of them around. (👧: You okay with all that, Sonyeo?) A new toy has made its appearance. She gets rid of all the older toys and goes after the new one. SQUEAK Squeal Squeak Squeals The poor pig is having such a hard time. The vampire sucks the blood of the pig. What a cute vampire Hangseong also joins in I was afraid that there wasn’t an exit for her, so I let her out straightaway. For Hangseong, who loves playing catch, I threw the ball into the water. She was hesitant at first, but soonafter dives in to seize her prey. 👧: Ooohh You’re a courageous dog! 🐑: Throw it for me! 🐑: Yum! And you’d think that she’d be a Labrador. She puts her snout in the water lol She goes hunting until she catches the ball. 🐑: Throw it for me! While playing with Hangseong, 🐶: Helllooooo? 🐶: Anyone? Throw this for me! Sonyeo seems to be bored. 🐶: Please…? 🐶: Throw it for me, please! 🐶: Throw it! Here you go! Have all the fun you want!
(👧: You enjoying yourself?) We finish the exciting day and wrap it up by bathing. The fluffball is finished! Time for the bigger fluffball. 👧: Come on, get in. They dry their fur and finish by going dead asleep. The righteous bumb ๐Ÿ™‚ (Please click “Subscribe” and
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