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Ellen and First Lady Michelle Obama Go to CVS

[MUSIC]>>All right. Here we go, Michelle. There’s coupons because you’re gonna
need these probably, it’s been a while. And you push the basket because
nobody’s gonna push it for you.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>CVS of course.>>[LAUGH]
>>CVS stands for cotton, vaseline and stuff.>>No it doesn’t.
>>[LAUGH]>>And->>That’s not true.>>It does. Do you want anything from the-
>>What are these?>>That’s a personalized fan.>>This is a fan?>>It seems like it is. Let’s open it and see.>>[LAUGH]
>>This is new. Wait, don’t! Ellen, don’t open these up in the store.>>Why not? What if I don’t like it? Well then let’s put it back. No, don’t do that.>>Do you need coins? Because there’s a Coinstar over there. Ok? See this is so good, I’m preparing you. Let’s take a few.>>There.>>Ok, put them-
>>Wait! What if it’s- Ok,
what are we gonna do about this money? This is, we got $21.>>The first lady is now up to $22. $24.25.>>How do you know when it’s done? Wait don’t touch anything yet until this. $45.17. This isn’t cash.>>This isn’t cash. This is a rip off.>>[LAUGH]
>>What are we supposed to do? See, I told you.
You shouldn’t have put all those coins in there.>>Yeah, yeah, you’re right.>>We should have started with like this.>>You’re right. Is this the cash voucher?>>No, no, I know what that is. This is a debit thing.>>Do you have a debit card?
>>Ma’am, can you help us?>>Hi, I’m Michelle.>>This is Michelle.>>I’m Sapay.
>>Nice to meet you.>>What did people, they called you
Michelle before the First Lady?>>Yes.>>Okay, Shelley. We’re gonna call her Shelley.>>[LAUGH]
>>Shelley. You slide it in, and
then you put your PIN number in.>>[LAUGH]
>>Turn around.>>PIN number nine, five-
>>Stop it!>>[LAUGH]
>>Yeah, it was just hard to cover->>Okay, checking?>>Michelle?>>[LAUGH]>>[MUSIC]>>Wait.
Bernie Sanders. No.>>[LAUGH]
>>It’s not. No. That didn’t look like
Bernie Sanders to me.>>Not at all.>>No.
You can’t get in here. This is locked.>>What’s so special about this stuff? We might break it.>>How do you-
>>I didn’t realize they got some. Let’s see. It doesn’t make a noise. Hello? Hello? We need help on aisle 2.>>[LAUGH]
>>Customer service on aisle two. Hi!>>Hi.
>>Good, hi! How are you? It’s nice to see you.>>Hi, it’s Shelly. Hi, it’s Ellen.>>There you go.
>>You know what? Sasha needed some earphones. I’m gonna get some for her. How much are these? I’m just picking up stuff. What are you doing?>>I’m just scratching your back.>>I’m trying to focus.>>Okay.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, I’m not really itchy. I am looking for headphones though. What do you think? Do you think, could you chill out on
the itching and help me with this here?>>[LAUGH]
>>Don’t scratch him.>>You know this is,
this is not how you behave in a CVS. Stop scratching him.>>[LAUGH]
>>Stop it.>>He likes it.
>>[LAUGH] It’s good.>>Did that feel good?>>Yeah, it sure did.>>It was annoying to me.>>We are gonna get it cheaper. [MUSIC]>>Okay.>>All right, here we go.>>Now, do you entertain trick or
treaters at your house?>>No.
I turn all the lights out and I-
>>You should->>Close all drapes. [MUSIC]>>All right, magazines. Let’s see, who’s on it? Are you on the cover of anything?>>Let’s see if they have Essence here, okay?>>Here I am.>>There you are, with Rachel. What are you doing with Rachel?>>Do you have a magazine
I could be on with you?>>I thought you were my best friend,
no I have a television show.>>Here I am here we go.>>Do you want any of this?>>Wine in a box.>>Yep, wine in a box.>>How does this work?>>You just
>>How do you get it out of here?>>Like that.>>Wait really, where is the tab?>>Back here.>>We’re not going to open it man. We need cups. [LAUGH]
>>Get this one.>>No. [LAUGH] That’s not a cup,
that’s not an official cup to use.>>I think it is a cup.>>All right, six weeks after, you can
drink this for six weeks after opening? You are really not a good
person to shop with.>>[LAUGH] I’m a great
person to shop with.>>Does anybody know how
to open wine in a box?>>How do you open wine in a box?>>Have you ever had wine in a box?>>You with the baby, come over here. You need wine more than anybody,
you have a brand-new baby.>>So put the cup under so
it doesn’t start to pour on the ground.>>That’s a good-
>>And then you just turn it.>>Turn it.>>All right.
>>Yep, there you go.>>Okay, here you go. Who wants wine? Anybody, anybody, all right.>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s good, that’s good. What’s your name?>>My name is Jacquelyn.>>Jacquelyn.>>Yeah.>>Sign this.>>All right, Jacquelyn.>>Shelly and
I just signed the box of wine for you.>>You’re so nice.>>Ellen, look at this baby.>>Let’s sign the baby.>>[LAUGH]
>>Just sign the baby.>>You want us to sign the baby?>>[LAUGH]
>>Aw.>>Avery is beautiful.>>[LAUGH].>>[LAUGH] She’s out of control.>>Don’t you want me to sign the-
>>You were about to head for the forehead.>>And then I go down, like that.>>[LAUGH]
>>My, thank you. Not, not no, don’t do that.>>Go to sleep. Go to sleep.>>You should go now. She’s up, you woke her up.>>Go to sleep little baby. Go to sleep.>>[LAUGH]
>>You’re scaring her.>>No.>>Thank you.
>>Thank you.>>You open it, you-
>>Michelle what kind of cream do you need for that rash that you
were telling me about?>>[LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH] The rash?>>[LAUGH] We need a rash for a rash that Shelley has. Where is the rash? What area were you telling me about?>>My shoulder.>>Lower than that.>>[LAUGH]
>>A book.>>Get this.
Lindsey Sands, Lady Pirate.>>Wow, look at this.>>Let’s read some.>>The water was flat as a looking
glass capturing the moonlight and stars that twinkled down from above and reflecting just enough light that
the ship gliding ahead- I don’t know.>>Alright, we’re gonna head
to self checkout over here.>>Alright.
Well wait. Do you know what you’re doing?>>No but I guess you scan it.>>Do you have your extra care card?>>Where are you?>>Do you have an extra care card?>>Jose? Jose.>>Alright, we’re checking out now.>>Jose, can you see?>>Yes, I can see.>>Jose, can you see if you can help us? We don’t know what we’re doing.>>I’ve never done self checkouts.>>Can you just give it to us? We are both very busy with…>>No, we’re going to pay! We’re going to pay. No!
No, we can’t take bribes, I work for the government.>>It’s not bribes,
it was just a question.>>And you could just set it here.>>I’m good at this, this is good.>>I’m good at bagging!>>Alright!
>>Please place your item in the bag. Please do not place your
item in bagging area.>>I think you’re too close to the bagging area.>>Okay.>>How do we know that we got? Okay, we got Macy’s card in,
but I don’t see the stub. [SOUND] Okay, here we go.>>There you go.>>I don’t wanna be too close.>>[LAUGH] Don’t be too close. You’re messing it up. You have to put the amount in.>>Sure.>>$10.>>$10, okay.>>Zero, zero, zero.>>Enter.>>Yes.>>Good job.
>>Are you bored Ellen?>>I sure am.>>Come on it’s fun, this is the process.>>OK.
>>There it goes!>>Alright.>>I’m getting tired, I’m so confused.>>Just hit no!>>Skip bagging?>>What are you doing?>>I don’t know, I just…>>We’re not done yet!>>I was angry.>>[LAUGH]>>[LAUGH]
>>Sorry. I just got sick of it.>>Finish and play. Okay. Why am I the only, did we pay for that?>>Uh-uh.>>[LAUGH]>>Man! I’m working really hard here, Ellen, and you’re just standing around.
I’m really exhausted. Here, take these.>>[LAUGH]
>>Okay, let’s put the magazines here. All right, who’s paying? I don’t have any money.>>Man.>>You have money?>>Yeah. This is a lot of work!>>Can you get my face on money?>>No I can’t.>>Why not?>>We don’t do that, you would
have to have done something grand! Like Harriet Tubman.>>I make the world happy every day.>>You should have freed some slaves. You know you’re really annoying. It’s like taking
a three-year-old to the store.>>Not everyone does everything for
you anymore.>>Well obviously not! I mean this was hard! Here just take this stuff.>>Thank you all. I’m gonna be back, 2017. I’m coming alone without Ellen.>>No, I’m gonna come back with you.>>[LAUGH]
>>This was so much fun.>>I’m not taking you anywhere, you’re.>>[APPLAUSE]

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