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Eduten Playground – #1 Digital Learning Platform. From Finland.

Eduten Playground is the number one
learning platform from Finland. It is created in the University of Turku which
is ranked in the top 1% in the world. Eduten’s adaptive AI engine creates
personalized learning paths for each student. It’s impact on learning is proven by dozens
of scientific studies over the past 12 years. Students practice their skills with Eduten
Playground by playing gamified exercises. Over 150 different exercise types make sure
that practicing doesn’t get boring. Studies show that students complete
up to eight times more exercises through active learning
combined with instant feedback. Our content library includes over 15 000 ready-made exercises aligned with any curriculum. It is also easy to create
new content for any subject. Eduten Playground adapts to
teacher’s existing workflows. Automatic assessment
eliminates unnecessary paperwork and learning analytics give precise insight the
strengths and weaknesses of each student. It is easy to follow the progress of the
students either as a group or as individuals. Eduten Playground has been designed with
Finnish teachers in Finnish classrooms. It is proven to improve teacher happiness and
student learning results anywhere in the world. Eduten Playground. The #1 Digital Learning Platform. From Finland.

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