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Eco-printing Savoir-Faire at the Dior Spring-Summer 2020 show

I grew up in a family for whom… respect for nature
was always very much the order of the day. Those are wild carrot flowers. That might be an idea as well… What gets picked always depends on
the design being commissioned. You don’t want to be intrusive, just appropriate
without going overboard. Ecoprinting is printing. Having finished picking them, I place my leaves on the mesh, then roll it up before boiling it. I use a cloth to help
hold the leaves on the wool. This is a water and iron solution. Which I am then going to
position over my work. I try to get as much of
the air out as possible, to make sure the leaves stick
to the fabric properly. Now I need to roll it
all up very tightly… Making sure that
everything is well pressed. And now we move on to… We’ll call it what we call
it in the kitchen… the cooking process. Three hours later and
you have your ecoprint. From the physical contact between
the leaf and the fabric with the heat… Comes something magical. Look, it’s magic! It’s a wonderful result. Sometimes they leave marks
and other times not. That’s the carrot flower
we picked earlier.

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