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Easy HIIT Workout for Beginners (TRY IT AT HOME!!)

Hey, you guys! I have a hit workout for you
today that is just for my beginners. Let’s go! Okay, you guys are going to set your interval
timers for 16 rounds. 10 seconds of rest and 30 seconds of work. So as soon as you hit
start your first 10 seconds of rest; it should be 10 seconds of rest. Then it’s going to
buzz and you’ll begin the workout. So you’ll do 30 seconds of this first exercise.
So what I want you to do is start with your feet shoulder width apart, and you’re going
to step down, over to one side into a lunge. Back and hold it up here if you can. Otherwise,
you can rest. We’re going to do this just to one side for
30 seconds. So you’re going to touch it down, or bring your knee up. 30 second. When it
buzzes you have 10 seconds to rest. Shake it off. Then it’ll buzz. Next exercise, you’re
going to do the other leg. Then hold it up here if you can. Number three is going to be inchworm with
a pushup if you can. What I want you to do is, you’re going to start by squatting down
with your hands on the ground and you’re going to walk them out. Form here give me a pushup
– if you can – from your toes. Just try to go down as low as you can, back
up, then you’re going to walk it back and stand up. So, modification, if you haven’t
mastered a pushup yet, then I want you to walk your hands out, put your knees down,
and do a pushup. Then get back, walk them back, and stand up. Then if a pushup is not happening right now
then you can just walk it out and walk it back. That’s exercise number three. Number
four: straight leg sit-ups. I love these sit-ups. So, you’re going to sit down, lay all the
way back, point your toes, hands behind your head, keep your abs contracted, and you’re
going to sit up and hold it for just a second, and then release. Sit up, contract, release. So always hold it at the top for just a second.
Number five: a lunge back with a squat. I love this exercise. So, feet together, you’re
going to lunge back, and squat. Then you’re going to switch legs, then go back. Now watch, when I lunge back it’s a big step
and I’m dropping my back knee. Together and squat. Always push through your heels when
you do a squat. Give me a little squeeze at the top. Number six: mountain climbers. In pushup position, you’re going to jump your
feet like this, you can also run like this. These are mountain climbers. Then number seven:
scissors. So, it’s just like a jump lunge, but I want your legs straight. So, a lot like you’re running in place, but
you’re not going low. If you feel like “This isn’t that hard,” then step it up. Go down
into the lunge a little bit more. But I want you to go quick. Then the last exercise is side-to-side crunches.
So, crunches are like this, right? Sit-ups – but I want side-to-side. So I want you
to put your arm down and roll, put your heels down, roll to the other side, and crunch.
Roll, crunch. And that is the last exercise. You’re going
to go through that two times. Let’s go. Awesome job, you guys! This is a great start into
HIIT. I hope you enjoyed the workout. There are a lot more workouts of my craziness out
there for you to get started here. It was awesome, perfect. I will see you guys
next time. I’m Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXX for Women. Bye!

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