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Easy DIY Rope Dog Toy! How to Make a Simple Rope Toy for Your Dog On a Budget from Household Items!

hi everyone and welcome back to relax my dog, today I’m going to be sharing with you how to make this super super quick
little dog toy like I say it’s quick it’s cheap and it
is extremely easy to make so firstly what you will need is just an old
t-shirt and just a pair of scissors, it really is that easy so let’s get started so firstly what I’m going to do is I’m going to cut along this side of the t-shirt just along the seam as you can see I’m just using regular kitchen
scissors so it might be a little bit easier if you have fabric scissors
because this took quite a long time for me to cut just cut along one edge so
you have a long continuous piece of material and you have sort of a split in
your t-shirt as you can see here then all I need to do is just cut a little
bit where my shoulder will go I’m just going to cut along there this will then leave an extremely long piece of material for you to then use to make your DIY dog toy then I’m just
going to split my t-shirt into three pieces, these don’t have to be equal
don’t worry it’s just for your dog I’m sure he won’t mind
it being a little bit uneven or at least Milo didn’t anyway this will leave one long piece of material and then all you have to do is do the other two, until you have three similar sized balls then what I do next is I grab each end and tie it in a very tight knot you don’t want this to come loose so make sure it is as tight
as possible as you can get it that will leave you with one tight knot
and then three strands off it looking like this, then I begin twisting the
material this makes it a little bit sturdy for your dog to use and it makes
it last a little bit longer and less flimsy for your dog, just repeat this on
the others until your dog toy looks a little bit like this then all you need to do is just start braiding them together if you don’t know how to braid
you can actually search a tutorial on YouTube, it’s really simple you just
weave them in and out of each other but like I say it does take a while but once you get used to it you can do it super super fast, I’ll actually show you a little time lapse of me doing this now then once you’ve finished,
your dog toy should look a little bit like this then you just need to twist
the other end and tie it in a tight knot again then because I’m quite a neat freak,
I like it to look not very messy so I decide to cut off the messy ends as you can see
here but you don’t have to do this so your dog toy should look a little bit
like this as you can see it’s basically just a long braid but because I like it
to look a bit more funky I decided to add more knots to it so I had a knot in
the middle let’s see what Milo thinks of his toy as you can see Milo absolutely loves his
new dog toy, don’t forget to give us a like if you enjoyed it and leave a
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