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EASTER EGG HUNT With The EASTER BUNNY at the PLAYGROUND! Chuck E Cheese Egg Surprise Toys for Kids

Hop hop hop hop hoppitty hop hop hop Hop hop hop hop hoppitty hop hop hop Easter Egg is gonna hide some eggs Hi Friends! Happy Easter! Look it, i have my bunny! guess what today i’m going to make this bunny come alive now i’m going to need your help to work my magic my magic words are Happy Easter It didn’t work? I need your help. You have to say it with me. let’s go I’m going to count to three 1….. 2….. [laughter] 1 2 3 Happy Easter {magic chime} It’s Kids Can Do Hi Caleb Hi! You really came to life I came to life yay! what do you want to do? where are the Easter eggs? I want to find some Easter Eggs you want to have an Easter egg hunt? yeah that sounds easterriffic I can’t wait are you ready friends? let me work my magic [magic chime] yay! Caleb, do you think you can find the eggs? yeah! go get one what do you have Caleb? a big egg. you have a big egg let’s see whats inside can you crack that egg open? [crack] what’s in there Kenzie? What did you get Caleb? you have Helen Henny? [music playing] what is that? Chuck E Cheese Chuck E Cheese You have a Chuck E Cheese egg? It’s Chuck E Cheese Baby Bottle do you want to hold it? [bang] What’s this Kenzie? Super Chuck E cute chuck e are you gonna get one Kenzie? yay! You want to come here? Are you going to open it? come on got it? you go [phhh] [bang] that one [laughter] that one? what do you have? another egg yeah, are you gonna open that one too? ohh you’ve gotta bring it… come on [bang] can I help you [pop] whats the easter bunny doing? [bang] he’s crackin the egg Kenzie yay! look at what he found Is that Elmo and Abby Cadaby? and Big Bird and Ernie look at them yay! Easter Bunny what do you have in here Kenzie? open what is that Kenzie? It’s Mr. Munch did you find Mr. Munch? [clapping] Kenzie’s giving Mr. Munch to the Easter Bunny awww! The Easter Bunny gave him a kiss. Yay! a blue egg a blue egg! Caleb found a blue egg! and a pink…and a pink two eggs yay! Kenzie you have another egg?….yeah Elmo! you found Elmo? Elmo’s World…..Elmo’s world Elmo loves his goldfish his crayons tooo That’s Elmo’s world awwww! [laughter] [bang] crack that egg, Caleb….Crack it [bang] It’s Marshal from Paw Patrol Caleb Do you like Paw Patrol, Kenzie? Is the Easter Bunny Opening your egg Kenzie? [bang] The Easter Bunny opened your egg! say thank you Easter Bunny what do you have in there Kenzie? let’s see what is it [pop] who is that Kenzie? lets see ready? it’s Chuck E Cheese Chuck E wants to give you a kiss The Easter Bunny loves Chuck E Cheese [laughter] weeee Chuck E yay I found an egg yay [sliding down whistle] yay! the easter bunny got the egg [sliding down whistle] it’s Elmo and Helen Henny too [music playing] peek a boo Elmo sees you [elmo laughing] [bang] woah! it’s a soccer ball easter egg [bang] [stretching sound] oh my goodness what do you have? It’s Minnie and Mickey oh hello pal Kenzie look who’s this That’s Kenzie’s favorite….Minnie Mouse [sliding whistle] [boing] [sliding whistle] who is that Caleb? it’s Olaf Olaf oh no he fell what’s the Easter Bunny doing? Easter Bunny that was an awesome Easter Egg Hunt I can’t wait to see what you bring me for Easter Thanks for watching you guys are the best kids can do anything I hope you really liked this egg hunt It was so much fun with the easter bunny and all of you Thank you for helping me turn the toy bunny into the real Easter bunny isn’t he awesome bye!

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