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Dumbbell Upper Body Workout | No Machines | Complete Home Routine

Today we’re going to be doing a dumbbell only
upper body workout. So this workout will only need a set of dumbbells,
and we’re going to be hitting biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, and core. So you can’t go wrong. We’re going to be doing anywhere from 12 to
15 reps per side, and I just want you to take a brief rest in between. The first thing we’re going to start with
is the Superman press. You’re just going to get down on the ground,
you’re only going to need one dumbbell for this. You can put that on the ground. We’re going to get into a basic plank position. Now, with this one it’s going to put a lot
of stress on your core. So we want you to think about having a wide
stance, flat back, abs are going to be fully engaged, really tight. What you’re going to do is, you’re just going
to bring the dumbbell up next to your ear, and you’re going to press it out. So I’m really thinking about keeping a neutral
head. My back is flat and I’m just kicking this
dumbbell out, straight. Once I finish I’m just going to take a brief
rest period. I’m going to move to the other side. So once again, nice, flat back. My abs are fully engaged. Nice and tight. We’re going to bring the dumbbell up, and
we’re just going to kick this straight out. So that exercise is really going to be hitting
the tops of my shoulders – that’s the main target area – but we’re really hitting through
our abs, shoulders, back; everything is really working to get that hand to punch out. 12 to 15 reps, short rest period. Okay, next one. Bat wing rows. I love this one. So we’re going to need two dumbbells for this
one. My feet are going to be about shoulder width
apart. You’re going to bend at the waist, dumbbells
are going to be facing forward, as you see here, how I’m holding them. You’re going to row them back. So I’m really thinking about bringing my shoulder
blades together. Once I’ve done that motion I’m just going
to think about kicking my arms out straight, and lowering them down. So when you really think about that bat wing,
you’re pretty much doing what a bat wing would look like. We’re rowing up, kicking out, and lowering. Row, kick out, and lower. So really make sure you’re keeping that good
bend at your waist. Here, kick out, nice and slow on the down. Kick out, and down. So I’m really working my back, my shoulders;
everything in this move. Up, out, down. Okay. 12 to 15 reps. All right, next we’re going to go into a hammer
curl overhead press tricep extension. So I’m really going to get a nice trifecta
here. Three moves, hitting three different areas. We’re going to take our dumbbells. We’re going to hold them here. You’re going to think about going for a full
curl, pressing up, overhead. Now is where I’m going to think about bracing
my abs. meaning, I’m keeping them nice and tight, my glutes are engaged to keep my back
nice, and straight. So we’re going to be curling, overhead press,
tricep extension, all the way down. Pressing up, and back. So I’m almost tucking my pelvis under a little
bit, just to protect my lower back on that tricep extension. Full curl. Press, tricep extension, back to top, and
down. So think about each one of these moves individually,
even though we’re doing them all together because they really are all separately hitting
something different. Biceps, shoulders, tricep. Up, and back down. 12 to 15 reps. Last thing we’re going to do is our burnout
circuit. So with this one we are going to, once again,
just use two sets of dumbbells. You can do 30 seconds of work on this one. This is a little bit more detailed, but this
is a good one. You’re going to walk out. So you’re just going to step out with your
hands here until you get to a flat back. Once you get to your flat back you’re going
to rotate, pressing your dumbbell to the ceiling, you’re going to rotate to the other side doing
the same thing, into a nice side plank. The head is going to be high, we’re going
to lower it here. We’re going to go into a row. Once we complete the row, we’re going to go
into a pushup, and then we’re going to walk ourselves back up. Back to start. So this is going to be a 30 second finisher. So we’re walking out. Once we get there we’re rotating, opening
our body to the ceiling, coming back here, we’re going to row, really pulling those shoulder
blades together, push up, and then we’re going to walk our hands back to the start. So I am really feeling that everywhere. Shoulders, back, chest, core. So it’s really getting a nice upper body workout
with all the movements we did today. This is a great finisher. So try to get three rounds done. Keep your rest periods brief because the whole
idea is we want to get our heartrate up while we’re toning. Don’t be afraid of using weight. Do something that’s challenging. If there’s something you’re doing and if after
three rounds you’re not really feeling too much; get your weight up there. That’s how you’re going to increase your body
mass. Which is what we want to try and do. Put on a little bit of muscle. All right, you guys. Hope you enjoyed this workout. Thanks for joining me today. Hit the like button, subscribe, leave a comment,
and I look forward to working out with you guys soon.

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  1. This was a great video! I've been looking for good upper body workouts with weights and I think these exercises will help me a great deal. Also, thanks for going step by step and explaining what each exercise was working out. Thank you!

  2. Does anyone have advice for moves when you're holding dumbbells in plank and it hurts your palms? Do you just get used to it? I always give up on holding on to them because it hurts my hands to have that much pressure on the dumbbell.

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