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Dubai’s Craziest Water Park!!!

oh my god! Hey Guys Guess Where are we Today? Any guesses? Yep! We are at Wild Wadi Water Park! I thought I was gonna fall! What the….!! Where are we? oh….We are at “Jumeirah Sceirah”!! That’s the steepest fall! 120 meters (he means 120 feet) Do you wanna go now? Jaan? Jaan, are you still alive? Are you still alive? Are you still alive? We are going up the Jumeirah Sceirah! A 120 feet drop! Khairul’s going in there! (screams) oh my god There he goes There he goes There he is! Ok Alright, here we go! ok, I seem to be a bit too heavy We are going up the stairs TO, what seems like 10 stories atleast And then there will be a drop It’s called the “Burj Surj” We’re good Yes We’re all good to go This should be fun Bye bye people See you on the other side What is happening? What is happening? What is this? It’s so much fun look look look…whaaaaat Now we are going to that one supposed to be fun Time for the “Tantrum Alley” Just waiting for our turn Is it supposed to be that scary? Supposedly an “Intense Thrill” ride oh my god, it’s like a steep fall I think, I am not gonna take any video (A few moments later) Hold on! I love this I love this so much oh my god, that was so much fun! A day full of fun, thrill & adventure Bye bye Wild Wadi, I’ll see you again.

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