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DUBAI CRAZIEST WATER PARK !!! Wild Wadi Waterpark 2019

good morning guys, good morning Today we are in Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai we have amazing video for you guys okay first of all I didn’t expected we
have lot of tickets and lot of gifts
– Yes For Emirate ID you can get free meal you can get two complementary tickets, for next year From January To March Until when we have ? Vaild until March 2019 so for 3 months you can have free access to Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai and also we have two tickets for draw we can get something I don’t know what, we will see later let’s see what they can win today let’s go to the video Life is like a roller coaster,
live if, be happy, enjoy life. is cold i dont know which one is good? bigger one? yeah let’s go bigger one is it my face looks like funny or scary
let me know in comment below roll the video guys that was super fun but is dark we can not see anything now just relax push, push, push, someone push us [Music] one more ride guys [Music] Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai when you come to Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai you should go for massage so we have soft drinks we have french fries and burgers we got them for free and also we have chance to win something today hopefully we get something let’s see thank you thank you so you write your name? guys what is my name just write mobile number correctly Sir you got 50% off on the retail 50% off you want fish spa?
– Yes no i want fish spa, i do not want 50% retail i give you fish spa already he already give you fish spa there is 50%, get 50% we won fish spa fish spa fish spa so basically fish will give you spa massaging you you want to see what is this, let’s go let’s go [Music] look at her so here is basically fishes he is going, i couldn’t sit here ok she scare to go do it, really i can not really i can not do this i told you i can not sit someone help me can i go there? you want to come? ok guys i have no idea, this is what marina done to me really impossible how long we have to sit? 20 minute ? what the hack? they biting old skin i have so much old skin they looks like jumping yes go down down down no no no do not disturb my fingers still marina she did not put fit inside i can not see they jumping [Music] see you Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet. [Music] it was super-amazing today and we enjoyed we liked everything, everything is very good and actually so many people here because today it’s Friday a lot of tourist, a lot of residence people make sure when you’re coming here don’t
forget to bring something like Sanders what we wearing now i already change ok, because floor is too hot, specially when you coming in afternoon so is too hot is better to have something otherwise you burning your
feet if you don’t have if you didn’t buy before in advance so you can go to souk al wadi they have shop everything for swimming, socks, clothes, swimwear what ever you want find it here that’s right ok guys we will see you in next video and do not forget to Like and Share with your friends and comment below and let me
know what you think about this video don’t forget subscribe subscribe don’t
forget watching bye ok let’s go see you bye bye

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  2. Dear mr. Afshin i very thanks full for your likes and comment on my pic and video on insta account ,
    and im really motivated by you to start my Own channel gaming channel on youtube thanks a lot.

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  4. I got to go to that water park during my deployment back in summer 01 and fall 04 and let me tell you if you get the chance to ever go do it the place is beyond fun

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