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Dubai Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark Travel Tips And Tricks

hello guys, today we are going somewhere why your voice is not so loud ? my voice is so loud ? going to waterpark today and yes we have new guest stacy hello yes they taking photos say hi say hello … hello yeah thats good so we have lot of tourist here see behind music first time in three years is my firs time to go by tram at all not only in dubai or something first time to go by tram ever lot of Chinese here did you come with tram before ? no and how many years his here ? my first time is our first time yes ok see view from here yeah and waterpark in other side let’s go there i think we can see from here here is waterpark i want to go this relaxing you can see one bear is up is for Chinese tour tour guide, yeah i’m coming i’m coming i just lost you yeah we are here … ok let’s go let’s go music here you see is all restaurant this side and this side but because of the ramadan they closed so you can go inside and eat if you are not fasting and is good right ? we here now oh my goodness is too busy two hours later oh my god it was very long line so i don’t know if you can see everyone they putting they towels in the back and you can not find any place there is no place to put our towels how is stacy ? you fine ? hello what my love doing ? super cold see we took it waterproof I don’t know
if is working or not so marina if is not working then sorry you have to get new
mobile ok guys you have to see what is coming now ok for now is fine for now nothing happen hello good good say hi to youtube hello hello hey bro yes enjoy your ride thank you actually is very good massage yeah how are you ? she almost … really ? yes see they went that up there and then come down ok thats good let’s go, go go go run run let’s go hey bro who did vlogging here ? we going home our faces after Aquaventure Waterpark Atlantis tired and crazy can you see my hair ?
my goodness looks like I can not brush anymore i got tan see my nose is red is mean i got tan, is little bit what is this you have custom ? yeas who’s here ? hello thank you let’s go let’s go let’s go it’s unfair, what unfair ? what is this we can print out ticket ? 25 dirham per trip Atlantis and come back and can not make the cards ? no no is expensive, ok make paper card but for tourist some times is important ok let’s go yes ok today was very fun yes just watch the video yes put your comments bellow and we already so much tired after Aquaventure Waterpark Atlantis so for sure you guys must subscribe our channel so yes subscribe our channel and leave your comment below like our video and see you next bye bye

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