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Drive Monster Machines At Construction Equipment Playground

– [Graham] So I’m here
at Dig This Las Vegas. It’s a construction equipment playground where you can live out
your childhood dreams of being able to operate heavy machinery like bulldozers and excavators. But first, gotta sign some waivers, gotta take a breathalyzer
test which is very important. And then you gotta put on this vest here for safety reasons. Before I head out to the playground, I have to take a 10 to 15
minute safety training course to make sure I’m safe out there. That’s it, that’s the safety course. I guess I’m ready. – [Junior] My name’s Junior Diaz. I am an instructor and I teach people how to have fun on heavy equipment that they have never been on
any equipment in their life. Okay, rotate that cab to
the left as hard as you can. Faster, faster, come on, commit. There it is. You gonna do that push up or what. Oh ya, get that first groove. Good job. Alright, let’s bring ’em up. Bring it up out of the hole. Good job. How was that? – [Graham] That was awesome, man. Man, that is such a blast. I mean it’s so cool to be in charge of such a big, powerful machine. – Did you get your mind
off life for a moment? – I did, you know. When I was moving that dirt
and stacking those tires it was just a way for
me to kind of zone out. Just focus on simple tasks. – [Junior] And that’s what
we want you guys to do when you come out to Vegas, is have fun and tap into
your inner childhood and have fun. – Thank you so much, sir. That was great. – [Graham] What was the biggest challenge you think I had out there? – Biggest challenge for you, I would say is getting your right from left down.

Reader Comments

  1. this idea looks stupid. you pay people to drive heavy machinery? why not get a job that involves working in that field and actually getting paid for using that kind of machinery

  2. Thats good, but damn $269 tho in one hour? If it was 2 hour than yea, That should atlease cost $110 😏

  3. Can you guys please do a video on Studio C. They are a HILARIOUS comedy group 😆😆😆
    Seriously… you need to do a video on them

  4. They should help people get certified and gain experience in this so they can get a better job..they are paying…..I'd want to benefit from spending my money

  5. Lol my grandpa and my grandpa’s brother let me ride and drive this stuff. We even go to high pile of dirt so we can sit almost horizontally. Sometimes, I even ride the claws (the one which doesn’t close) with my friends and my granpa rise us up and just suddenly let go. It almost feels like riding a Ferris wheel 🎡 but why the heck is this THING SO EXPENSIVE?

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