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DON’T do this in WATERPARK!!! – Dudesons

thanks B here and i’m Yohannes my name some of it I’m Kai my name is Hiro good morning day tree I hear voices not sussed in my head we’re sure there’s people here good morning come to the pool is it you don’t believe it I come down pretty fast that meets us take some speed okay guys I’m coming FIFA is roofie so hot it’s a new day and looking up these guys I think it’s gonna be again a great day right guys coming down yeah I just wonder where’s a baby brother bed [Music] now let’s go to the water park [Music] data fee what do you think it’s great I’m in the comic concert that waitress there is incredible this feels like the whole park is just for us because there’s literally nobody else only Nikita hi guys I have an hour editing this video for you Yatta face while I’m CRP success I appreciate race time oh these are right oh you will come with me you and you with me me three [Music] [Music] oh excuse me sorry can I ask something do you know which makes Finland guys our PHP back to Finland yeah it’s been a good time fine you know the best part is still ahead Finland right there I maybe then left or right we don’t know it but we’ll figure it out okay so I guess if we make it back to Finland we see again next week if not you’re still somewhere over there I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday so thank you thank you thank you for the trip see you yeah I’m coming as well yeah I’m gonna take my horse the whole time [Music]

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  1. Holy shit I love your crazines, your young spirit! I can see you having 70 years trying to jump from a cliff 😀
    I wish Jukka was there too, It would be great to see you all together again doing your stuff 🙂 Thx for the positive energy you just gave me, again 🙂

  2. incredible, as always. and man, just… absolutely no fear flirting with the hottest chicks you see 🤘 Jarno, you aint lost a damn thing from turning 40, man. happy birthday; keep enjoying life, my friend 💙

  3. 0:46 did u say "fyyyyfaaaaaaaab" haha sounded like that .. its like.. fuck.. or holy shit in swedish =) like finnis ppl will read this.. perke 04:21 shot of the day haha

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