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Djembe Drum Ring Repairs : Djembe Drum Rings: Removing Rope

So if you decided that you want to replace
the rope go ahead and cut off, find the knot on your drum, wherever the knot was made and
just go ahead and cut it off. So if you want to save your rope for something, maybe for
whatever for later, you might want to keep it in one piece. It’s going to be quicker
to when it starts getting long it might be faster if you cut another small piece but
it’s up to you. Do you want to save the rope or not. So this is pretty easy, taking it
apart, you can take note though to have it, to have some idea of how it all works when
we go back and we put the knots back in through a new rope. You can also work from both sides because
you have you know, these little pieces, the side is pretty small. So just keep doing this
until you’ve gotten all the way around and you’ve gotten all the knots out.

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