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You do it like this… [KIDS PLAYING] [KIDS PLAYING] Hey folks, good morning! If you’re watching now,
leave a comment saying “Here I am!” We’ve come to have some ice cream
and the kids are here playing in the playground. Stylish! Wow, there’s a hole here so you can go out. Is this the entrance or the exit, Gui? The exit! The exit? Check it out! Lu, which flavour of ice-cream do you want? Chocolate. Just chocolate? Ok, I’ll get one for you.
I’ll go there get it. Everybody wants chocolate flavour? Not me, I got a variety of chocolate
syrup, with peanuts, with strawberry… Look how cool the decor is!
Full of superheroes. Very stylish, Marcos! Can you get out? Want some help? Yes. Very good! Yes! Oh yes! ♪ HAPPY JOYFUL MUSIC ♪ Which one did you choose, mom? Berries. I don’t know how to say it. Berries? [LAUGHING] Blueberry, pinkberry or yellowberry? The red ones, a mix of red berries. Luísa asked for chocolate! What about you, Gui?
Which flavour did you choose, bubble gum? Yours is also chocolate, Marcos? Delicious. Folks, we came to a place where
they make ice cream on a rock! You choose the flavour and they
prepare it right away, in front of you. I ordered a strawberry one, with
meringue and condensed milk. As you’re eating it, the fillings start to show up
from inside, check it out! Check it out! It’s meringuerizing! [CYMBALS CRASH SOUND] Yours come with meringue. Not good? No? Ok, then. ♪ RELAXING DISCO MUSIC ♪ What are you two doing? Pool! Balloon? We’re in the pool. Pool? I’m going up there, huh? No! Can I go up there? No! Yes! [MONSTER SOUND] I’ll catch you! Look, Luísa got away! She got away. [SCREAMING AND LAUGHING] I can’t get through here.
What now? You can pass down there. You need to go around! Well, I can’t get through here…
guess I’m leaving, then. Over there! I see you! Here I come! Look over here… [ROAR SOUND] Where’s Marcos? Over here! [ROAR SOUND] [SCREAMING AND LAUGHING] ♪ HAPPY JOYFUL MUSIC ♪ Are you having coffee? Ouch! Be careful! Too hot! Hummm, too cold. It’s cold now? See? Thank you! You’re welcome! Luisa is having it too.
What are you drinking, Luisa? Coffee! Coffee? Is it hot or cold? Hot! Waiter, may I have a coffee, please? Where’s my coffee? I’ve been waiting for half an hour already!
It must be cold by now… Thanks. Here, take this coffee! What’s this? Coffee with ice cream? Coffee with a scoop, yes! ♪ HAPPY JOYFUL MUSIC ♪ What are you having, Gui? Hmm… grape juice! And… Coke! [SINGING]
♪ Tumba laca tumba tumba la! ♪ We’re back from the ice cream shop and we find
Felipe making himself a steak. My, my! Nice, isn’t it? A tender sirloin steak. A perfectly diagonal cut. This is good even with no salt on it, dude. Are you a meat master? No, I’m a meat eater. ♪ RELAXING DISCO MUSIC ♪ Hmmm! What are you playing? Scooby-Doo. Scooby-Doo! Is it Scooby-Doo Lego? I can get through this stage in less than 30 seconds! You can clear this stage in 30 seconds? Less than 30. Wow, that’s fast! What are you gonna play next? Red Ball. Red Ball! Do you see his size?
He gets even smaller! This way it gets more squared,
and this way it get less squared… [MIMICKING THE SOUND OF THE GAME] Are you gonna have a shower? Let me smell you. Ugh, smelly! She’s smelly-melly! She’s dirty, she’s smelly. Smelly! Smelly-melly! Mom, did you know that when the clock strikes
10PM, all the skeletons have a snack? Have a what? [SHOWER SOUND] Honey, did you know that when the clock strikes
6 o’clock, all the skeletons eat some pork? No. I knew that when the clock strikes 2:15,
all the skeletons have ice cream. [CYMBALS CRASH SOUND] Hey Felipe, did you know that when the clock strikes
7:30, all the skeletons eat some turkey? [SINGING]
♪ Tumba laca tumba tumba la! ♪ Laura, did you know that when the clock strikes 5:11, all the skeletons go to heaven? You’ve had your shower already? I smell soap on you. Hmm, you smell of soap! Hmm, what a soapy feet! Let’s wait for your mummy to bring the baby bottle. I’ll wait while I sleep. Look what mummy brought to you! [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA] Where’s my baby bottle, mummy? How can I sleep without my baby bottle? What a sleepy face you’ve got! ♪ HAPPY MUSIC ♪ [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
I’m going to bed. Good night! Bye bye! [PRETENDING TO BE LAURA]
Bye! Smack! Smack! Smack! Craudete is cooking chicken in Brazil. Is it different to make chicken in Brazil
than it is in Spain? Yes! What’s different about it? The spices. Very different? Hmm, I guess. I’m not used to the spices from here. You’re out of practice? I little bit. A lot. But it tastes good. I tried it and it tastes good. Is it for you or for Marcos? It’s for Marcos. He’s saying “Mummy, I want meat,
I want meat, I want meat.” So I made him… chicken! Ouch! Ok, mummy is pretty now, right? Thanks. My little helper. [LAUGHING] Say “Like this, granny”. Like this! Don’t tell Luisa, ok?
‘Cause the lipstick is hers. Ok? You lips are sealed! Gramma fell asleep. [MUSIC COMING FROM THE CELLPHONE] What are you watching, Craudete? Instagram. Funny videos, Craudete? Instagram. You watch funny videos on Instagram? I do. I’m gonna keep my voice down
’cause gramma Stanley is asleep. I wanna let you know that the T-shirts are ready, they’ll be released on thrusday,
the 21st of December. So if you’re watching this after the 21st, you’ll find the link for the T-shirts
on the description below. And if you wanna see how they look,
visit our Facebook page, I’ve posted all the designs there for you to see. And if you watched up to this point,
please leave a comment saying ‘Stylish Ice Cream’. Stylish ice cream! Stylish ice cream! Shhsh! Gramma is sleeping. Stylish ice cream! ♪ HAPPY MUSIC ♪

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