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Disneyland Resort featuring Disney’s California Adventure Park Downtown Disney District

[music]>>Announcer: California, a state of natural beauty adventuresome spirit and rich culture. In the heart of Southern California, you’ll
find the Disneyland Resort. A vacation destination in Anaheim that today
includes the Disneyland theme park and two hotels and it’s going to be even
bigger beginning early 2001. The Disneyland Resort will include the
largest expansion in its history. The addition of a new $1.4 billion dollar, 55 acre theme park. Disney’s California Adventure, another deluxe in Park Hotel property Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel with
750 rooms and an exciting dining entertainment and shopping experience,
Downtown Disney. When completed, the Disneyland Resort will have doubled in size and be the largest urban resort in California. Here’s a look at what this brand-new resort will offer. Guests today enjoy Walt Disney’s original theme park Disneyland. Where eight enchanted lands are filled with attractions. Located just
across the street from Disneyland are two hotels, the Disneyland Hotel and the
Disneyland Pacific Hotel. The new expansion of the Disneyland Resort and the new theme park Disney’s California Adventure, will be just steps away from
the happiest place on earth. [music] Disney’s California Adventure, a
fun-filled celebration of the California dream. An all-new theme park in Southern
California where guests experience in the fun, wonder and spirit of California.>>Cynthia Harriss: This is a place where the guests will be immersed in that true California Dream. Where we can celebrate the splendour of our land the cultural richness of the
people that have come here and I think more importantly just an unabashed joy
of being in California and one word that I would use to describe Disney’s
California is fun.>>Announcer: Opening in early 2001, and to be built next to Walt Disney’s original theme park Disneyland. Disney’s California Adventure unlocks the adventurer in you and takes you on exciting experiences in three
distinctly themed districts. Hollywood Pictures Backlot, The Golden State, and Paradise Pier.>>Barry Braverman: We knew right away that that Hollywood was going to be a part of this thing because we knew the movies and the media was
important to California and it sort of became a studio and we knew that the
great outdoors was important and we liked the idea of the High Sierras and
Yosemite in the mountain areas so that led us to Grizzly Peak and of course
Paradise Pier was sort of the obvious choice for celebrating California’s
beach culture.>>You know the other thing is it you know
when we’ve got on this subject of California, ah, it’s just been so inspiring how much there is to work with.>>Roy Disney: It is an amazing, yeah it is an amazing state you know and you think about that what a crossroads of the world it’s been for so long.>> So if we can capture that just get a little of that energy that California magic…>>Roy Disney: Yeah, in the diversity I think everybody’s gonna feel at home here. [music]>>Announcer: Film sets, facades, and towering movie studio gates open onto the Hollywood Pictures Backlot, where guests experience the magic of movies coming to life. Amid sound stages and klieg lights, attractions include the Superstar Limo which takes guests on a
tongue-in-cheek adventure through star-studded Hollywood and a Disney
Animation experience allows guests to enjoy an up-close and personal look at
Disney’s most treasured and admired art form.>>Mickey Mouse: Whistling.
SFX: Boat Whistling. The animation attraction includes
the Sorcerer’s Workshop, featuring an imaginative array of hands-on
experiences that invite guests to add their creativity to classic Disney
animation. Enjoy the latest Disney live entertainment productions in the 2,000 seat Hyperion theater. Reminiscent of the grand movie palaces of yesteryear. Guests can expect the unexpected at Jim
Henson’s Muppet Vision 3D, a hilarious 3D cinematic adventure with Jim Henson’s
famous cast of lovable characters. Experienced fine food in stage sets
inspired by classic Hollywood eateries at Hollywood and Dine, or enjoy the Soap
Opera Bistro, where servers play roles inspired by television daytime dramas. The romantic Napa Valley, the rugged High Sierras and the Fertile Central Valley are among the California locales celebrated in the Golden Stat. A
district that salutes the people, places, ideas and innovations that have defined
today’s California. The Grizzly Peak recreation area is a tribute to California spectacular national parks. Named for the prominent bear shaped rock
formation that crowns its peak. Rushing through this 8 acre mini wilderness is Grizzly River Run. An action-packed whitewater rafting
adventure as well as a woodsy climbing an exploration course called the Redwood
Creek Challenge Trail. Inspired by one of California’s famous high desert airfields, Condor Flats is a tribute to the state’s rich aviation heritage. Here, guests can explore aircraft memorabilia, period buildings and test equipment from
the airfields glory days. Inside its huge hangar is Soarin’ Over California. A breathtaking eye-poppin ride that puts guests in flying theater seats for a
spectacular hang glider flight over scenic California. Explore California’s diverse working environments by visiting a farm setting or touring the Golden
Vine Winery and Vineyard presented by well-known winemaker Robert Mondavi. Bug’s Life theater presents, It’s Tough to be a Bug. A humorous 3D theatrical look at
life from a bug’s point of view and crawling with special effects. Pacific Wharf captures the feeling of
Monterey’s Cannery Row as it salutes California’s signature industries. Guests
will be able to enjoy California products like sourdough bread from the
Boudin Bakery and tortillas from the Mission Tortilla Factory, all made right
before your eyes. Golden Dreams provides a powerful cinematic look at the people and events that have shaped California. It’s fun in the Sun for everyone, as
Paradise Pier takes guests back to the nostalgia of seaside amusement zones.
Recreated with a glitzy high-energy salute to California’s famous beach
culture. California Screamin’ is a high-speed outdoor roller coaster whipping its way through the heart of Paradise Pier, another major icon is a 150 foot high ferris wheel featuring a huge revolving sunburst. California’s ultimate beachfront amusement zone also features classic swing and iron rides. An interactive water playscape. Exciting attractions, and a dazzling game filled
Midway. All with the unique Disney twist.>>Roy Disney: It’s just looking so special, you know? The Vista that we’re looking at here is just great, and you can see a little bit of the park over there but but it’s separate but it’s together. It’s going to
be just a spectacular special place.>>Announcer: And you can enjoy your stay without ever having to leave the park. In Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, an
elegant 750 room destination hotel that’s actually built inside the park.
Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel is designed in the American arts and crafts
tradition. Featuring a rich selection of handcrafted natural materials and
state-of-the-art facilities. Many guest rooms will offer views directly into Disney’s California Adventure. While only steps away from the
Disneyland Hotel, the Disneyland Pacific Hotel, and Downtown Disney. Downtown Disney is a vibrant entertainment gathering place. Located between Disney’s
California Adventure and Disneyland. Downtown Disney features world-famous
restaurants, one-of-a-kind shops, live street entertainment, dance and music clubs, live shows, and a multiplex movie Complex. Guests will be able to enjoy their favorite movie at AMC theaters. Enjoy fine dining and entertainment at the House of Blues Jazz based restaurant and club. Unique breads and pastries from
La Brea bakery and many fine Italian dishes from Naples Ristorante and
pizzeria. Guests can also choose from fine Mediterranean cuisine at The Patina Group. Experience the tropical rainforest themed restaurant, Rainforest Cafe. Delight in a spicy mix of New Orleans traditional food along with hot jazz at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen. Plus, combined Latin dishes with live entertainment and dancing at Y Arriba Y Arriba. Also, there’s Disney branded venues such as ESPN Zone and World of Disney to enjoy and so many more.>>Roy Disney: Come celebrate the spirit of Disney’s California Adventure.>>Announcer: And it’s all at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. Coming early 2001, only in Southern California.

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  1. Cow Missing please find more late 90s and early 2000s Disneyland and Disneyland Resort promotion guides.

    I remembered one time going to the Disneyland Hotel, one of the original hotel rooms of the original Disneyland Hotel. And I remembered turning on the TV, and they were talking about Disneyland and how it was as the world's first theme park, along with the nearby Disneyland hotel and Disneyland Pacific Hotel. At the same time they even mentioned the Disneyland Good Neighbor hotels, which is actually the Anaheim Resort of Harbor Boulevard and Katella Avenue.

    So I want to see some of those old memories that I used to watch on the TV set of the Disneyland Hotel, which I also believe we're shown on the other Anaheim Resort Hotels and Disneyland Good Neighbor hotels.

    Please find those late 90s an early 2000s Disneyland and Disneyland Resort promotion guides, that I remembered watching from the Disneyland Hotel and one of the other Disneyland Good Neighbor Anaheim Resort Hotels

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