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Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration Preview (2015)

[music]>>Steve Davison: For the 60th Anniversary of the Disneyland Resort, we’re gonna have a Diamond Celebration. We have the biggest entertainment slate we’ve ever done for night time and it’s all brand-new. We’re
coming in with a brand new parade, called Paint the Night. That I truly will knock
your socks off. We’ve gone out and found some of the newest lighting techniques
anybody’s ever seen around the world and really started to paint with it. So
you’re gonna see friends like Tinkerbell, and a Monsters Incorporated, Toy Story,
Little Mermaid and even Frozen and it’s really gonna make kids eyes pop. The
finale features Mickey Mouse who else but the you know the magic maker of all
time and all of his friends and what’s gonna be really fun is that Mickey has
this beautiful light machine behind him that basically sends lights you know
shooting out into the universe as he kind of congers all the magic and all
the paint and brings it all to life from this one final beautiful piece of
sculpture that ends the parade. And then for nighttime at Disneyland, we’ve developed a brand new immersive firework show that’s dazzling and it’s really inspired by Walt’s own words that “Disneyland will never be complete as
long as there is imagination left in the world.” and the show is really a beautiful
explosion of color and light done through projection and pyrotechnics and
other effects that culminate in a show that takes you through just how magical
the Magic Kingdom can be and that’s really the key line in the show. That
when you stand in Main Street or in front of the castle or in front of small
world or even out of Rivers America, you’re gonna be immersed in just
beautiful moments of Disney everything from the Tangled moment when they’re
singing, See The Light and then all those beautiful lanterns go by or when you’re
under the sea and suddenly you’re in the middle of an ocean. And I truly
think that it’s gonna be one of the most unique things we’ve done in years. Over at California Adventure, we’re doing a brand new nighttime spectacular at World of Color called Celebrate the Wonderful World of Walt Disney. The show stars Mickey Mouse in a wonderful tribute to Walt Disney. Everything from the creation
of Mickey Mouse to how Walt then got into feature animation and eventually had this big idea for the Happiest Place on Earth, called Disneyland. It’s all music, all new programming some new special effects are coming into the show,
so it’s really gonna be this this fun spirited adventure that guests can’t
miss. When you start to look at all the different types of things we’ve
developed for the sixtieth, you know there’s heartwarming, there’s adventure,
there’s excitement and truly all those emotions are built into every piece that
we developed. I hope everybody can come out for the Diamond Celebration here at
the Disneyland Resort, this is going to be one event you don’t want to miss.

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