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#DisneyKids: Kiddos Make a Splash at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park

(suspenseful cartoon music) – [Kids] Typhoon Lagoon! – Typhoon Lagoon! – Typhoon Lagoon is a water
park with a lot of water. – Water, water everywhere! – I love that water. – Whoo, yeah!
– Yay! I love those slides. – Well, the slides, some of those slides were really slippery. – There are two slides. – [Woman] Yay! – I like the bumping things,
and I liked the lazy river. – And I really liked the rafts. (cinematic tropical music) (girl screaming) – The lazy river was great! – Lazy river my favorite. – I love it. – Gangplank Falls was the best! (family screaming) – That water was really refreshing. – I liked Lilo and Stitch. I danced with them. – I just gave them a hug and a high five. – High five. – Today was all about water and fun. It was so fun, the funnest. (family screaming)
(family laughing)

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