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Dinosaur Spy Adventure! Fun Pretend Play! Find The Missing Giant Dinosaurs for Kids at T-Rex Ranch

– [Dinomaster] Aha! You’ll never catch me. And I’ve got all of your dinosaurs. So long! – The Dinomaster is back! – He’s back? – He’s taking all of our dinosaurs! – That’s terrible! – He wants to turn them into
virtual video game characters. – We got to get you back to Dino HQ and get you all bandaged up
and we’ll make a plan okay? – Yeah! He has a new mask and everything. (panting)
(grunting) – Hey look Park Ranger LB! We’re back to Dino HQ! Okay, we’re gonna go– – Land ho! – Yeah, land ho! We’re going to go inside and get a splint on your leg there, okay? We better hurry up. Get the Dinomaster,
get our dinosaurs back. (grunting) Yeah, there we go. Go on in there. Okay, Park Ranger LB. Right, here we are, back at Dino HQ. (grunting) Yeah, you’re going to fall down there. Here you go, there you go, here you go. Okay all right. We gotta get a splint on your leg there. – Splint? – Yeah, a splint. It’s like a stick that
you attach to your leg, and it gives you added strength
when you leg is injured. – Oh.
– Kinda like, hey! Like this baseball bat right here, okay. That’ll make a splint– It’s a bit of a weird splint, but it’ll work, okay.
– Here, I need it! – Here, let’s go over here to the table. – It’s not working! – Yeah, no no. That’s ’cause we got to attach it like… Oh here we go, here we go, here. Just hold on to the table there. All right here we go. Right here. All right. There, there’s one. Here’s the second one. There! Now you got it. Okay. Now have a seat right here, okay. All right there you go. Okay, and then, drop your
splinted leg right up there. All right. I’m going to go take on the Dinomaster. So I’m going to need to gear up with some of my new spy gear, all right? – Okay. – Okay, I’ve got it
hear in the other room. I’ll be right back. (grunting) All right Park Ranger LB, I’m all ready to go track
down the Dinomaster! – Yeah! What’s up with that get-up, you know? – Oh this! Oh, this is my new spy gear outfit that I got here, you know? All black and everything.
– Yeah! – So I’ll blend into the forest. The Dinomaster will never know that I’m there as I sneak up on him, huh? – Hey, you look like one of
those guys in “Men in Black”. – Yeah I guess I do. – Yeah.
– Oh well. Hey, you know what the
coolest part of this is? – What?
– This little button, right here activates the
camera on my glasses. – Yeah! – And you can monitor
here in Dino HQ, okay? – That’s awesome! – Okay. Will you keep an eye on the Dinomaster, and the feed I’m sending
you, and have fun all right? – Okay. – Don’t have fun, just
keep an eye on us, okay? I’m going to go find the Dinomaster. – Okay, bye!
– Okay, bye. (dramatic music) – Time to watch the movie! – Okay, Dinomaster. I know you’re out here. Where are ya? Come on out. I know you’re out here somewhere. – Man, this is better than the movie is. Where’s he gonna go now? – You watchin’ all of this Park Ranger LB? It’s entertaining huh? You up there? Nah. Where is the Dinomaster? (dramatic music) Come on. Come on now. What, you chicken? Bok, bok, bok! Come on Dinomaster! I’m gonna get ya!
I’m gonna get ya. Oh hey. Big ol’ fresh pile of mud. Oh cool. Hey you know what? This will be great as camouflage. – What is he doing? What’s he doing by that pile? – Dinomaster’s never gonna
see me with this mud here. Here we go. Oh yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. That’s the good stuff right there, huh? – What? Oh no! – Oh yeah, there we go. Oh yeah. (laughing)
– Oh no! – Yeah, here I go. There we go, there we go. Ah yeah, yeah that’s
good stuff right there. – Now I know not to give
him a high five later on. I better call him. Come in Park Ranger Aaron! – Ah man, what does Park
Ranger LB want, huh? Yeah, go ahead Park Ranger LB. You watching all this on
Candid Camera here, huh? – What are you doing? – What do you mean what am I doing? I’m just putting some
of this mud on my face to make camouflage so the
Dinomaster will never see me in this stuff, huh? – That’s not mud. – It’s not mud? (laughing) Oh no! I gotta go get cleaned up! Get this off! (dramatic music) Oo, yeah, yeah. Yeah, this’ll work. (spitting) (laughing) That wasn’t enough. Wait. Oh there we go. It wasn’t on. Oh, here we go! (grunting) (water whooshing) (laughing)
(mumbling) (spitting) Okay. I’ll go find the Dinomaster now. Oh man, oh boy. I think I got it all off finally there. (grunting) – Oh no! The Dinomaster is zapping more dinosaurs! Ah man! Come in Park Ranger Aaron! – Oh, Park Ranger LB’s calling. Yeah, go ahead Park Ranger LB. – You gotta hurry up! The Dinomaster’s back and
he’s zapping more dinosaurs! – Yeah, I know I gotta hurry man! I had a little incident there, and I had to take care of it okay. I’m gonna go get the Dinomaster, and I’ll get our dinosaurs back, you just hang out there at the Dino HQ and monitor everything, okay? Don’t go anywhere. – You gotta hurry up okay! – Oh, oo, that’s kinda, yeah
get that off there, okay. Okay Dinomaster. Now you made me cross. You made me put that on my face. All right, I’m coming to get ya now. You better be ready. I’m gettin’ ya! You messed up my CBR Blaster
so you’re in deep trouble. Don’t mess with Park Ranger Aaron, okay? Oo! Hey, what’s that? Oh wow. Look’s like some sort of a
green trash bag or something. Let’s check this out here, huh? (suspenseful music) Wait a minute. Wait a minute. That’s not a trash bag. Nah, that’s not a trash bag at all. That’s a poncho! – Yeah that has to be the
Dinomaster’s green poncho! – Come in Park Ranger LB! – Oh yeah go ahead Park Ranger Aaron! – Hey I found this green poncho out here for some reason on the trail. What’s that all about? – Yeah that’s the
Dinomaster’s green poncho I saw earlier, when he
was making his getaway. – Oh cool! That means I’m right hot on his tail! Okay here we go. I’m gonna go get him now! Okay, here we go. here we go, here we go. Yeah. Let’s just put this down here. Okay. All right. Dinomaster. Now I got ya. (snickering) All right Dinomaster, I’m
gonna get you with my blaster. Oh hey, that rhymes. Dinomaster and blaster,
that’s pretty clever. Oo! What was that? Hey! That sounds like the ATV! It’s nearby. It’s… That way! I’m coming Dinomaster! I hear ya now. (panting) Dead end. Which way? This way! He must be this way. (panting) I don’t hear the ATV anymore. Ah man. I lost it. Oh wait a minute. What’s that right there? Some sort of case. (intense music) It’s the Dinomaster’s case! It says Dinomaster!
(snickering) The Dinomaster’s right over
there at the padded fence. I’m gonna get him! Oo! I better be quiet though. I don’t want him to
know ’cause I better try to get our dinosaurs back first. Okay, okay. Shh, you stay over there Dinomaster. Let’s see what’s in your case. I got your case! I’m gonna get you. (intense music) It’s the dino zapper! I got the dino zapper! You’re gonna get it now Dinomaster! First, I’m gettin’ our dinosaurs back. Okay, let’s try this out. Okay. Come to papa dinosaurs! (electricity surging) (roaring) The dinosaur came back! Woohoo! It worked! Okay, we gotta bring some others back. I know. (electricity surging) I got one more! I wonder how many are left in here. There’s one more. Oo, over here. (electricity surging) (roaring) (laughing) I got ’em all back! (cheering) Oo! The Dinomaster sees me. Okay, Dinomaster your turn now, I’m gonna zap you!
(yelling) I got all ’em back. You ready for some of this now? – I’m going to get you for this! – He’s got his own spare zapper! – I’ll be back!
(laughing) (electricity surging) – He just disappeared himself! (groaning) That guy always gets away! I gotta see what he did to the fence. (upbeat music)
(panting) I think these lasers are off. Maybe, I can reactivate them. Oh yeah that one’s definitely off. Okay let’s see if I can
reactivate this one. Maybe I can still fix it. (electricity surging) (upbeat music)
(groaning) Man. That was quite a jolt right there. Oh, there’s my hat! Hey, it blew my hat off. (laughing) Oh man. I gotta tell Park Ranger
LB, I lost the Dinomaster. Come in Park Ranger LB. – Yeah, what happened Park Ranger Aaron? – I lost the Dinomaster again. – Ah man not again! – Yeah, and not only did
the Dinomaster get away, but he took out the padded
laser fences with him. So the whole system’s down. It’s gonna take me months to get it fixed! – What are we gonna do? – We’re gonna beat the Dinomaster ’cause we’re gonna find
a new piece of land for the dinosaurs, far,
far away from here. And we’re gonna move ’em there, the Dinomaster will never find ’em. They’ll be secure there, okay? – Whoa! That’s a good plan, but you better get back to Dino HQ, ASAP. We have a situation developing. – A situation? Okay, I’ll be right there. There’s a situation, I gotta get goin’. – [JB] Hey Park Rangers. If you like this video, please subscribe to our channel and give
us a big thumbs up! (upbeat music)

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