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Design Your Own Water Park | Design Squad

Hey, I’m Nate from Design Squad. Engineering is all about being
creative and solving problems. We’re getting new creative
designs from kids all the time on the Design Squad website. Let’s take a look. So this design came in
from Antarctica406. The title is “Wacky Waves.” I’m seeing… it looks like
a really big water park. There’s slides with ladders, and it looks like
it’s a wave pool with waves big enough
to surf on. That’s cool. That makes me think of, uh, kind of supersizing
the idea even more. I’ve been enjoying watching
kite surfers recently. They actually harness the wind to help them surf
along the waves even faster. What if you had a wave pool and you could surf on the waves
in the water, but above the water, you’ve got fans big enough
to make wind so you could kite-surf indoors
at the same time. I think we have to build this. Now, the title of this one
is called “Watery Splash!” and it’s from user FunForIce. Description: “The shark mouth is if you want
to get sprayed with water, “and the penguin mouth
is for normal rides “with no special effects. “People could ride in the little
roller coaster carts used in the water park, too.” This combines some
of my favorite things: roller coasters and water. I actually really like the idea
with the shark mouth that sprays the water out of it. To move that much water
that quickly, there’s some fun
engineering challenges, because you have to have
a really big pump system. You want it to really drive you
down the slide. We’re not talking about
a little squirt gun here. We want more like
a fire hydrant coming out of the shark’s mouth. That sounds like a lot of fun. I’m very excited about this one. Jellyfish13 sent in the idea
called “Awesome!!!” and it is. Now, this is really cool,
but I’m really struck by the amount of downward motion
that we have. Think about it: you start
with a diving board. Already, we’re probably
several meters above the water. So we’re way up high,
we dive into the pool, then we go down
one of three water slides, and then you get out
with another slide. This might be the fastest
water slide system ever. We want you to join
Design Squad. We’ve got tons of video
and projects and games and things to do
on our website. Come on and check it out.

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