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  1. Man getting haircut " I'm ok I'm ok I'm ok " probly couldn't believe it lol that was million to 1 odds that nobody got hurt bad ! Btw I think it was an 8 or 10 point big buck lots of momentum to impale with antlers!! Broke glass like it was not even there

  2. I love this video! Especially the woman at the end looking into the window to see what happened. She booked it once she heard the lady screaming and running, but had to look back one last time to get a glimpse of what it was! 😂😂😂

  3. this should be a game where you a deer and you cant stop your momentum so you have to choose which store to crash into but you can't hurt anyone or you lose. Once you stop your momentum, you have to leave the store but your controls are all fucked up so good luck👍

  4. Deer owner: Man I wish I had a hair straightener.

    Deer: Smashes into a hair salon and steals one for his owner “It didn’t even cost a buck!”

  5. ‘’Yogi the bear is currently tracing Georgie for using illegal substances in urban areas, the damage done to the saloon will be paid by the local Forest Police.
    It is said that Georgie belongs in the Camp Lazlo but he went missing 2 days ago, other members added that Georgie was acting shady in the past week, saying he was always asking for coins thou’ they don’t use such things in the animal kingdom.
    Georgie’s mother is terrified by his act stating ‘’I knew I shouldn’t let him go in that stupid camp’’

    Back to you Woody

  6. That’s what happens when animals want to run free but instead we build city’s and towns in their homes

  7. I’m the woman peeping in the shop and hurriedly ran away when the deer was heading out 😂😂😂😂

  8. Just as Ronan Farrow is gunning for the Hollywood perverts (Weinstein), so are the deer gunning for the deer hunters. They're coming for you, no matter where you hide, whether it be in bars, Cabela's or even hair salons!

  9. Lol I drive Uber on long island and have almost hit one multiple times. They have no where to go with all the new development. Thats quite sad, but this vid is hilarious.

  10. Buck: Alright, time to trash…..hey this isn’t the hunting store. Whoops! My bad. Sorry folks (leaves out the door).

  11. I cannot imagine the pain or trauma that deer had witnessed or was fearful of to behave in that way. Hope you all feel good about yourselves for laughing.

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