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Death Stranding – The Drop Promotional Trailer | PS4

It ain’t as simple as it seems. They’ll try and stop
you every step of the way. But you gotta keep moving… …no matter what. They’ve torn us apart… …fractured our society. Hurry, Sam.
You know what’s at stake. And the only way to save it… …is in my hands. My name is Sam Porter Bridges. It’s my job to reconnect us.

Reader Comments

  1. 제일 처음 이 게임 정보가 나왔을 땐 흑백 톤의 아포칼립스 호러 게임인 줄 알았는데…

  2. Welcome to another episode of what in the name of my nephews stinky nappies (that he ties his grandad up in) is going on?

  3. Четверо вооружённых людей на внедорожнике не могут догнать гружёного курьера в чистом поле… Кодзима гений!

  4. Did anyone notice that the sequence of events are in reverse order? Not sure if that means anything but interesting to note. 🙂

  5. if this game disappoints me, i will drop the third and forth and fifth and sixth and I will continue to drop nukes on japan until it blow a hole through earth.

  6. We buy the game only when we open the disc case we get strangled by a black goo arm choking us until we almost die ..then Kojima appears did you rike it ? Kojima type dude to summon a demon to sell his game

  7. Me thinks this is secretly a PS5 version of the game. Reason- Kojima has NEVER EVER made a CG Trailer! Like ever.

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