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Death Stranding is connected to Zone of the Enders?!

in this video we will give a brief
explanation and teaser of how death stranding is connected to zone of the
enders Sam Porter bridges the man who delivers Tears
chiral allergy so you have dooms like me what’s your level I’ve got the extinction
factor but I think you got maybe you can see them right no but I can sense them, want
to come work for me must be tough out here on your own, I can’t
help you with that I make deliveries that’s all The past just won’t let go; I’ll see you
around Sam Porter bridges a few years ago Hideo Kojima revealed they
were working on ZoE III and it could either be done in a realistic way akin
to live-action x-men to reach a wider western audience
also since the Fox engine was designed for photorealistic games however some
people on team would prefer to stay original anime aesthetic but he feels
that could limit audience to Japan but did admit anime like Evangelion and
Gundam did great in the West so it could be fine
actual concept art and physical 3d models were already being made and
scanned into Fox engine transferring assets into computer generated 3d
however regardless of art style he wanted to do a true story in Zone of
Enders universe and potentially it could be an origin perspective unfortunately
the game eventually was said to be canceled and with the drama surrounding
his alleged departure from Konami most thought it was impossible but we at wetwork network will show you mine boggling clues that the Ender’s project never
died and is connected to death stranding *Zone of the Enders background music plays* in this tweet by Hideo Kojima good
friend and collaborator Geoff Keighley we see him say in regards to death
stranding blown away by the scale an ambition of what Hideo is planning he
knows no limits we has such a great talk last night you
r not red e if we decipher the obvious clue he left by spelling the phrase you
r not red e in the same way we deciphered the last hidden message about
project ogre by using a word descrambler and pulling out possible words and
checking if any are Kojima related we see a startling revelation you r not
red e is code for to your ender if you combine this with how we showed you that
in zone of the enders there are objects called Porters and in Death Stranding
Norman Reedus character Sam job occupation is a porter plus the Jupiter
imagery Hideo shares and space analogy is used constantly during marketing
campaign we can see that potentially death stranding is the serious realistic
take on zone of the enders perhaps this plot twist will be revealed at the end
of game soon here at Wetwork Network we will unveil major potential spoilers
regarding death stranding that can shatter what is currently accepted in
this kojima ruse cruise community and also show how death stranding is
connected to much more than most think reaching into many IP if you would like
intel on how death stranding is directly related to Metal Gear Solid V Silent
Hills P.T. Zone of the Enders and more make sure you subscribe to Wetwork

Reader Comments

  1. This goes with my personal theory that kojima will be quasi officially(or proper officially) connecting some of his and konami's most popular and interesting series together, i see 😎"strands" from metal gear, silent hill, zoe, policenauts, and my out to lunch theory is that these games will be in some way accessible or playable from within the context of the Death Stranding world. And also sam is probably somehow the guy who literally delivered The Boss's(or i guess The Joy's) baby, hence the hands in the guts scene

  2. Are you aware that in zone of the enders porters are used to hide subweapons using the same technology as vector traps right? this is the same thing as saying that an ammo clip from mgs is special or something.a word doesn't make a theory. the word Frame arms byakko is in death stranding. does that mean its the same universe? no. you seem to be missing basic info about the zone of the enders universe that is shown right at the beginning of the first game….that makes me wonder if you played the games or not. also whats up with all the wiki articles? believe me i have yt channel based on zone of the enders and this theory makes no sense at all.

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