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Dead Rivals in One Minute

Dead Rivals is a mobile zombie MMO that blends
fast-paced action and classic adventuring. It thrusts you into a thrilling, undead Action
RPG and has you roaming the vast open-world wastelands of Colorado. After picking and customizing your character
from one of the three classes, you are dropped into a society struggling to survive. But there is hope, as you’ve joined an outpost
of survivors known as Shelter. From this camp, you can begin to freely explore
the games huge open-world. But with so much to see and experience, you
need guidance. And this is where Shelter’s Carla Montez
is on hand. She, and other NPCs from Factions in the world,
will set you quests through Dead Rivals’ expansive MMORPG-esq quest system. These help you through the world and provide
much needed resources. Use these rewards to improve your arsenal
and construct facilities for Shelter. Dead Rivals’ action RPG Combat is not limited
to slaying the many varieties of zombies that populate its savage world. You also meet thousands of other players. Join with like-minded individuals to form
Guilds and battle others in intense PVP. Here you can fight for resources and glory
against others in thrilling real-time combat. Begin your fight for survival in Dead Rivals

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