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Days Gone – E3 2016 Gameplay Demo | PS4

DEACON: He’s headed to
the old saw mill. VOICE OVER RADIO:
Going in after him. It’s going to be dark soon. DEACON: When has that ever
stopped me? [MUSIC PLAYING] His bike’s down. All right, Two Dog,
where the hell are you? Oh, shit. Go on. Get out of here.
Get out. That ain’t him. Let’s see. Yep.
I could use that. Oh shit.
Oh shit. [FAR OFF SCREAMING] Two Dog! [SCREAMING] Two Dog! Dammit. Stop, Two Dog! Look around, brother! You know how this
is going to… Where you at? [SCREAM] TWO DOG: My leg. [SCREAM] [SCREAMING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh shit.
Oh shit. Come on. Oh shit. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come here. Come here.
Come here. Shit. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Come on!

Reader Comments

  1. Disslike. My game crasches the whole fcking time and i have to start everything from new. All the stuff i collected are gone. Fck that. My advice: dont buy it now. Maybe in few month and you ll have better gameplay for less money. Dont understand how they bring out such a ridiculous buggy game.

  2. So disappointed that all of the little gestures and touches to the character’s interactions with the environment didn’t make it into the final game. Still enjoyed it, but it could of been much more.

  3. I wish the infected in swarms in the retail takes only 1 shot too. They beefed them up in the game so u can't take out the hords the same way this guy did.. they also catch up to you pretty fast.

  4. Horde and place is in actual, game, but there's multiple hordes in a few places, demo just had a lot of ammo compared to actual game

  5. it seems like this stuff here flows a lot better than the actual game, like falling off the roof to the Freak busting out of the wall and running under the train car was so smooth and seamless

  6. People wondering why he didn't do this or that, smh it's a trailer people, the creators are trying to show you the intensity of the game

  7. I would have preferred that gasoline and engine repair HUD than the one we actually got…looks more normal

  8. I really wish they would’ve kept that camera angle, gunplay, ammo count, & reticle for the full game. I still really like the full game a lot except for the horrible frame rate & the full game has a hard time keeping up with this many zombies in this demo too especially on my standard PS4.

  9. As you can tell, that was a test gameplay. In the game the monsters are not killed with bullets so easily and in the gameplay did not have the limit of resistance XD if in the game we had to do that scene in my case would not last anything because the other day I faced a pack much more small and did not last 5 minutes.

  10. This is nothing like the real game. I was excited for this mission and I was extremely let down. I can't believe they did this I'm so confused right now why would you show something that's not in the game. I don't get it.

  11. Bhai mujhe bhi ye game Download Karna hai Plzzzzz please Plzzzzz plz please please Plzzzzz bhi Download Karne ka upai batado kaise karne Plzzzzz Plzzzzz bhi

  12. Don’t buy!!! Worst game ever with everything story, graphics, controls. Is this by Sony? Tried to copy the last of us and uncharted. It’s failure

  13. Was checking this game out to see if I wanted it. After this demo, no thank you. Sick and tired of zombie hoards.

  14. Just finished the game and this was so intense! I tried to hide in the bushes and do it the stealth way. They kept seeing me. So I just lead them to the water age road to take a few out at a time till I was done

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