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Day Use at Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark – G Vlogs #18

Jpark Hi We’re on our way to Jpark! Hi! With the fambam Say hi! Hi! Are you all excited? Yes! Me! My lipstick! You’re not included. Include my lipstick This is my rude sister. My sister in law Manoy’s (big brother) wife. Mother. You’re vlogging Agigil? Yes, I’m vlogging. I told you to say “Hi” Say “Hi Vlog” Hi! Mama: Good for Agigil, she always go to expensive places. Mama: and when she goes home, and cook for her, it’s not good enough for her anymore. Mama: Even if our food is really good, she says “it’s just okay” Mama: What a kid Manoy: Right here? Manoy: You should be recording this. Manoy: Did you turn on your GoPro? Me: Yes, I’m recording. Mama: Turn it on! Because we’re entering the resort now. Me: Yes, it’s already recording. Jpark Oh my God Mama: Get that Jpark sign. Manoy: Should we stop here? It’s their first time. Mama: Jpark really looks great, it feels like we’re in abroad. Guard: Good Morning! Mama: Good morning! Guard: for check-in mam? Just for day use. Guard: Thank you! Oh we can also ride the golf cart? Yes, because they also have villas. Kyle: It’s really nice. Woow! We’re here just for day use. Yes mam. Where’s your day use counter? This way to the day use counter mam. This table with Koreans? Yes mam. Ella: it’s my first time here gil! Do you like it here Lang? I really like it! Ella, show your hands! If it gets wet? It’s okay Lang. It’s okay ti swim with it. Thank you and enjoy! Mama can’t go for the stairs. Do you want to go for the stairs or elevator? Wooow! They have a really nice elevator! It’s cold! It’s my family’s first time here in Jpark. and I would like to thank Jpark for the gift certificate and Jeph for the 1 gift certificate he gave to me because he’s flying to Canada. Jeph, we miss you. enjoy the snow. This video is dedicated for you. Lang, is it delicious? Which is the one that’s delicious? I’m going to go back, because I’m hungry. and they’re eating. and I’m hungry. and they’re eating. Ate (big sister), did you enjoy your meal? Yes, of course. We’re going to change to our outfit of the day. because we’re ready to swim. Lang, let’s spray. Okay! Your legs please. Jing, let’s spray. AJ: vlog and we’re ready to swim. This is my mother. Say hi mother. Ella:The pool is until there? Me:Yes, it goes around. Me: Let’s go over here. Thank you tito Jeph! We’re at the Jpark slides. AJ and her mom is trying the slide. I’ve never tried the slide. I’ve been here a couple of times. But I never tried the slide. because I’m scared. (AJ screaming) I think that was AJ AJ: I stuck up for a moment somewhere there. Was it you who screamed? Yes It stopped. Was it fun? Yes! AJ: Mama, let’s try the red! I don’t want to anymore! I have a crazy niece. You love the slides? Yes She’s a freak with these slides. She’ve already tried the 2 slides and now she’s going to try the 3rd slide the scariest one. which is the red one I’ve never tried even one of them. So She’s crazy. I have a crazy niece. Any last words? Babye! Bye jing! Okay, my niece AJ just finish the 3rd slide. She’ve done it all. I’ve never tried it even once. So, what can you say? It was really fun. Then the I think over all the The slide that I got realy scared was the The, like the peppermint color The slide has the peppermint color like red and white. and then that’s the best slide? Yes, for me. Any tips for the people who are afraid of the slides like me? Just close your eyes. Don’t forget to breathe? No, no! You have the breathe. So that you will stay alive How do you find Jpark so far? It’s really nice from all the resorts that I have been to. It’s really nice. Are you satisfied? Yes, I’m satisfied with my care.

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