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Day spent at Crescent Water Park | indore | Road Tripperr | Darpan Joshi | Hindi Travel videos

Good Morning Guys! & very warm welcome to your own YouTube Channel Road Tripperr and yes guys I m your amazing DJ & today we are heading to… Hey you! Good Morning Friends! I’m your new friend And today i am your host to… Hello! Hello! Hello! Excuse me bro! Good Morning Friends! I’m your DJ & today i am your Host… Excuse me bro! I’m the real DJ & today i am your Host to Crescent Park Hahahahahaha lol So yes guys! As you have seen… We have over four DJs in this video One Two Three And Four These are all my friends… His name is Nikesh Barod His name is Sunil Barod & this super guy is my close friend, we call him Prem baba! lol but his name is Jitendra Barod So today we have the whole BAROD (Surname) family with me & yes guys… weather is pretty hot over here Month is April! I’m sure somebody has made you fooled already! And… Let’s have some pool party & chill time! Let’s go guys! Enjoy the “Crescent water park” Screaming! Screaming! OMG! Oh bro! Screaming! Oh bro! We’re gone my man! We’re gone! I’m gone! gone! gone! Oh shit! @#$% Come on! stand up faster! OMG! What the H#$%@ is this! Someone will come behind us and kick us so do it faster.. Ok ok seat faster! I can see someone is coming behind us! OMG how we flipped down buddy? Why this is not going ahead? just push is! Drag it! lol Some one is coming! Some one is coming! That’s the way buddy! Yooooooo! End is near! End is near! Move ahead! Move ahead! Are you ready? Yes yes! i’m ready! Let’s get started buddy! So guys So far so good, we’ve done with all water spots! It was absolutely amazing and outstanding… And now! First of all we’re super hungry now! And as you can see seven wonder monuments replica over here Sydney Opera House Tajmahal Italy, Coliseum Paris! The great Eiffel Tower And this one as you can see guys! Pyramid right from Egypt! My throat have some issues after being long time in water today! Now we’ll do change faster! First we’ll have… We’ll have some food guys! So guys here we bought our lunch here at Food Court… This is the Indian thali we’ve got here, there is buffet system… This is the Potato & tomato curry! Paneer Curry! I guess this is Rayta! Papadam! And this one is Pumpkin i guess! Nikesh: Maybe it’s tancy! Shreekhand! (dessert) Papadam! And guys taste is really delicious! So guys that’s it for today! I hope you loved the video… If you really love the video then please don’t forget to like the video! Share video with your friends & families… And don’t forget to Subscribe the Channel if you really love travel videos! Peace!

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  1. Funfull v log bhai maza aa gaya, enjoyed alot. Burning here on my workplace bhai mat jalao hame.๐Ÿ˜ซ

  2. Bhai aisi koi slides hai jisme sirf adult ja sakte hai??
    I'm 15 years old, can I go to all the slides and rides??

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