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Day by the river IN SEOUL 🇰🇷 Banpo Bridge, Tubester, Sebit islets

Today is a sunny day in Korea! If our plans go well, it’s also gonna be an exciting day We are starting our day from the place that was closed last time This is a bubble tea place we wanted to visit But this one is closed It’s a place where they sell a really popular bubble tea with brown sugar It’s melted and looks really delicious We will show it to you, I hope it’s gonna be open this time This kind of bubble tea is literally everywhere nowadays Here is another place on our way but we chose a different one And one more right next to it! We decided to order 2 different things Ann is gonna order bubble tea With brown sugar And I decided to order something that is called… I have no idea what to expect Carol just ordered our bubble tea And it’s the first time in my life when someone asked me about the percentage of sugar and ice in my bubble tea It looks like this! I am curious about the taste It tastes like tea with milk This is definitely the best bubble tea I’ve ever tried It’s way different from the one we can get in Poland But I have to admit that I understand the phenomenon of this place We are in Hongdae right now and it took me… Half of my latte to come here We stopped here – it’s a famous students’ place in Hongdae It’s basically stairs with some drawings We wanted to come here last year We were passing them quite often but never really came here And we didn’t take any picture There are a lot of people that just sit here and talk If I stand this way, it looks much better The next place we wanna visit today is a Bunny Cafe A cafe with rabbits and I really wanted to go there last year! I have no idea why we didn’t go there I really have no idea But I’ve been regretting it for a YEAR Korea is full of cafes like this – with bunnies, with meerkats, dogs, cats… WITH PARROTS Let’s go! This cafe is actually in a guesthouse If you are a fan of bunnies like Ann, you can live here and come down everyday to play with these bunnies It’s still closed and we have to wait a bit more It’s 1:02 PM and they open at 1PM The whole fence is covered with bunny designs and it’s related to Alice in Wonderland Here is a whole bunny family! If you’re planning to go to Korea and you are curious about this place and the prices then here you go 30 minutes costs 6000 KRW And 1 hour for 9000 KRW We are still thinking how much time we wanna spend there We would spend a whole day here if we could but we have more plans for today I am pretty sure that after 30 minutes or after 1 hour I’ll have to pull Ann and tell her to leave the bunnies cuz we have to go We went inside and they told us to change our shoes to slippers We bought 30 minutes and we also got some food We just read A LOT of rules how to use this cafe One of them is wearing this So you can prevent your clothes from damages Another rule: use the hand sanitizer before going inside Here are our friends for today! They already know that Ann has food for them! They don’t care that you wanna pet them They want food! As we can see, the most important thing in bunnies’ life is food Nothing more I will show you how to play here You take some food A bunny approaches you and it wants to get it! Our bunnies’ names are Mrs Tea and Mr Tea because it’s a girl and a boy The fluffiest creature I’ve ever touched! So soft It’s time for the last leaf Our time is over Here, for you Here… No, here! Here! And for you This place was so cute These bunnies were so lovely But they really cared about the food only We are moving to our next place for today! This day started really well! I’m in a good mood! Today’s vlog is full of positive energy Stay with us! We found another bubble tea place And we see a huge cup in front of it 3m ahead there is another cafe with this kind of bubble tea But it has more flavor options! They have matcha, sezame, chocolate and sweet potato We didn’t plan this vlog to be all about bubble tea But it’s really interesting that S. Korea has this kind of trend If they like something then it’s everywhere According to this sing, it’s 25 degrees outside We don’t agree cuz it feels like 40 To go to another place we have to drive through whole Seoul Luckily we found a direct bus It’ll take only… 48 minutes! This thing is not another UFO in Seoul That we found We are next to the Han river right now Right behind me there are 3 islets: Some Sevit But the view here… Impressive! Ann suddenly turned and walked there On our way to Some Sevit And thanks to her we found a perfect place to sit, relax and take some pics! With a Seoul view BREAKING NEWS! A tragedy just happened Here, in the hole… IT’S ANN’S GLASSES! Now it’s a rescue mission – It’s not funny
– It’s super funny It’s alive! Mission succeeded! HELP ME STAND UP We told you it’s 3 islets but it’s actually 4 These are islets created by humans They’re called Yevit, Gavit, Solvit and Chavit It’s kind of a huge shopping mall You can find some restaurants here, a gallery, souvenir shops… We’ll go inside in a moment and check what’s there But it looks really impressive from the outside! We have a lot of gaming machines I didn’t expect to see it here It was the Chavit islet and it was mostly about the game zone But some stores here were closed today so now we’re gonna check the rest of the islets More places where you can take pretty pics! I think I’m gonna try We went to another islet – Gavit As you can see, there are some restaurants, various stores, cafes… We really wanna check the 4th floor – roof garden! We are exploring more places where you can see the whole Seoul and I’m in love! I’m speechless It’s a reason to live! Some men are making wedding decorations right now These islets are often used for the wedding ceremonies You can see here how these islets are connected with each other But the thing that makes me impressed the most is the size of the river It’s just… HUGE We went inside a store to buy some food We decided to buy something to eat-in In Korea, you can prepare food in a shop and eat it immediately Here are the microwaves and this is a place where you can sit and eat And we bought this burger and we’re gonna prepare it now We are really, really hungry Here are some instruction how to prepare these things Our burger should be ready in 30 seconds We didn’t eat breakfast today The breakfast in our guesthouse is quite spicy After starting the day with spicy food for a few days, our stomach are not feeling well Today we ate only a toast with Nutella It’s almost 5PM or even later right now The sun is about to go down But we are REALLY hungry! We bought more food, not only this burger We’re gonna eat it later because there is one more river attraction ahead If you are curious, the burger looks like this We know it’s a fast food and it’s not that healthy But the curiosity won this time All I can smell is a garlic For a burger from a store like this, it’s quite genius And so garlic Our next attraction is called Tubester It’s a kind of a boat for a few people Up to 6 people You can rent it for 30 minutes or for 1 hour And swim on Han river! We think it’s amazing and we’re gonna show it to you I wanted to try from a minute I discovered it exists They look like this It’s a whole raw of these boats You can sit there and you can see a table so you can also eat there This is why we bought more food When you rent this boat, you can swim up to these poles And have a view like this! I’M SO EXCITED Of course, safety first! We’re gonna take this And a man will explain to us how it all works I think I’m too fat for this We’re leaving! It can finish in a good way or in a really bad way What am I doing? Before the disaster that is going to happen, I’ll show you the view! It’s so beautiful We have to go to these poles These poles are a border and we cannot cross it It’s a view for Seoul! We have a sunset! I feel like I’m on driving course right now But it’s more extreme The first 2 minutes were the biggest stress of my life Because I cannot swim When you put it like this, it’s on loose When you put to the right side, it moves forward This is the way to turn right This turns left We have a table so we can show you what we bought for this small picnic We bought 2 smoothie – apple and mango And kimbap! I have to admit that this experience is quite extreme It swings all the time But it’s quite funny! I am having a lot of fun But Carol is about to park WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME It’s also quite windy as you can see But I totally recommend Tubester for you! Especially when a group of people is bigger Because you pay for a boat, not for people We left our boat and everything around us looks like this! It looks even better than it looked before There are a lot of places where you can take picutres Like this moon We’ve been swimming there a moment ago! Other people are using Tubester right now I think I am also a good boat captain Nobody told us that we did something in a wrong way But these people who are using Tubester right now were approached by the worker And he told them again how to use it AND WE DID WELL I’m genius When I grow up, I wanna be a sailor One more attraction for today! We are going to Banpo bridge right now, it’s there To see the illumination that will start in 30 minutes! We are under the bridge It doesn’t mean that we lost a place to sleep We’re gonna see pretty illuminations in a moment! I’ve always wanted to see it I saw it on the Internet, in dramas, in some programmes… And I can see it now! The view is beautiful Look how many people came here! Everyone here is watching the fountain show! The view is just amazing The fountains are moving to Kpop songs It started from EXID, then they played B2ST Now TWICE is playing And one more fun fact about this place! Banpo is the longest bridge with fountains! The show ended with BTS Fire We are coming back to Hongdae Where we actually started this vlog We decided that it’s not too cold for ice cream! We are going to Sulbing to try real bingsu! We ordered Chocolate Brownie bingsu We ordered only one because we noticed the size of one portion Some people share one portion for 4 people It’s gonna be a challenge! You’ll see it in a moment I’ll tell you a secret During our visit in Bunny Cafe, my phone case got bitten So now it looks like this On our way here we went to Kakao Friends store There was a big discount for phone cases I bought a case with this cute Apeach Apeach is my favorite Kakao Friends character It reminds me of Kang Daniel I’ll put it on my phone in a moment I was quite lucky to buy it But the bunnies were lucky anyway I’ll forgive them Our order is ready! I’m gonna pick it up This is our bingsu and I have no idea how to show the size well Carol put your hand next to the bowl It’s a size of a hand Even bigger It’s a typical Korean dessert It’s made of crashed ice It’s not like our ice cream But it’s similar We ate the whipped cream already Here you can see how it looks exactly If you never tried bingsu before, it’s hard to describe the taste You can feel the chocolate but it’s also just crashed ice But I totally recommend it! Especially this place We’ve never been here before I think it’s the most popular place to eat bingsu The atmosphere here is good With a Hongdae view! We came back to our guesthouse and this day was really long! We can go to sleep finally If you enjoyed this vlog, leave your thumbs up! If you wanna watch more vlogs from South Korea, subscribe to our channel! Don’t forget to click the notification bell to be informed about every video we publish! We’re saying goodbye right now! Goodnight and see you in the next vlog from South Korea!

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