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David Long, Liberty Mutual CEO – Unveiling Boston’s 1st Universally Accessible Playground

In this video, Liberty Mutual CEO
David Long celebrates the grand opening of Boston’s first universally accessible playground.
[background music] MELISSA MACDONNELL>>We are opening the first
universally accessible playground in Boston. DAVID LONG, LIBERTY MUTUAL CEO>>Today our
small but honorable guests will break in a remarkable place. A place where children of
all abilities can play together. A place where children will find great joy learning that
they are all capable even if differently abled. A place where children will create their earliest,
and in some cases, most formative friendships. TOM MENINO, FORMER MAYOR OF BOSTON>>It’s
very special to be here this morning to open this state of the art, fully accessible playground.
MELISSA MACDONNELL>>This is something we’ve had our eye on doing for a long time and we’ve
worked with the city and Spaulding Rehab to create this beautiful playground.
TOM MENINO, FORMER MAYOR OF BOSTON>>Liberty Mutual has been a star for us. I couldn’t
have a better partner than Liberty Mutual in all the things we do. They donated one
million dollars to this playground. DAVID LONG, LIBERTY MUTUAL CEO>>It really
is a playground for kids with all abilities. It’s not a playground for kids with disabilities.
So if you look around if you want to go over to the far side to take a look at the city,
there’s only one way in and one way out- you go up the ramp and everybody goes up the ramp.
There’s regular swings next to modified swings so if you have two kids in a family and one’s
disabled and one isn’t you can enjoy that together. Inclusivity is the thing that’s
so spectacular. JOSE ROSADO>>In society there are second
tier places for people with disabilities, right? It’s almost that separate but equal
sort of system and what we’re trying to with this is to say you belong in the same place
as other kids do. You belong with the best. It says that you matter and you count and
I hope that’s a statement that carries with the kids.
[cheering]>>Thank you for watching the Liberty Mutual
universally accessible playground video. Be sure to visit Liberty Mutual’s YouTube channel
for other David Long videos and our whole video library.

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