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Dapet iPhone 7 Dan iPhone 6s di claw machine!!!

Hii guys, now we are at Zhongli Station And meet with friends Don’t forget to like shere and subscribe guys Subscribe to Geratis guys So here is the iPhone 6s This really isn’t We try clipping And now we are behind the Zhongli Station Exactly In Taiwan iPhone 6s guys It’s hard guys Need tricks Hmmm, this is the pin Live coin 2 Throw in guys Previously on my video right Get iPhone xr Does this one cheat or not God damn it And this is 100 $ Taiwan guys 100 $ gets 10 coins Stop Omg iPhone 7 guys We got the iPhone 7 guys Then we unboxing guys We pinned the iPhone 6s first iPhone 6s guys We’re taking coins again guys It took a struggle to get it Come on, bro And this claw machine can throw in There are writings 64GB This must be it If it’s like this, don’t swing guys The iPhone 6s is in sight, guys This is certain Get guys iPhone 6s huh We get 2 Wait for unboxing We go around looking for a doll machine Don’t forget to like coment shere and subscribe guys Wait for the next unboxing video guys We are unboxing together Chenel TKIWAN TKI Wait, yeah, guys will air soon Subscribe first guys and likes Thank you, buy friends, buy

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  1. why don't you unpack it and show it to the camera ???

    my theory is … that there is no i phone in it … and now you have a paper box. fell with it

  2. Kuli aja di taiwan blagu kya apa,kontol lu,gak tau speaking gak usah speaking,FLOMOTION TU SALAH GOBLOK,SLOWMOTION YG BENAR

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