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Dangerous Playground Story for Kids with Steve and Maggie and Bobby | Free Speaking Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV. Yeah!
Oh-oh-oh. Little Blobs, Steve is coming. Look! Oh! Oh-oh. That’s not Steve. Whoa! Oh-oh,
Bob. Not now! This is a really bad time. Oh, dear! What’s the matter Steve? Oh. Well,
I had a really bad weekend. Oh! I always go skating at half past ten on Saturday morning.
It was a lot of fun until… Oh-oh, fantastic! Yeah! Whoa! Oh! Oh-oh, no! There’s a bruise
on my hip! Oh-oh! Until I fell over and now my hip is bruised! Oh. Can you help me tell
Bob and the little Blobs that my hip is bruised? Say it with me. My hip is bruised. Hey Bob,
come and look at this! Oh! It’s blue like me! Yeah! I know! But Steve, I can fix it!
Oh, don’t worry Bob. It gets worse because on Saturday afternoon I sometimes go skateboarding
and again it was a lot of fun until… Hey, let’s try some tricks! Oh-oh, watch this!
Whoa! Oh! Oh! Oh, there’s a cut on my knee! Oh! O-oh. Until I fell over again! And look,
my knee is cut! Say it with me. My knee is cut. And again. My knee is cut. Yeah! This
knee, Bob. But Steve, I can fix it now. No, don’t worry. I haven’t finished yet. Because
on Saturday evening when my friends and family usually have a barbecue, we were playing with
a frisbee. Look! Okay, catch! Yay! Well then, to me! Oh-oh, great! And again, catch! Yeah!
Got it! Ah! Oh, you see? And now my wrist is burnt. My wrist is burnt. Oh, it looks
bad Steve! But I can fix it! I can fix it! Don’t worry Bob. It’s only a small burn.
But hey, look at this. This was a much bigger accident. You see, I sometimes play basketball
on Sunday morning at a quarter to ten. This time again it was fun until… Yeah, until
I landed badly and now my ankle is twisted! Okay, boys and girls. Can you help me tell
Bob and the little Blobs that my ankle is twisted? My ankle is twisted. My ankle is
twisted. Thank you! Oh, no! Does it hurt? Yes Bob. But actually I’m lucky it isn’t
broken. What?! That could happen? Yes. Any bone in your body can break. I mean, look
at this leg! It’s broken. Oh no, dear! That sounds terrible! But Steve, I can fix it,
so you’ll never break, twist, burn, cut or bruise anything ever again! Well Bob, that
sounds amazing! I’ll be like super Steve or something. Okay! I’m ready! Here we go!
Oh-oh-oh! That’s better. Look at Steve now! Oh-oh-oh. Bob! This isn’t really what I
had in mind. Bob, I want my body back! Oh… Bye-bye, boys and girls. See you next time.
Bye-bye! Oh-oh-oh. Look at Steve! Yay! Hey, did you like that? Yeah? Then, please,
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