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Dance Workout | Warm up routine for dancers | Beginner level

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icon to stay notified about my latest uploads you can also turn on the English subtitles hi guys!! welcome to DanceFreaX I am Nishant and in this video, I’ll teach
you some warm-up exercises which can make your body flexible okay, so whatever dance style you are practicing,
if you don’t warm up your body first, there is a chance that you may injure your
muscles or get a sprain somewhere so it’s really important to warm up your body
before dancing. and if you do it regularly, then you can also
make your body flexible so let’s start we will start from the head and move till
the toe and try to cover all the muscles this a basic level warm up routine okay first of all, we will start from the
neck first bend your head sideways, strech the
muscles then down, then round try your best that all the muscles get properly
stretched and do the same in the reverse direction next, rotate your shoulders like this this will also work on your back muscles similarly, do it in the opposite direction next, take your right hand on the opposite
side, and take help of your left hand also twist your waist with this movement same on the opposite side then bend on the side by your waist try to keep your back straight and then bend
properly now move your hand on the opposite side along
with this bending all these muscles should be stretched nicely this will feel on your ribs bend as much as you can in the beginning and try to extend further, the next time you
do it similarly, touch your hand on the opposite
leg and get back straight now put you feet apart keeping your right foot straight, bend on
the right side, putting all your weight on it try to stretch maximum make sure your other leg stays straight, so
these musclesbwill be stretched then stand dtrai do it on the opposite direction later on you can do this without taking support
of your hands this will work on your thigh muscles after this, keep your hands here and try to touch your knees here don’t bring your hands down take your feet up this is a type of running exercise you can also do this sideways the opposite side you can do it 4times, 8times or 10times , any
number of times on music then, keep your ankles straight and rotate
them opposite direction on both feet after this, stand straight and just do this this will be an exercise for your ankles okay if you like this video, please like this
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let me know in the comments I’ll definitely reply you and will make a
video on your topic okay, so see you in my next video, till then keep dancing!!!

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  1. Thanku so much brother…. After 3 year's I'm doing dance boz prblm ho gye the leg m Bt apke video's ne bhut help ki Mere again Thanks gbu 👌✌👍

  2. Bro… Such a nice exercise 🤗🤗

    I'm frm Andhra Pradesh…
    And I want to learn.. on. ""love Dabba "" from #Nannaku Prema tho

  3. Hello sir namaste sir एक ऐसा वीडियो banaye koi v gana par dance kar de to Aachha hi lage

  4. Bhai mujhe dance banane ka bahut saukh par mujhe kuchh nahi aata please koi bordy fitness bat ye ki mai aasan se sikh lu

  5. Bhai Dance khese shikhe .or Apne body main lachak khese lye k aana hai pls dance karne wale k yai he ans hai pls Mujhe reply do .. video out karo you tube main

  6. hello brother I want to dance but I nothing know how to dance so please tip me for dance thanks so much brother

  7. For me this is the best exercise to make our body flexible
    You r incredible sir you r a born dancer😗😗😗

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