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Cute + Easy Pinterest Inspired DIY Projects | Spring Decor

Welcome to Designed to the Nines… I’m
NataLee Callahan and if this is the first time we’re meeting welcome to my
channel so what do we do if we have a little extra time on our hands well if
you’re like me then I open up my laptop or turn to my phone and I go to
Pinterest and look at all the beautiful things and then after that I hop on over
to YouTube to learn how to make them right that’s why I hope you’re here
today so in today’s episode I’ve got three Pinterest inspired DIYs for you so
let’s get started for my first Pinterest inspired spring DIY I’ve been seeing all
of these cute bunny scapes on Pinterest I’ve seen them with a wreath of greenery
around them I’ve also seen a garden scape kind of look and what’s really
great about this if I had everything on hand already I didn’t have to buy
anything it was either leftover from my Easter
tablescape video if you haven’t seen that yet I will put the link below as
well as at the end of the video so don’t leave because you’re definitely gonna
want to check out this episode as well so sometimes it’s really good to keep a
hold of those and not chuck them because you never know what you’re gonna use them
for I had this stone like cement Easter Bunny that I picked up at Ross
last year for $5.99 (US) these are pretty easy to find you can find any kind of
bunny you want then I have this pot left over from my heart topiary tree I made
two and I only ended up making one heart topiary and all I did is I picked up
this pot it’s plastic it’s black and I picked it up from Walmart for like two
dollars and 96 cents so very affordable and then what I did is I took a terra
cotta pot you can see like a saucer and it was about a dollar and I took some
black chalk paint and painted that and then glued it on just to give it more of
a high-end finished look and so that was really easy to put together and then
these work on my table scape as well so the one thing I kind of toyed around
with doing it like this and put some greenery but this is a little tiny bit
too small so I don’t think I’m going to do that direction
but what we’re going to do instead is we are going to create kind of like a nest
effect by setting around the rim of this and then we’ll kind of build like a
garden scape so then I have a whole assortment of leftover greenery that I
had on hand I have a whole assortment of Dollar Tree white flowers that I used on
my Easter table scape last year and then occasionally you just need like the top
parts of flowers… right?! so I have these leftover greeneries from my pink peony
wreath from a couple weeks ago so that’s kind of leftover I think that using all
of these greeneries together kind of creates a garden-y effect and normally
you would maybe toss some of these greenery away I’ve got a paper bag and
I’m just gonna kind of tear this apart and crumple it into a ball We’re gonna take that off first we’re gonna
shove this into the bottom of your…. …so we don’t have to fill the entire
thing with styrofoam because that is wasteful I have some left over green
styrofoam from another project but I’m gonna take my hot knife because I have
it on hand we’re gonna cut it down and we’re gonna put it inside here so that
this is pretty stiff so this will give us a solid base for our bunny to sit on
top of and my husband is walking by all weirdly he is so funny I think he was
trying not to interrupt me (laughing) I don’t know if that’s gonna make the cut or not do
you want me to? -creepy- just kidding! he’s not! this hot knike is actually a very handy little
tool it cuts through foam so easily and it’s not very expensive either if you’re
interested I’ll put a link in the description box below I use it to cut
the green styrofoam down until it fits snuggly into the pot it needs to be
quite tight to support the weight of the bunny I fill any gaps with any extra and
make sure that those are snug as well then I take my Dollar Tree wreath and
sit on the rim I don’t do anything to secure it because I figured all the
greenery will kind of hold it in place but you definitely could if you wanted
to then we start adding in our greenery try to place it in as you might see it
in nature you want to mix the different type of greenery together kind of in a
ring shape I then place the bunny to see how it looks
peekaboo okay so I felt like the bunny was too far down so we put another
square of styrofoam that I picked up from the Dollar Tree and had on hand
already to lift it up a little bit more so we’re just gonna place that here now
when I move this around to like where it’s gonna have its final spot I’m gonna
take the bunny off because I’m not gonna permanently attach the bunny here
because I may want to reuse him for something else down the road plus
there’s a lot of weight on here so now that he’s sitting in here I’m gonna fill
in with a little bit more greenery so basically I raided all my supplies and
I’m like what can I use so I can not have to spend any money on this project?
the different variation in greenery is really what’s gonna give it this awesome
garden effect now we’ve got kind of a good little foundation going and I
thought you can never go wrong with fairy lights so we’re gonna add some
fairy light in before we add a whole bunch of other stuff because I think
that that way it will kind of disguise it a little bit better sometimes if you
turn on the light so it helps you to place them a little bit this is a good
opportunity to make our focal point and we’re gonna put this I think right in
here then I fill in with a few more of my
leftover Dollar Tree flowers now I’m going to add some Easter eggs
and I’ve also got some carrots and we’re going to just kind of tuck them in and
see how they look so we’re just going to do a few finishing touches here my second Pinterest inspired DIY are
these modern tulip arrangements that are arranged in these cylinder vases even
though they’re kind of being described as a modern arrangement, what I like about
this is they really could go in many different styles of decor and tulips
always are very springy to me so my microphone wasn’t turned on during the
section so we’ll be doing a little bit more voiceover you definitely could do
this arrangement with fresh tulips but I decided to do this with some silk tulips
that I ordered off of Amazon that have an amazing and very realistic look to
them they are actually even prettier in person than on camera I ordered 30 of
these in bulk off of Amazon making them less than 50 cents per stem which I
thought was an amazing deal and they have a multitude of colors so I’ll put
the link for these in the description box below I start out by taking a glass
vase that I already had on hand now if you want to use the Dollar Tree cylinder
base you definitely could do this but this one’s a little bit larger and I
thought it would work really nicely for this project I picked up some black
smooth stones at the Dollar Tree and I placed a few of them on the bottom of
the vase then I go about arranging my tulips staggering the heights of the
tulips with my tallest being in the center now you can arrange this however
you like but this is just the approach that I took once I get them basically arranged how I
like them then I’m going to mix my fake water kit
I mix the whole kit and ended up not needing all of it and so I wasted a lot
of it because once you’ve mixed it it’s gonna dry hard so you can’t really reuse
it so if you’re going to be using a Dollar Tree vase for example you
definitely need much less so you can just make sure when you mix those that
you do equal parts and save the rest for another project so for a Dollar Tree one
I think you’d probably need about a half of this size package you will mix the
water tip for about three to five minutes making sure to follow the
directions on the package now when you pour this into the vase you
want to avoid the side so aim for the center once you have your fake water in
you can carefully replace your tulips back into their spot and you can move
them around a little bit but you want to try and avoid moving them too much
otherwise you might get some of the epoxy on the side of the vase and that’s
not a good idea then you can just set your arrangement wherever you like it
and will let it harden I want to briefly tell you about antique
candle company’s new fragrances that they sent me to which are country pear
and mango citrus both of them smell absolutely amazing and mango citrus
might be one of my favorites of all time and it’s a brand new scent now they sent
me two of the mango citrus so I would like to pass one on to one of you so if
you’re interested in winning this candle pop on over to my community page make
sure you’re subscribed and all the details that will be there if you missed
us this time don’t worry it’s something that I’ll probably be doing again in the
future also if you’re interested in purchasing these absolutely amazing
smelling candles I’ll put a link in the description box below so for my last
Pinterest inspired spring DIY we are gonna be making some Easter bunny tags
that you’ve been seeing all over I’m sure you’ve seen these type of tags all
over Pinterest and I just I liked them I thought they were cute and so this is a
very inexpensive project now I got most of my supplies at the Dollar Tree and
you know me I’m not a big Dollar Tree DIYer unless I really think that I can
get a good look out of it now you can find these chalkboards at almost all
dollar trees they’re pretty readily available obviously that’s going to vary
from store to store but I’ve seen these in multiple stores and they generally
have them on hand I thought that they were a good size they were lightweight I
figured that we could cut through these without too much trouble you know if
you’re not big into celebrating Easter you don’t celebrate it that’s okay
because you can actually switch this out really easy by writing spring and doing
like a daisy flower on it so it’s really flexible you can get a spring look with
this and that’s the purpose of this episode is to show you how you can get
your inspiration from Pinterest and make it kind of your own and was also awesome
is you could make them reversible if you wanted to so I marked where I wanted to
make my cuts including where I wanted my hole to go as well then I simply used my
miter saw to make the cuts now if you don’t have a miter saw you could use a
handsaw this is just quicker for me and so
like to use it you know my motto girls can use power tools too then I took my
half inch drill bit and drilled a hole I made sure to put a piece of wood
underneath it to protect my bit and the table that I use I designed a printable
which I will put the link for in the description box below that says Easter
in two different fonts and also a little bunny I use some transfer paper to get
the image transferred on to our boards but I’d almost suggest you use the chalk
method because of the black board it did work out but you want to make sure you
have a pretty bright room if you’re going to do it this way then I simply
take some white craft paint and I use some inexpensive brushes from the Dollar
Tree now I don’t know if I’d recommend these but they did get the job done
after they were dried i distress them as much as I could now they didn’t distress
as well as I would have liked but it is what it is after they were distressed I
used some rope that I picked up at the Dollar Tree and kind of did a slip knot
on it and then tied a knot at the top so that they would hang like tags now if I
were to redo this project in the future I probably just use unfinished lumber
especially since I ended up not needing to use my miter saw anyway because I
think I would have gotten more of the look that I’m going for so stay tuned
for that plus I think it might be a little cheaper this way especially if I
use it my scrap wood that I have on hand that being said I did think these turned
out rather cute well I hope you got a little bit of
inspiration from this episode if you enjoyed this episode here’s another one
that I think you’ll like as well so until next time to all of my DIY
Niners thank you so much for watching bye

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