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Cut The Rope: Magic (iOS 2015) Hey kids, remember Angry Birds and Fruit Splice!? – The Backlog

(ding) (retro opening theme tune) – [Will] Camera, set and action Bob. Go Bob. (laughs) – Hello there, I didn’t
see you there, wow. Welcome to Backlog. We’re two brothers, these guys. – Yeah. – With a big collection of games and we’re gonna talk about
them right now to you. – Every game we’ve ever bought, we put in to an excel spreadsheet
for cataloging purposes. Today, we’re gonna pick
one, only one at random, and talk about it regardless of whether
or not we’ve played it. – We’re here at the Video game
Trading Post in Long Island. – Yes, the best retro
gaming store on the Island. If you need yourself a retro
game, or retro game accessory, come on down to Video Game
Trading Post in Nassau County, and buy things. – The last one we picked was 149? – Yeah. – I hit generate, it did 148. – Really? – Yeah, so go one up. (chuckles) – [Will] Cut the Rope
Magic for the iPhone. – [Bob] This sucks. – This sucks, this is already the worst
season of Backlog ever. – But, that’s a good game. – That is a very good game. – Yeah. – It is an excellent game. Cut the Rope is, the original Cut the Rope came out around the same
time as Angry Birds, everybody was super in to Angry Birds, I’m like nah man, Cut the Rope. – [Bob] Cut the rope’s a good game. – [Will] Yeah, I play Cut the Rope. – [Bob] So it’s a puzzle game. – [Will] It is a puzzle game. – [Bob] You have to
feed this green monster. – [Will] Yes, I forgot that
Om-Nom is the monsters name. – [Bob] That’s a really good name. – [Will] Yeah. – [Bob] Cause all he does is eat the little candy that’s
dangling on a rope. – [Will] But Cut the Rope
Magic, is Cut the Rope, it’s a separate game and it
has magical elements to it. – [Bob] Oh, tell me about it Will. – [Will] You can shrink, or you can grow, there are wizards in it, and you have to get the little sweetie away from the wizards and stuff. – [Bob] This one I didn’t play. I played regular old Cut the Rope. – [Will] Yeah, this
came out a while later. Oh yeah, you can turn into
birds and other animals to help you try and navigate
towards the sweet device. – The sweet device. (chuckles) – [Will] The candy. – That’s what most people
would call it, candy. (laughs) – It’s 10 o’clock at night and we’re still filming this thing. – I liked regular old Cut the Rope. – Yeah, so you would like this. It’s the same thing but they
added more mechanics to it. I think they had a.. Did they add a time
travel mechanic to this? No, they didn’t. I don’t know what I’m thinking about. – You might be thinking of Angry Birds. Angry Birds had a very
similar arc to them. – Yeah, they had a very
weird, some arc to it. But like I said, this is
good, you can turn Om-Nom in to different characters like a bird, he can change in size, and it’s all just your
standard Cut the Rope. But there are also other hazards to it, like they add wormholes. So as you’re cutting the
candy, it can accidentally swing in to a wormhole and you lose it. So you got to be careful
about things like that. – It’s free on the Amazon
app store right now. – Yes. So that’s cool. – Yeah. – Is there in-app purchases? Is that why it’s free? – I don’t think so. I mean, yeah, no there
is ’cause they add like, these gems and stuff you
can get to unlock levels and other magic stuff and
accessories and things like that. – Is it one of those games you can only play for like a little bit? – No, you can play as if you get the stars in every level, you can keep playing. It’s based on how many stars you have. You can cheat, and buy
more levels, but you know. If you know how to play the game and you get the correct amount of stars you don’t have to pay. – I’m a fan of iOS games, or mobile games. – Yeah. I think that the touch screen is a unique input device, that can be used well sometimes
and this is a good example of repeating as well,
because you’re literally just cutting a rope. – Yeah, this is one of
the best examples I think. It gets compared, I compare a lot to Angry
Birds ’cause it came out around the same time, they’re
similar in swiping the phone and stuff but I think this game, it uses your brain more. You have more, not that you have control
over where the candy lands, but you have more control of
how you want to play the game. – [Bob] Don’t you get more stars.. – [Will] Well there’s stars
in the level that you can get. Yeah, you have to try to collect them all in the path to feeding Om-Nom. – [Bob] Yeah, and it’s
increasingly more difficult. – [Will] Yeah. – [Bob] It’s good. – [Will] Yeah, it’s very good. – [Bob] I feel like for a good iOS game, I would say give this one a shot. – [Will] Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely get Cut the Rope, it is, I would say, it’s
a classic of the platform. – [Bob] (Laughs) It’s funny to think about what’s
considered a classic game, a mobile game. But this definitely is one. – [Bob] Yeah. – So, yeah check this, definitely check out Cut the Rope. – What are classics? This, Angry Birds. – Angry Birds threes. – Uh, Words with Friends.
– Words with Friends. (laughs) – I guess.. Mario Jump now. – Yeah, that was-
– What was the name of the game? – Mario Run. – So Mario Run, yeah.
– See I don’t even know anymore. – [Crew Member] Fruit Splice. – Fruit Ninja.
– Fruit Ninja. – Yeah. – Fruit Splice. (laughs) – The knock off – [Crew Member] Sorry.
(laughs) – That’s the knock off one. – Yeah. – [Crew Member] Sorry. – Yeah, I would say give it a shot. – Yeah, absolutely.
– If you’re in to puzzle games. – Yes. – Well I guess physics
based puzzle of games. – Yeah this is physic based puzzle games. – So let us know what you
think about Cut the Rope Magic. – Did you play it? Do you think it’s the best
of Cut the Rope games? Let us know down below, or
anywhere on the internet. – Thank you guys for watching, and we’ll see you on the
next episode of The Backlog, but only if you subscribe. – Yeah, and Like and Share. – Goodbye. – Goodbye. – I almost threw up. (smooth music) – [Bob] Fruit Splice! Yeah, that’s the one.
(laughs) Definitely it.

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  1. I got my love of gaming from my dad, but when he got really sick all he had the strength for was little mobile games like Cut the Rope. By the time this sequel was released, though, he was already gone. I played it on his behalf and I liked it for what it was. He would have liked it more.

  2. Also feels like "the backlog" shouldn't be anything past 2009 or past 2014 (a five year or ten year buffer, for nostalgia purposes)….

  3. How far back to "The Backlog" go? To the Super Nintendo era? Original Nintendo? Atari? I hope the list predates the GameCube, that's all I'm saying…

  4. I used to have that Pikachu on the top left shelf when I was a kid!
    I actually found its tail in my garage last week (I really don’t know why or how)πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. IT DOES NOT SUCK!!!! 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

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