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Cruise Ship Gets An Awesome New Kind Of Water Slide

(Laughing) (Screams) I’m in Galveston Texas this morning
and it is hotter than blazes! I’ll tell you what…
a waterslide would feel really good right now and that is what has brought me to Galveston. One of these cruise ships behind me
has a brand new type of water slide on it that no other cruise ship has. We’re going to take a look at it. It’s Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. (Woo Hoo!) The ride starts to get really crazy
when you hit that first downhill section. It’s really steep
and you get some serious speed going… and that takes you all the way up
the uphill section right there. Just like that! You almost hit the wall at the top
and then gravity takes over… and pulls you backwards to the end of the ride. It is SO much fun!
We went four times in a row. It was so fun! (Woo hoo!) (Woo!) (Screams) (Huge screams) (Woo!) (Screams) (Screams) Now be aware that there are some very restrictive rules
regarding riding the Tidal Wave slide. You have to weigh at least a hundred pounds
and be at least 52 inches tall to ride… and you can’t weigh more than 280 pounds… and if it looks like you’re even close
to not meeting those limits… there is a scale there
and they will put you on it and weigh you before you’re allowed to get on the ride. The other thing is that
you can’t take anything on the ride with you. No GoPro…
so unfortunately I was not able to get
any point of view video going down the slide. And you also can’t wear a watch
or even a wedding ring. I had to take all that off to go on the ride. Just a swimsuit and that’s it.
Just for safety reasons. Now, as a public service,
here is a perfect example of
how NOT to exit the raft! I would say it’s probably one of the
three best water slides on cruise ships. Disney’s got the “Aqua Duck” slide. Carnival’s got the “Green Thunder” slide
on a couple of their ships. And then here the “Tidal Wave” slide
on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. Listen to what some of the passengers
had to say about it: It’s probably the fastest, funnest ride. It doesn’t last very long…
but if you scream it makes it like 10 times better! (Off Camera Voice)
I think so!!! It feels like a 90-degree drop…
straight down, straight up, straight back down! It is great!
And this is from someone who hates roller coasters! The tidal wave is so much fun!
You go so high. It’s awesome.
It’s like a thrill… like excitement. I love it so much! Nice little jump at the beginning and it looks like you’re about to fly off the top
once you go down before you’re swung around. It gives you a little rush! It’s interesting that a lot of the
people that ride the Tidal Wave slide don’t know the history of the slide. Things got off to a rocky start after the slide
was installed on the ship about five months ago. There was some kind of design problem. I took them a few months to re-engineer things
and make it all safe and get it right. But it’s great now… no problem now…
and it opened up about three weeks ago and people are really enjoying it. (Scream) (Woo!) (Scream) I’ll tell you what…
between the Tidal Wave slide… The Flowrider… The twisty water slide… The ice skating rink… The rock climbing wall… There is a lot of fun to be had on
Royal Caribbean’s Liberty Of The Seas. I’m Jim Zim.
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Reader Comments

  1. Cruising on Liberty right now?

    When's your next Carnival cruise? We're doing the New Year's Eve cruise on Conquest this December.

  2. I wonder what the flaws were before the rebuild? I'm kind of surprised at the 100 lb minimum, and no watch/ring rules.

  3. i love your reviews of what's happening on the cruise ships, I have done about 16 cruises so far, and i am going on my next one in about 9 days, i am also booked on carnival vista next year, even though i cruised many times, i enjoy your videos very much, they are informative i will be cruising on the carnival glory next week, and i looked at your video for those areas that people never see on the ship, i will explore next week. thanks for the information

  4. That remove wedding rings, watches and no GoPro's rule is utter crap. They've had these types of "wall slides" in Europe for years without any of these "safety restrictions" and the only difference is this one's made of metal, not fibreglass.

  5. We have decided to not go on the MSC Divina price wise, but we are going to go on the Carnival Vista in may

  6. If carnival people thought it was the carnival ship and then it ends up being the liberty of seas they probably like shit

  7. Looks fun but how will they keep them waterslides form getting all rusty like they normally do?? In a couple years it will look all raggedy

  8. I dont know The Harmony of the seas (and I know Symphony does aswell) has the slide where you go into a big bowl and you go around it's so fun lol got off the ship today and I'm home now (I live in the Pittsburgh, pa area)

  9. I enjoy the Royal Caribbean Cruises just got off one not too long ago Harmony of the Seas when I was going on the water slides I have a Jesus necklace that I haven't took it off in a long long long long time did not want to take it off for safety reasons so they say the guy told me I have to put tape on it okay so my necklace don't choke me when I'm going down the damn tape around my neck almost fucking choked me believe me if you have a wedding ring on it's not going to do nothing they say you're not supposed to have GoPros going down these water slides there is a video on YouTube Harmony of the Seas water slides you see a guy with a GoPro going down the slide that's b***** whatever you could always sneak them in for example spy pens check it out you will thank me. 😉😉

  10. dude you forgot to mention if you can ride it solo? Also I hope you wouldn't slide back on that slant and hit the divider

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