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Crown Refs: All-Access | Episode #1

Thanks for watching Crown Refs: All-Access My name is Paul Diasparra. I’m a basketball official from White Plains, New York. This is my eighth season. My sixth season at the collegiate level. I grew up around the game I was a player and played a little Division 3 ball. My dad was a coach my brother’s a coach He also played Division one basketball. So it runs in the bloodstream. I’m fortunate and now I get to wear the stripes. So I developed a real passion for officiating probably in 2014. My goal is to be a division 1 official. So I’m just enjoying the journey right now. I’m enjoying the process. A couple years ago I got real passionate about helping out other officials. The CROWN REFS Podcast is the Audio experience for basketball officials We’ve featured some of the best basketball minds in the world from Joey Crawford, Scott Foster, Reggie Greenwood, Ed T. Rush, Al Batista ,Ron Foxcroft and many more. Reporting. You great hustle that’s all I got for you right now Get your numbers a little wider they’re a little narrow. Try to be more shoulder-width. Yeah You’re reporting it the way you present your numbers I want you to just practice that. I just want you to practice in front of a mirror of the numbers and how you Transition your hands. So that’s a shot to present any numbers I just think with a little more more practice your gonna look so much more fluid. Nice travel call. Yep Eww Good call. Good call. Really good signals there too – stops the clock…points. Went to the spot stay opposite good illegal screen good demeanor on that one too Another play you had, similar to what I was telling you last time It was a three pointer right around where Kevin was was and you were up here so that I want to see that late Adjustment where you step down. As the trail? Or C. The bottom line is stepping down (or stepping up) to see in-between Both players and to find that point of contact because we can’t find it back here, especially if he pulls up You know right here you’re back there. You need to be right over there. Yep You had a play where The ball was pretty much closer to the sideline and you were right here because you had a matchup You actually had a couple guys, but just know that you got you got to see ball here to it So step out another step to have all four players in your peripheral to be able to at least help out Because you got this contact you got all Outside the trail will have this arm, you know, but you’re just helping out here and making sure the shooter lands to That’s good, yeah you were a little close They’re known to be out just shoulder-width straight up just drawn a box you’re drawing it or drawing a bottle Just put it right in the box. Yeah, and I just want you to work on from when you have your hands down so when you finish that hole one second of like I like to do like a little bit of like a transition where it’s like Not too much though. Just a little bit. It adds just a little subtle effect. That’s just gonna make you look more Just stronger out there, I think It’s just comes with time and practice. Have you done a lot of mirror work? I have a time today. I’ve done like reporting and I guess I haven’t really noticed it. It does feel like if would look cleaner if you were wider. I find myself report in fouls in public. I practice in public sometimes No, not even talking to them just in my own zone like white 11 at TJ Maxx, you know. I know my wife is looking at me like I’m crazy, but guess what? I don’t care It’s called framing. And the reason they frame it is because it gets lost in your face. Trying to process that just try to slow yourself down that one second I know we I know we get excited when a charge is happening. Listen Especially when he takes it like that. I know Slow that down so that down John, you had a really nice call in lead over here On a drive to the basket. I thought you were in a good good position there you felt comfortable on that? I was telling Lou just just remember and lead like if you were on the F there But you have a player in the corner, then you got to go to the corner You got to slide over the corner so you could see, see both players That’s it. That’s all I got for you guys. Keep working hard. Just stay on the clock to make sure we’re on the clock We’ll talk about that in a second. The charge I really liked. It was the right call but I like that you stayed put. You weren’t jumpy at all. Foul. Boom. You got it. Then you went right to the punch. Just looks clean. So what happened? What were you about to call over there? Travel. Travel before the crash? Two steps before the crash. And then it was too late to get back. The ball was in the basket. They’re taking it back out. You don’t want to be that guy that stops the party. But any time we can kill it kill a crash yeah like with a travel or push from behind I think it’s a good good play calling guideline if we can kill a crash With something that happens before so you had to travel there Boo-boo-boo-boo could just be but if it happens as the crash is happening You’re just gonna have to maybe tweet in a couple extra times and let them know that you’re taking it

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