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Critical Role – Mighty Nein Intro

[thunder and rain] [explosion] ♪(Role! Critical! Role! Critical!)♪ ♪Roll the dice♪ ♪Roll the dice♪ ♪The adventure begins♪ ♪They were always beside you♪ ♪Your nerdy best friends♪ ♪And the DM to guide you♪ ♪And they rise from the flames for the battles ahead♪ ♪Villains beware cuz you’re ‘bout to be dead♪ ♪They got magic and flair♪ ♪They got falchions and cunning♪ ♪They don’t see over there♪ ♪There’s a monster incoming♪ ♪Inspiration is waiting rise up don’t think twice♪ ♪Put your fate in your hands take a chance roll the dice♪ ♪Roll the dice♪ ♪Roll the dice♪ ♪(Role! Critical! Role! Critical!)♪ ♪Can you answer the call♪ ♪Diggin’ deep in your soul♪ ♪As the legend unfolds♪ ♪Now it’s your turn♪ ♪to roll!

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