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Creepiest Things Spotted in Children’s Playgrounds

– How ya doin’? I’m Kallen and this is Slapped Ham. Today we’re looking at
the creepiest things spotted in children’s playgrounds. So hit that subscribe button and get ready for more scary content just like this. (eerie noises) While there’s very little
information available about this mysterious video, it was obviously filmed in
a children’s playground. However, the exact whereabouts is unknown. It shows a woman sitting on a bench. She appears to be checking her cellphone as she enjoys the warm sunshine. Beside her is a book
and a bottle of water. The camera holder then
pans around the playground showing various pieces of
children’s play equipment. Once again, they return the camera’s focus to the woman sitting at the bench. Only this time, the wider
view reveals a strange shadow at the bottom of the ladder. Strangely, the shadow doesn’t
seem to have an owner. Its feet meet at the base of the ladder, however, there’s no one standing there. Some viewers have pointed out that the shadow might belong to someone who’s on top of the equipment and out of range of the camera. While the others believe that this video has indeed captured something paranormal, suggesting that it could be evidence of an elusive shadow person. As the debate continues over who or what is actually casting the shadow, there’s no denying that it’s certainly some very unnerving footage and definitely one of the creepiest things ever spotted in a children’s playground. This very brief clip uploaded to YouTube by L3000Prodigy has captured
something very creepy lurking by the playground. As two boys are being
filmed playing basketball, one of them notices a mysterious figure that seems to be watching them
from behind a nearby tree. The camera holder quickly
turns to see what it is and manages to capture a
glimpse of a very tall being with a large, white face. The uploader of the clip
believes that the figure could actually be Slender Man, the supernatural being that is thought to have originated on the
Something Awful forums back in 2009. Despite this creepy
character’s supposed origins in fiction, many believe that
he might actually be based on sightings of similar
creatures that have been reported in many parts of the world
for hundreds of years. This is not the first time Slender Man has been spotted lurking in a
children’s playground either. In 1983, this photo was taken as part of the local studies collection by the City of Sterling Libraries. And also seems to show a figure
very similar in appearance to Slender Man. You can see that the
figure is unnaturally tall and has a large pale face. It also appears to have long
tentacle-like appendages, a feature that Slender Man is
also often thought to possess. It’s said that Slender
Man preys on children, however, there’s never
any evidence left behind of his victims. Could this photo prove that
Slender Man really does exist or is it more likely to
be a fake constructed by an overenthusiastic Creepypasta fan. (ominous music) This seriously scary video was posted to ApexTV’s YouTube
channel in August, 2016. Supposedly captured in a
playground somewhere in Mexico, the clip shows some sort
of mysterious creature standing on top of the playground’s fort. At one point, the beast seems to turn and spot the person holding the camera and you can see the light
gleaming in its eyes. It then leaps from the fort
and disappears into the night. When this video first appeared online, it immediately divided
the paranormal community. Many believed that the video was genuine, suggesting that the
creature resembled an alien or even the mysterious
beast known as The Rake. Others were far more skeptical, however, citing the strange, almost jerky way in which the beast leaps from the fort as evidence that the video
has been edited in some way. While it’s difficult to know
if the video is real or fake, the creature certainly does look menacing and if there’s even a slim chance that this beast might be
roaming around out there, then it’s probably a
good idea to think twice about taking your children
to the playground. While this photo
certainly qualifies as one of the creepiest things ever seen in a children’s playground, there is actually very little information available about it. In many ways, that makes the
image even more unsettling. However, the reason that it doesn’t seem to have a back story
could also mean it’s fake. Looking at it, though, it
certainly does appear to be real and the idea that anyone would conduct some sort of evil ritual in
the middle of a playground is very disturbing. The way in which the person is standing on the pentagram is also very creepy. They look similar to a
solider in a military parade, upright and attentive. Could it be possible that the
photographer actually stumbled upon some sort of sinister ritual being conducted in the playground? Or does this image tell a different story? If anyone has any
information on the origins of this mysterious photo, we’d love to hear about it in the
comments section below. This very unsettling video
was captured by Scott Denton at a playground in Rhode Island. He claims that his children were nervous and didn’t wanna get out of the truck after seeing what they believed to be a real live poltergeist. When he posted the video online, it quickly went viral as viewers offered their opinions on the clip. Many claim that it was the wind and not a supernatural force
that was making the swing move. Others thought that the footage did seem to show something unusual,
noting the swing’s erratic motion and the lack of movement
from the other swings. This isn’t the only clip that’s managed to capture play equipment
moving on its own. This footage, uploaded
to Facebook, in June 2019 shows another swing moving
in much the same way. The video appears to be footage taken from a security camera,
overlooking a playground in an unknown location. At the very beginning of the clip, you can see that neither swing is moving. Then, the swing on the left slowly begins to slide back and forth. It continues like this for a moment before appearing to be pushed violently from behind by some sort of unseen force. (ominous music) The movement of the
play equipment now seems to attract the attention of
whoever’s watching the monitor. As the swinging continues, one of the viewers
notices that there appears to be a dark shadow on top of the swing. The shadow almost looks as though it could be controlling
the swing’s movements. Watching the video, it’s
difficult to come up with any other explanation as there certainly doesn’t
appear to be any wind and the second swing
remains totally motionless throughout the clip. What do you think’s going
on with these creepy swings? Are they really being
controlled by some sort of unseen supernatural power? Or is there another explanation
for their strange movements? Let me know what you think in
the comments section below. Before we get to that number one spot and take a look at a creepy figure filmed in an abandoned playground, remember to hit that subscribe button and tickle the bell icon. That way, you’ll be in the loop about all our latest content. (clicks) This truly unsettling video was posted to Horror
Adventures YouTube channel in April, 2018. The uploader claims that
they captured the footage while driving around in a
forest in an unknown location. In the beginning of the clip, you can see that there
appears to be a creepy figure rocking back and forth
on some sort of swing in what looks to be an
old abandoned playground. The car then cuts its lights for a moment and when they turn back on, the person is now standing by a tree. They’re not moving at all
and appear to be oblivious to the car’s headlights which
are shining directly at them. The lights turn out once agan and when they turn back on, the figure is nowhere to be seen. They dim again and the figure reappears. This time, they’re standing
much closer to the car. The lights cut again and the creepy figure is now staring directly
at the camera holder. The figure then disappears one final time and when the lights turn back on, they’re standing right beside the car. They’re so close now that you can make out that they’re wearing a
dark jacket and pants and seem to be wearing
an eerie white mask. The driver only manages to catch a glimpse of the mysterious figure
before the clip abruptly ends. And while it’s not possible to know what actually ended up happening to them, this video serves as a
reminder to the rest of us, don’t go searching forests
for abandoned playgrounds in the middle of the night. If you want more scary
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