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Crazy spin ride & more Playground Fun! Babyteeth4

that’s why you might eat it
you haven’t yep maybe you try to spin them if you
run in place yep yeah the other here because that would be I’m slip what’s it look like from this side I
came over and you’re turning the other way now so I think it’s like our course it feels like a check what to do I’m going to do this without good can you do this on doing imagine if i step okay good no trust just run her around run around howdy now you spend Gillian Annie
running around just hold onto it and run okay hey where’d you go this is how I lost my two front teeth
when I was your age not here yelling a picnic oh my goodness
hi addy I’ll see you next week set the red panda yes every zoo has never squirrels Oh just pretty it just pretties pretties
for the kiddies no kiddies do you love it what is that
it seal well it is a harbor seal the little ones are cuter Oh
mmm it looked like Mishka what is it hold it up
hold it up so I can see it stop coming towards me I’m trying to back up in the background mm-hmm look tell him jellyfish as you’re holding up a deli fish I might
watch Gillian Tilly fish you click lamps I don’t know if you could cuddle with
one of these it might strangle you in your sleep you see the pink owls Gillian Gillian
the pink owls other penguins I thought they were owls oh look at these guys
they look sad there’s a big man up there doing what are these Turtles with the eyes
here Oh Gillian I yes you did
you know I’m surprised you know more with shark teeth yeah well daddy motion in the ocean to see these sharks these sharks are wondering why no one
wants to snuggle with the shark I have plenty Gillian’s hugging all the sharks jyllian loves all creatures except stink
bugs spiders I have the time and time
just feel like if I’m away from them if they’re not like that right the data
like in my he bet you mm-hmm I think you’re holding him by his mouth you gotta work moldy chart and after that the quantity as later

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