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Craziest Water Slides in the EUROPE! Longest water park in EU | Energylandia Poland

friends, good morning we are back again to energylandia biggest park in EU and Poland as well today we are going to aqua park where were we yesterday? we were at roller coaster if you didn’t see the video then go to check it out you will see also all my social account that go and check them also today we will go roller coasters today as well soon place is going to open then we will start now we came to get sunbed as you can see we get it advance bcs later it is impossible to find place I get go pro and record all in roller coaster don’t forget to watch the last one from the yesterday now we are going to you wont believe where we are going let me pass this building then I will show you if they let me then I will record if I will able then I will try my best there! what do you think? I will record like how I did yesterday I hope luck will be with me I am sorry in advance if I wont able to record lets start how it was? it wasn’t that much excited like yesterday we were there yesterday this roller coaster opened on July 2nd biggest in EU and biggest in Poland so huge roller coaster and AQUA PARK has 3 km length of pipe in total one of the biggest in Poland also watch my video from yesterday lets start friends friends slowly lets end this video I am now at the heaven aaa before ending this video let me give you information about this place I will give the website of this place below in this video daily it is around 130 zloty 2 days is enough for this place you can enjoy everything 1 day you can spend time in extreme roller coaster and other day you can come to aqua park like we did as you can see like here also there is one more behind of it if you will buy for second day as well then there is a 20 percent discount so it is going to be like 240 zloty in total if you ask me if one day is enough then you can check in website that also there is an English option I don’t think there is a Turkish language go check the video from yesterday see roller coasters it was so excited even when I watch, I feel vomiting also there is a lot of extreme shows with motorbike and cars as well that they fly on the air they drive a car on 2 wheel I will show all everything like a flash back as well on this video and next video will be just about extreme show and you can see here if you open it already late then go check it out probably it is already published pls watch it also you will see all my social accounts here like, share , comment and subscribe! it was really a good video fallow me on Instagram, Facebook I share a lot of good stuff there as well we you in next video, byyeeee

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  1. Hüseyin kardeş valla sen korkudan saklanacak delik ararken eşinin gık çıkarmaması dikkatlerden kaçmıyor. Örnek almalısın bence 😀

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