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Covington City, Indiana, USA – KOMPAN Playgrounds

If you ask the children in Covington in the midwestern United States, where the funnest place in town is? They have no doubt.
The castle. Yeah, the castle. 3 years ago, a community group for a new playground asked the children to draw their dream playground. I drew a castle. So, it’s no coincidence that the children now have the first KOMPAN Robinia Castle in the United States. Many of the 2,500 inhabitants of the
small town have helped make this dream come true. Everyone has contributed. We have the
elementary school do a Pennies for the Park Fundraiser, where they brought in their loose change and they raised 3,600 dollars. An old playground from the seventies has been replaced with a toddler area, swings, waterplay, a space net and an impressive castle on the hill along with an obstacle course. It’s really fun to play with it and on that obstacle course, I couldn’t even get like half way through. It was hard. The architect on the project presented the working group to organic Robinia playground equipment from KOMPAN. And it was unlike anything we had ever seen before. We really loved the organic Robinia
collection because it was whimsical, and it was wood, and it had natural aesthetics that we wanted inside our park. Now it’s there and it certainly makes the city more attractive. There’s even been people who have purchased homes in our community just because of this playground. It’s one of a kind and everyone has said: “Wow, this is what a playground should look like”. This would be great for a much larger city, so we are very proud. And the KOMPAN features are so great. It will last a long time after we are gone.

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