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COPS AND ROBBERS – Playground Wars Prison Escape Challenge / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

(siren) – [David] (laughing) That’s not fair. What did you do? (Katie laughing) (police siren) – [David] Hand me the gold. – [Katie} Nooo. (family yelling) – Hi guys.
Welcome back to (in unison) the YouTube family. – And we’re the adventurers. – Today we’re playing cops and robbers. We haven’t played this for
a long time and we’re doing it on the playground. So, Audrey, Jake, and I are all robbers. – Yeah.
– Then we have the cops, which is David and Ty. – Oh no, Ty is fast. – They’re going to hide the gold. – We’re gonna win. – They’re going to hide
the gold on the playground. Us robbers will need to get the gold and make off with it before
we can get caught by the cops. – We’re gonna win. – You’re under arrest.
(Audrey yells) – Yes, they can arrest
us, take us back to a spot which will be this bench right here. And then, we cannot leave. We can’t leave jail or
prison until a fellow robber breaks us out. – Good luck.
– Oh my goodness. – We’re gonna puppy guard the prison. – [Audrey] No puppy guarding. – We have to, us robbers
have to stay in the sandbox part of the playground unless
we’re breaking them out of prison. That’s it. Are you guys ready to play? – Let’s do it.
– You’re going down. (upbeat music) Okay. This police officer had
one too many donuts. I cannot fit into my police uniform. The only things that fits
somewhat is this hat, so this is my uniform. Good thing Ty is in shape. He’s fit. He’s ready to go. So, let us show you what
we’re gonna be hiding. We’ve got two bricks of gold right here. Those robbers are gonna
want these bricks of gold. We’re gonna hide these on the playground. Then, we’re also gonna
hide this gold trophy. This gold trophy is special
because it’s the throne trophy. Get it?
(crickets chirping) Comment down below if you get it. I’ll wait for it. (laughs) Okay. And then last, is the crown of jewels. Look at this. Woo. If you’ve ever seen this in
any of our videos, comment down below where the crown came from. But, we cops have to
protect this treasure. (whistle blow) Are you ready Ty? Here, grab some of the
treasure and let’s go hide it. (suspenseful music) – [David] Okay, are you guys ready? – We’re ready. – We’re ready. (in unison) – [David] You ready, Ty? – Yep. – [David] Let’s get ready to get ’em. And go. (bell rings) (laughter) – [David] The gold fell down. Oh no. Here, put the gold back up. There’s Audrey. – Where’s the gold? I found one. (laughter) – [David] Oh no. No! – Where do I take it? Where do I take it? It’s somewhere. – [Katie] You take it go then. (David grunts) – [David] Try to get ’em. (police siren) Okay, he gets to go take
that and hide it again. – Where should I go? – [David] Okay, you gotta come to prison. – Oh no! Dad (shrieks) prison! – [David] Jacob you are in prison. – [Jacob] Mom, hurry up. – [David] Go to jail. – [Jacob] Mom! – You guys have to go over there. – [David] Tyler got Audrey. – But I got a gold. I got a gold thing. – [David] Ty, ty. There’s Mom over there. Go get her. (yelling) Oh no. (siren) That’s not fair. What did you do? (police siren) – I’m tired. – [David] You did a good job. (police siren) (laughter) (police siren) Hand me the gold. – No. (laughs) – [David] Get to the jail. (Jacob shrieks) Here, let me hide this. Right there. – I saw you hiding. (laughs) (police siren) I just got out of jail. (police siren) – [David] Dude, take the one on left. Where’s Jake? Where’s Jacob? Where is he? Where is he? Where is he, Ty? – Get him! – [David] Where is he? – [Ty] He’s gonna free them. (laughter) – [David] Yeah, you go that way. – Alrighty guys. So, we had to move from
the park to the backyard because there were too
many people that came all of a sudden. They were taking our gold. – Too many civilians getting in the way. – Yeah, they were on the
playground and we saw one kid take our trophy and tried stuffing in
his jacket and steal it. – I had to get involved and intervene. – Like the real robber. (laughs) – And, Logan’s out there
leaving minefields. (groaning in unison) – Ah, nose goes. – Nose goes. (yelling in unison) Alrighty guys. Cops you can’t be here. – Go away cops. Go get your stuff.
– Go away. – You’re gonna take the camera now? – Go away. – Wait. Here, here you got the camera. – [David] Robber’s cam. – Oh man. – [Aubrey] Robber’s cam? – [Katie] Okay, guys what’s our plan? – I don’t know but I
found the gold, so like. – [Katie] That’s the gold from previously. – Oh, we found this gold already. – [Katie] We gotta go out and safe space is like back right here. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s safe. – [Katie] Jail is back there by the shed. – That’s gonna be hard because
we have a real limited space. – [Katie] Very little. Okay, you guys ready? – [Audrey] Where’s the boys? – [Katie] Let’s split up. You go that way. You go straight, Jake. I’ll go this way. Okay guys. (bell chimes) (shrieks and laughter) (police siren) He got me. (suspenseful music) Watch out Jake! He’s comin’. Go Audrey, go. Where’s the gold? – [Jacob] I don’t know. – [Katie] Logan? Where is it? We literally have no idea. – It’s over there. (laughs) (laughter) (police siren) (shouting) – [Audrey] Mom, you’re out? – [Katie] Yes, I’m out. – [David] Yeah! (police siren) – [Katie] Where was it? – [David] There. – [Katie] How were we
supposed to see that? There’s no way we would see that, guys. – [David] And, the other
one is right over there by the pond down in the ground. – [Katie] Serious? – [David] See it right
over there. You see it? – [Katie] Oh my goodness. This is so much harder
in the backyard versus on a playground because there’s
so many more places to hide. Oh man. Okay guys, we’re
switching it up this time. The robbers are cops and
the cops are robbers, except for me. I’m still a robber because
I’m slow guys, I’m slow. And, I’m going to be
filming, so I’m really slow. Maybe I’ll have good eyes, which I don’t. I might be able to help the team somehow. – This is like the best robber
outfit ever, look at it. – That works. That would be good at nighttime. Okay, so we have Jake
and Audrey as the cops. The rest of us are robbers. We’re going to go stand
over here, face the wall. They’re going to hide the gold and we’re going to retrieve it. – [Katie] Okay guys, we’re in the garage. We’re not sissy spying,
but really we are. (laughs) This is going to be so hard. I know that they have one. They have a couple close
by these bushes here, but I don’t think we’re
going to be able to see it. – Ready. – [Katie] Okay guys. Let’s go.
Team cops. I mean robbers. Okay guys. I’ll try forth. You guys go sideways. Let’s go! (bell chimes) (laughter) I’m hiding guys, by the shed this time. I’m going to be sneaky like a ninja, instead of just running. I hope I can get up. (laughter) (police sirens) (laughter) – [Audrey] Go that way. (laughter) You have to go to jail. We got ’em all. – [David] Oh man. (police siren) – [Katie] Are you serious? We didn’t even get gold? How’s that possible? – Because we got, we got caught. We’re too veteran. – Okay, that is crazy. Do you guys think that we should play this in an entire neighborhood? – What? – That might be a little bit, give the robbers a chance. – Yes. – I don’t know. Maybe have some walkie
talkies or some trackers. – Yeah, just comment down
below if you want to see the whole neighborhood.
– We could have trackers. – Just comment neighborhood
and we’ll know what that means. – Neighborhood. – Alrighty guys, that’s it. I mean, robbers got busted. Cops won both rounds. – They brought in air enforcements. – Whoa airplane. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share, and- – Hit the bell. (bell chimes) – Make today an adventure. We’ll see you next time. – Bye. (in unison) – And, go play. (upbeat music)

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  2. Play robers and cops in the whole entire neighbor hood with waki takis like trackers so you guys don't loose each other.

  3. Guys I love you guys so I’m gonna do this I’m gonna watch all of your videos from the beginning to the end

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