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Cooling Products For Hot Weather – Tried and Tested: EP171

Hello girlfriends and welcome to another
episode of Tried And Tested! Now we are outdoors today because we are trying out some products that are supposed to keep you cooler in hot weather! And this is Singapore, pretty much every day is hot and humid… Perfect to test this out! Here we have not just an umbrella but a fanbrella! So this umbrella has a fan in it. This is battery operated, it runs on 4 AA batteries. There’s also this thing where you can attach a bottle at the end, so that it becomes a spritz bottle! I think this button is for the fan am i right? Wow I mean guys… It’s so cooling right now because the wind is blowing directly at my head I mean the strength of the fan is actually not too bad, I feel like it’s not super strong but I think it’s at a good place because when this thing is so close to
my head, I don’t think I want it to be that strong either. And it’s got a really good safety netting here as well. Okay so you know right, on sets, if there’s a cut or something then they’ll come with like an umbrella and a fan so they have to hold the umbrella and the fan separately, this is so good if it’s just like one thing! Okay before you say people diva or what, it’s actually also I find a very practical issue because first of all, if you’re in the sun you cannot change colour because you have conti problems so
you’ll be like if you change colour which can happen very quickly in this kind of
hot sun, you’re like one scene you’re this colour and the next scene you’re brown. but the timeline haven’t even shifted so this is really a practical issue. The fan is also so your makeup doesn’t melt off too fast and no need to do so many touch-ups
so okay. Oh haven’t finish yet still got the spray bottle! This tube goes all the way up and it dispenses right underneath the fan then as the fan is going, it will create a mist around you! Wow I’m so happy! This is so good, oh wow the mist is so
nice and light. It’s like when you are walking through a light shower you know but it’s not too heavy that it will mess up your hair or makeup it’s so cooling. I’ve actually used quite a bit of the mist already but it’s only gone down like this much. Oh you know why also there’s a problem. Okay so the more I spray, the more it
collects on the net so now I have little droplets on the net so I’m gonna have to I think just shake it out a little bit, a little bit of maintenance going on. This fanbrella exceeds all expectations because let’s be honest, what kind of expectations could there have been in the first place? Who thought that you would need something like this? This is the best thing ever! Wow I love this so much! This is everything/10, this is everything! Amazing! So this is a scalp essence that’s
supposed to reduce the temperature of your scalp and it’s also a scalp deodorant. The top has these like brush like things. Now we saw the video of them trying it on a bunch of people and the reactions were pretty huge. So it’s supposed to be fast absorbing and non-sticky. Wow that is very cooling. This is more cooling than any dry
shampoo I have ever tried. When it’s still wet, it definitely has a residue so let me just let it dry out for a while and then see how. Personally I’m not a huge fan because it feels like the artificial cooling effect is making the
rest of me feel more sweaty. It’s almost as though like it makes it worse. Like now, it’s almost as though like this part feels cool and the rest of my head feels more sweaty. Cooling sensation has worn off and then it feels like it looks dirty. It looks like my hair hasn’t been washed in awhile. I think it’s an 8 because it does
cool down and it does make you feel cooler and I have minus points because of the residue but personally I wouldn’t use it. So I had a friend who used a similar cooling product but that one was for body and she sprayed I think for too long or maybe too much and it burned her skin. So I think you might want to be careful with things like that, like just don’t hold it in the same spot for too long. So this is a cooling arm sleeve or
some people call it a hand sock and it’s from Korea. What it’s supposed to do is absorb perspiration well and apparently when the moisture evaporates, there’s a
cooling effect and also it provides UV protection. I do find the material a little bit thick, it’s a bit like a thick stocking. Feels a bit like exercise gear. A lot of exercise gear uses like I think lycra, polyester, I don’t know, just feels a bit like synthetic. This one feels a little bit more organic, I’m sure it’s a mixed or something. Right now as I’m wearing it, it feels as though this hand is cooler than this hand but I think it’s hard to tell just like that so I’m gonna take it with me and the next time I’m on set, I’m gonna give this a shot. This sleeve thing, I don’t know man I’ve seen so many people wear this on set so I think that the idea itself probably works but this one in particular I didn’t quite like because this thing here was really tight. And it just felt that I was wearing a ribbed sock for most of the day. And there was like no point at which I kind of forgot I was wearing it do you know I mean because I have worn like long sleeve tops in the sun or when I’m exercising because they’re supposed to wick the moisture away and all that kind of stuff but they didn’t feel so present and that makes sense but this one felt very present all
day and I wasn’t really like… it was just a little bit uncomfortable for me so I was not a huge fan of this I would give this like maybe a 5 and I didn’t feel cooler on this arm than I did on this arm. Yeah so 5. So I’m on another outdoor shoot and a lot of people are wearing the sleeve and everyone says its good for sunburn
but is not good for cooling you down necessarily and I think that the one that I tried was probably a little bit too small for me but I definitely believe that it’s possible to find one that is more comfortable and more to my liking and it definitely seems like a good use for it. So this is a cool shirt mist that is supposed to react with your sweat to create an icy sensation and it also has a deodorising effect. So you can spray on the areas of your clothes that you expect to get sweaty, like your armpits. That is cooling! It smells very very very minty, it smells like Wrigley’s Double-mint. I can’t tell if I’m feeling cooler because
it’s wet or because it’s got the icy minty feeling so I just gonna spray on a larger surface area and see how that feels. Now actually this part that I’ve sprayed has dried out, and I’m gonna press it on my skin. And there still has a slight cooling sensation. I think Gatsby also has some wet body wipe that has the icy minty sensation, it’s something like that. Okay so this side compared to this side which has nothing on it, I can definitely feel a difference. I can imagine like really wanting to use this on a very hot day outside. There is though the sense that is an
artificial coolness. Like it’s a chemical kind of cooling, some people might not like that. kind of feels a bit like is it burning me. Okay so if you do have sensitive skin I think maybe you might want to be a little bit careful with this one. To me there’s a slight sense of discomfort. It’s like it’s burning but it’s cooling. Like you can’t tell the line between the burn and the cool. Yes, so I’m feeling that right now but it’s quite nice though but I do feel like my skin is burning a little bit so I think I’ll give this like a 6.5/10. Here we have a cooling towel, it’s like really thin and very light. So what you’re supposed to do
is wet it in water, wring out the excess and flick it and we also have a regular
towel to see what’s the difference. And then place it anywhere in your
body that you want to cool down. Oh this does have a cooling effect. This makes me feel cooler, this makes me feel more irritated. Even after wrapping this around a couple of times, it doesn’t feel as suffocating because it’s so thin, it’s kind of really easy to kind of wrap around and have it stay in place. Even in this humid weather I still feel that cooling sensation. And apparently to refresh it you just need to wet it again and then squeeze out of the water again. So it’s been about 10-15 minutes and the towel doesn’t feel like it it’s like dried out. It kind of feels about the same as at the beginning. Just to test this out further I’m gonna bring this with me maybe one of the days when I go to set and see how it functions in a practical environment. So I’ve used it for a few hours now, think about 4 hours and it’s pretty much dried out but it’s still quite cool. so the length I felt like slightly odd, like not quite here not quite there and the material it did feel a little bit plasticky to me so I wasn’t a huge fan of that. but in terms of whether or not it cooled down, I guess overall yes but then also having it wrapped around made me feel a little bit strangled, just because of that plasticky feeling so overall I think I would give
this a 6.5. I feel like comfort would be quite high on my list for something like that because you know when you’re out and you’re like sweating and everything, even if it cools you down but it makes you feel like more uncomfortable, might not be like the best. So this is a portable wearable neck fan. Now the neck is actually the best place to target when you’re trying to cool off because it’s got all these blood vessels that are close to the surface of the skin so this makes it easier to cool down your blood and therefore your overall body temperature. This is the charging port and this is the on/off button. So you can increase the speed by pressing it again. So now I can feel the vibration
around my neck but what I find a bit strange is because it’s also sitting on
my collarbone, so like my collarbone is also feeling vibrations throughout my
body which is weird. I don’t mind my neck vibrating but not a fan of the collarbone kind of going with it. Like if you’re quite sensitive to stuff like that around your neck, like it’s making me feel a little bit nauseous. When they’re very close together, there’s more of an overall cooling effect but when they’re apart, it does feel more a bit like there’s a bit more hot air coming at me. I’ve used portable fans before and they do have the effect of cooling me down, like I don’t feel so much like there’s so much hot air. Maybe because they’re slightly bigger but this one is like a bit smaller. I think this is nice because it gives a great amount of flexibility in terms of like how you want to adjust the fan and which way you want to face it. So if you are around and you don’t mind the vibration and you kind of want like a hands-free cooling down set, then this is not too bad. Overall I think it’s a nice idea but maybe the functionality like not great, I would give it a 6. Alrighty, we’ve come to the end of the
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  1. Love love from India 😍but can't move out of home bz of coronavirus👀…love to watch ur video's 😍

  2. Gatsby cooling body wipes was such a lifesaver!! When I had to go camping and stay outdoors with no access to showers or any cooling devices….wow it makes sleeping so much easier

  3. With the cooling cloth I found one the size of a pashmina. It was in 40°C so I felt great while everyone else was bright red and uncomfortable. Thank you. Love your work. Please take care and stay safe.

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