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Cloud9 vs TSM | LCS Week 4 Tease (Spring 2020)

It’s an absolute slaughter for Cloud9 and they are 6-0! They’re looking like the best team for now, so… obviously everyone really wants to win that game. It would mean a lot for us. Just as a statement, right? TSM, they find the fight, and their fourth straight win. TSM! TSM! Come our match against them next week, they might actually be pretty good. So I think it’ll be a banger of a game. Now’s the reengage, the dunk over the top,
but Huni only hits onto one. The ace for TSM. It’s the clear two best teams, I think, and this is the battle at the top. We definitely want to beat them for sure because it’s Zven’s old team. And he’ll have a big drive to win that game. I’ve… tried my hardest not to put personal stuff into it, or, “oh, it’s my old team.” I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a little bit of extra, like… “Yeah, we beat TSM.” Sometimes you hear that the old
TSM fans, they’re just salty about him. Yeah, that doesn’t have to be the same with me. Oh, baby! Kobbe from across the map. C9 has had really consistent games on stage and they’re just ahead of everyone else right now. Personally, I think C9 is the best team
in the league right now. And I think it’s gonna be a good test for us. I guess the fans will think it’s hype. I personally… think we’ll just beat them like we beat every other team. Blaber’s found the Sonic Wave,
kick into the Resonating Strike, good lord, man! Shelly is stolen! Our draft is super good,
our read on the meta is good, everything is perfect for us, so… of course I think we will win. ‘Cause I think we are the best team
in the league right now. C9!

Reader Comments

  1. Cant believe a team like C9 is stomping NA, i mean really ? the likes of blaber and vulcan look like gods in this league.. Seems like NA got even trashier this year.

  2. C9 about to get that reality check that they're not as good as everyone thinks they are don't get me wrong they are at least a top 2 team in NA but the rest of the teams are just utter garbage like people were hyping up dignitas who wouldn't even be in the top 6 or even 8 in the (other) major regions!

  3. Ban Aphelios and make Zven play something else, camp Zven, and see how well he plays from behind; history says very, very poorly.

  4. Stop caring about the 8 minute swap and just push bot when the opponent leaves. Korea is doing this and rift becomes useless because of this

  5. I really really really really want BB to hover ezreal! Zven will tilt out of his mind and tsm will win the game if they do this xD

  6. This kind of gives the opinion based on scrims that we kind of have a feeling how this will go. I think Licorice said that both in scrims and on stage that they're so seldom behind that they rarely get to work on it. We'll see of TSM can give C9 a game or even take it. My prediction though is that C9 win a harder than expected, 34 minute game

  7. Im a ts…….m….. fannnn….. still maybe ? more than i am of c9 at least ? but i do believe c9 will get the win.TSM looks like a good, the best cookie, LOOKS, BUT its missing the sprinkles that makes it just perfect.

  8. I'm not a TSM fan (though I am starting to like them more and Dardoch is one of my favourite players). However I hope that they hard stomp C9. Apart from Vulcan I can't stand any of them.

  9. I'm so excited they put me I. This video!! That was me. Being hella sad during the Tsm vs clutch series the first Time Tsm didnt make it to finals… I've been here for the ups and the downs and I'm Ready for NEW HIGHS BABY

  10. I am more hyped for MAD Lions vs Fnatic because of their video than this game which is, in my opinion, supposed to be more hyped

  11. This will start the scoreboard to determine between Kobbe and Zven… Who is the better Dane in the Bot Lane? (Which we all know is Caps.)

  12. I wish the league had toxic players or at least any sort of banter at all. It feels like robots half the time because every player is too afraid to speak out or call someone bad

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