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Clinton Road – The Most TERRIFYING Road in America?

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  1. I grew up there, that was an colonial era iron smelter not a temple. I spent countless hours hiking and fishing all over Clinton road and the surrounding mountains, the serial killer dumping a body is true, Richard Kuklinski dumped Daniel Deppner's body there in the early 80's.

  2. You guys truly are awesome and very proper. Respect! I wish more people would follow your lead… Keep up the great work and awesome videos!… Except next time…. Leave the annoying people out please!

  3. I've been there. I don't care what anyone says about this place. It was definitely terrifying. When we were exploring I swear on my life we heard a little girl screaming. And then nothing. And nobody and not even a car. I believe but I do believe the mind is powerful, still freaky. All in all I like doing this stuff adrenaline is the best drug.

  4. Adorable couple…but they should really prepare far better than camera lights, and low top vans. Not very practical for exploring….anything…but esp woods and abandoned areas, lol!

  5. 5.1K 👎 = 5.1K Liberals who can’t take a joke.

    I did like the video, it was very spooky, I couldn’t do it, I’m a coward. 🙂

  6. Even if that was related to the druids, it wouldn't be evil. They were peaceful people, despite what stories have been told about them.

  7. Everytime a woman enter this forest, a loud voice say: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

  8. Spooky.

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    Jesus also said "no one comes to the Father except through me (no one else).

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  9. Uh, it wasn't used in the Revolutionary war. It wasn't even used in the war of 1812 or the civil war. It started in 1826, and then supplied ingots to other forgers until 1857 when it shut down.

  10. Last time, I drove on that road back in the late 90's. My truck's auxiliary lights cut out for some add reason. Though soon as I turned off that road, they seem to came back on, to this day I have not figured out what caused it. Also, great video always see Youtuber's drive, on that road. You two crazy people walked into the damn forest.

  11. Yay nj. There's a road like this in every county I bet. We used to have Essex road in tinton falls. Same stuff. Kkk, albinos, cults, yadda yadda. All there was was spray paint in the road. It's all Been renovated since they put in a retirement village and an outlet mall.

  12. Many people use this road, even though it is sketchy, crooked, old, untrustworthy and poorly maintained. However, many people who attempt to point this out or talk about this road are suicided by the road itself…

  13. The ironworks wasn't making iron during the Revolutionary War. The Revolution was in the late 1700s and the sign says the furnace functioned during the 1830s…50 years later.

  14. Looks like you found the towns party road. Every town has one. Ours is Cottonflat Rd. And Rockhouse Rd. Yes there is lore on both roads.

  15. I bet ALL the people in this video know each other and this was all a scripted set up! including the random car that drove by asking if they "threw it back" at 12:03!

  16. 5:31 – "…don't try anything you see here at home." Damn…and I was all ready to explore the abandoned Druid temple in my basement. lol

  17. im a new subscriber but i gotta give you a thumbs down on this one for testing out a half assed urban legend. Ive seen your videos and youre better than this. also those kids were MORONS

  18. I've seen creepy children standing at the side of the road while I was driving
    Maybe they're the children Hillary keeps in her basement as sex slaves

  19. When we drove down it there was some dude in the middle of nowhere wearing a tall clown hat. He scurried off into the woods a we got closer.

  20. The group of kids really bothered me. Especially them driving full speed with no headlights. Why do people think its ok to allow that to happen? It's not just dangerous for them, its a hazard for other people too.

  21. I love how honest these fellas are you know if something happens it legitimately happened it’s A nice change of pace. From the rest of the channels.

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