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Clinton Portis Was Hungover For His Best NFL Game Ever | Untold Stories S1E1

– Bro, I’m hungover. I can’t play today. I’m throwin’ up before the game. You know, I get it all outta my system. – This is crazy. – Yeah, it’s so crazy because that was the best game I ever had in the NFL. ♪♪♪ – Clinton Portis! – What’s good, man? – We got a Washington legend, a Hurricane great. You grow up playin’ pool? – Man, this is my first time. – You sure this your first time? – First time. I was practicing outside. – [Laughing] Your rookie year with the Denver Broncos: Take me through what happened rookie night. – Oh, it’s most epic rookie night of all time, right? So Al Wilson, Shannon Sharpe, Rod Smith, uh, Brian Griese—everybody came out. In Denver, the entire team partied together. – Say less. – So you got the squad, everybody was there. It was like, “Man, we gonna have rookie night, we gotta do this right,” you know? Oh, you get the vets out, you know, they gonna get ‘em a bottle of Champagne. You know, they, they do it big. They did it right. – What bottle of Champagne we talkin’? – Back then, I think it was Moet. Like, Moet was big. You know, rookie night, you’re supposed to be reasonable— – Of course. – On the tab. – Of course. – But our tab probably was, it was 20 grand. – What do you spend $20,000 on?! – Grey Goose and Hennessy. – Yeah, dawg. – [Laughing] – Back, back then at 21, 22, you were definitely on Hennessy. – You mixin’ up dark and clear? – You young. – Yeah. – When you’re young, you’re drinkin’ anything. You just tryna have a good time. But Friday night probably lasted till 5 a.m. Saturday morning. I ended up bein’ sick on Sunday. – What does sick mean? – I was hungover on Sunday. – [Laughing] – So I was in worse condition on Sunday than I was Friday or Saturday. – Damn. – Like, it’s one of those, “Bro, I can’t play in this game.” And I’m gettin’ ready to walk into Coach Shanahan’s office, and as I walked to his office, Shannon Sharpe say, “Po! What you doing?” I’m like, “Man, I can’t play.” He was like, “Ohhhh, no!” Like, that, “That’s not their problem. You still gotta go out and perform.” So I’m like, “What?” He was like, “Man, don’t do that. Go outside, run it out.” He was like, “Come back in, uh, contrast whirlpools. Hot, cold, hot, cold until you feel better.” So I go outside, and I’m sprintin’ up and down the sideline—this is before the game, I’m runnin’ 100-yard sprints full speed. Come back in, hurlin’ everywhere, you know, but I’m startin’ to feel better. You know, I get it all outta my system. – This is crazy. – Yeah, it’s so crazy because that was the best game I ever had in the NFL. I had 17 carries for 228 against Arizona, and I was hungover. Like, totally done. That was in 2002, by mistake, rookie night, right? So now you speed up, maybe 2006? This “famous” shot game, the Henny game. – With your U teammates. You got yourself, Santana Moss and Sean Taylor, in D.C., in Washington. – We’re playin’ the Jacksonville Jaguars. Me and Tana sittin’ in the, in the parking lot. So, you know, we gettin’ turnt in the car. I’m like, “Man, I’m finna take another shot of Henny.” And, of course, we tell Sean, like, “Bro, we gonna take a shot. We gotta go out—like, we gotta win this game.” So me, Sean and Tana, we toast, take a shot. Tana scored two touchdowns and game-winning touchdown, right? Sean had a crazy game. I had a crazy game. Another 100-yard game against one of the better defenses in the NFL. – How often did you guys do this ritual? – It wasn’t like, “This is what we look forward to. This is what we did every week,” you know? It was just, if we had one of those games, like, “Man, I gotta go ball out. Cheers.” And we out. – Man. This ain’t your first time, bro. There’s no way in hell this your first time, man. – I’m learnin’ on the run, man. – Nah. Thanks for kickin’ it with us. Subscribe to B/R to check out more dope videos like this one.

Reader Comments

  1. I used to love the broncos man🔥 I wish Clinton was there when TD was playing so he could win a ring then takeover as starter💯 man I wish.

  2. Clinton Portis can give you a 228 yard game severely hungover, but can he see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

  3. He should have told the story when he almost killed the guy with a gun who mismanaged his money. Fun guy loved when he did costums one season.

  4. CP I disagree about your best game being against the cards your rookie year. Your best game came against the chiefs when you had 225 yards rushing and 5 TDs and Shannon Sharpe gave you the championship belt……the good ole days

  5. Yo Clinton I get that cards game is your favorite to remember but what about his 5 TD game!! Vs the chiefs!! That’s so funny to me that he calls Zona his best!! But maybe becuse of the story and context of the drinking is what makes it his fave:) one of my fave RB games ever, and for whavwr reason I love RBs so much and always will, was Clinton’s 5 TD game. Loved him at the U when i was soo young like one of the first players I remember

  6. The artwork/animation on this was unbelievably good. I've never commented on animation in my life before this comment. Who is the artist?

  7. Clinton Portis use to (still does idk) live in the Vue in Charlotte… one of my homegirls from school lives there and she was next door neighbors to him and I was like oh shit, you stay next to Clinton portis lol

  8. Man I miss the days of Portis, Moss and Taylor. Fuck bring Gibbs back for a 3rd time lol at least he'll construct a decent team with some stability even at 90 years old

  9. Sometimes you have your best days physically and mentally hung over. It's rare. But it's like if your body taps into your best reserve vitamins and minerals to get you through the day.

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