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  1. Aren't spring rolls (a) usually fried and (b) contain thinly-cut/shredded vegetables like cabbage, carrot and bean sprouts? I mean…they sometimes contain meat, but I've never seen a spring roll contain fruit and it's rare to see them non-fried…

  2. When I saw the title I was expecting you to use spring veg like in real ‘spring roles’ and not fruit….

    Never seen them made with fruit before well not at the Chinese I go to…

  3. Okay okay okay, when I read the title I was like "cool your gonna be able to see the carrot or the duck if you do duck ones" but no youre making sweet spring rolls. Why. I wanted duck. I wanted savoury not kiwi and chocolate. Disappointed. Also here's my insta handle if you wanna rant about it with me on there : eviemxe

  4. Key West kayak fishing made a spring roll not long ago the same way and dude it looked amazing. Not that yours didn't look good, but this guy was on like a whole other level

  5. Try putting a damp tea towel on your chopping board then the rice paper roll on top after quickly dunking in the water

  6. Spring rolls are fried, this is a summer roll, and even then, its pretty liberal to call them that because they arent made with fruit

  7. Could you make a clean pumpkin pie? OR apple? My coworker and I LOVE watching your videos at work. You make the night go by so much faster! Thank you!

  8. I binge watched your channel here for a week leading up to dental work; it really helped me with the terrible anxiety I had over the dental work. Watched it right up to the prior hour I had to be seen. You do great work, very relaxing and enjoyable to watch, and a beautiful family. Another great video here.

  9. thats is whitout a doubt the worst way to use ricepaper I have ever seen. you dont soak it in water, you just dunk it in there for a second. it absorbs water easily

  10. The packets of rice paper we get here in Australia suggest cold water, and having a damp tea towel on the bench to place the soaked rice paper on for rolling. I find it works really well.

  11. Ive actually made these in a cooking class that was gluten free, we made a salad ish thing and then put ginger and soy sauce (used a gluten free alternative bc one student was allergic) they were reallyy good!

  12. Clear fruit spring rolls wot is your girls name my best friends m,l a singer from jasmine lily rose Parkinson

  13. So a Tesco advert came on before this video and i thought why is that t**t Jamie Oliver with them and not Barry who isn’t hated by anyone

  14. I'm feeling bad

    Good strawberries are difficult to get over here, they're rare and tough to find and expensive af… I miss Egypt 😂

  15. This (and the "ravioli") are a bit of a cop out, compared to the other videos, how about clear, piped icing for cupcakes!

  16. If they dont taste of anything, and you can barely see them, whats the point?
    They all look ready for storage in your prison pocket.

  17. If you ever remake this recipe, I would suggest that you julienne the pineapple, mango and kiwi. This would produce a fruit version of a summer roll which will be much easier to pick up and eat.

  18. I’m disappointed in this video. I’m also very sad that you didn’t put any effort the ravioli video. All of these videos are all the same, I won’t be watching anymore of these videos.

  19. I went on a study abroad trip to Southeast Asia and was given an opportunity to make rice paper in a small village by hand the old fashion way. This paper did not have the crisscross lines that commercially made rice paper has. I like the crisscross pattern. The texture feels good.

  20. Can you do a grilled cheese thats clear? Maybe make it where only the cheese is clear. Or do clear bread as one episode and if you can pull it off adequately find a way to add in the cheese. At first, I would think this was impossible but, you kinda broke limitations with the clear lemon meringue.

  21. Make clear cocktails! I’ve actually done this before, and it taste practically like the drink still. You take your glass of a drink, then get another empty glass and put it beside it. Roll up a piece of paper towel and connect the two glasses. After a couple of hours replace the paper towel. Afterwards, you will have a clear drink! You can also connect another filled glass with another drink and add another paper towel, and you can make a mixed drink! You can do multiple drinks and it’ll work! I’ve done iced tea and Pepsi, cream Soda, etc!

  22. A suggestion for rolling these would be to use parchment paper. It might not stick as much as on the wooden cutting board.

  23. gez, the level of the packaging on the rice paper for the rolls is outragous. maybe because im Thai and my family eats these constantly and its my personal fav (letuce, rice noodles, chicken or shrimp with fish sauce in a clear rice wrap) i normal go to my local asain store and get a simple common rice wrap that they are loaded with and head home with my wraps that are super clear.

    okay after typing this post i completely forgot that most likely from his accent he dows not live in the U.S. so maybe they arent so common or something, but that serious made me laugh at the "super thin VIETNAMESE rice PAPER" but i dont knlw, just me i guess

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