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[Music] hey guys welcome back to the channel and I am so excited about today’s video I am going to be sharing tons of stuff with you we are going to be cleaning and also decorating for spring I did pick up a few pieces and then I had some decor from over the past couple years so we’re gonna be putting some things up around the house I do like it very minimal but just to add a little spring in the home so we’re also going to be disinfecting throughout my house and then I’m also going to be doing a giveaway in this video so make sure you guys stay tuned for that there’s tons of cleaning motivation in this video if you’re cleaning along with me today go ahead and let me know down in the comments if you’re just here hanging out say hi I’d still love to hear from you and without further ado we’re gonna go ahead and jump right in [Music] so this is also a collab with my friend Tabitha from this Momma’s House she is a awesome mama here on YouTube she does all kinds of home making lifestyle type videos on her channel I actually got the privilege to meet her and her family this past summer they were traveling around in an RV and stopped off in my city we met up and had an amazing time so I will have her links down below in the description box make sure you guys head over to her channel show her some love and let her know I sent you thanks you guys so today I’m gonna be using the Microban 24-hour multi-surface cleaner and the jaws disinfectant to disinfect around my house today [Music] so one of the things I wanted to make sure I did was disinfect our coasters here that we keep on the table so I just went ahead and sprayed the coasters and wiped them down with my microfiber cloth [Music] will you call me back no no no the traveling kind it’s a known fact you know see all the places I hope amazed that you’ll come home to me once you travel the world call the space so the next thing I’m doing here is going ahead and disinfecting our remote controls for our downstairs TV again I’m just using the jaws disinfectant I also have a discount code and a link to the Jaws products down below in my description box if you want to check them out [Music] [Music] all the places so I did go ahead and pick up this spring tablecloth from Ikea and I absolutely love it it is so pretty I like the different pastel colors and then I also picked up this napkin holder from Ikea so I will try and have links in the description box for these products but I just love the touches of spring that I’m adding to my kitchen and all over the house [Music] you’re gone [Music] you’re the travelling kind it’s a known fact you know [Music] so we’re gonna go ahead and start cleaning up my kitchen it was actually a really dark day here in Arizona so that’s why the Lighting’s a little off I also changed some settings on my camera so if you guys can let me know if the quality is a little bit better in this video that would help me out or if you don’t know it notice a difference I just need some kind of feedback I’m just kind of playing around with my camera settings and see if I can get better quality and my videos [Music] so I was talking to my mom right here and this was actually the day that Arizona everybody in Arizona went to the stores and bought everything and I went through a lot it was really overwhelming and I know a lot of us have gone through that and I was sharing that with her because it was kind of like our first day and she’s from Washington so she dealt with it like weeks ago and they’re still dealing with it so I was sharing that with her here [Music] so right here I’m just putting the rest of my groceries away from that morning I had went to the store and just kind of got some canned goods and perishables and things like that so I’m just going ahead and putting those things away and I am praying for you guys and I’m praying for everyone just to stay healthy and positive during these times [Music] every town [Music] because [Music] so currently during these times I am using something a little bit more tougher and that is the micro ban it is a multi-purpose cleaner and so it keeps killing 99.9% of bacteria for up to 24 hours so I am really happy about that and that is what I’m kind of using throughout my house throughout the week and I will have a link down in the description box if you want to check it out through this thing [Music] I was facing all the sunlight where feet swum freely from the so what I’m doing here is just using my ever spring all-purpose cleaner that I got from Target and I’m just cleaning off like the canisters and my paper towel rock and swim I’ve tried try to make you see then my shoulders for you too so I’m also going around with the microbe and spray and just spraying like my dishwasher handle the refrigerator handle and things like that [Music] complying girls you still look so down [Music] so I’m so excited because today for the giveaway I am giving away one of these awesome personal planners I have been using a personal planner for a couple of years now and I’ve also given one away to you guys a couple months ago so you guys will get your own gift card so you can go on to their website and customize your own personal planner so the details to enter into this giveaway will be down below in my description box make sure you guys are subscribed because this is a giveaway for my subscribers check up the description box and let’s get back into the video [Music] [Music] like a blind girls dog we were walking on the sidewalk to do this person [Music] you thought it was old time but at soldiers not soon Oh [Music] number two [Music] [Music] I ever lose [Music] so I did go ahead and pick up this reef from jo-ann’s and I always hang reefs on this pantry door during the holidays so I thought a nice pretty spring reef would be perfect and then I also got these cute little dish towels from Ross so I always like to check out places like Ross because you can really find some good deals on decor little mess that somebody left behind using the microwave after I just wiped up the oven [Music] so down [Music] [Music] [Music] I really like this floral arrangement I thought the box looked amazing here in my office this is something I’ve had for a while and I’m just putting little pieces around my house just to give it a little bit of a spring vibe but sometimes less is more and then now we’re gonna go ahead and just water my plants I did get these two plants from Target a few weeks ago and they’ve been doing just fine in here me and my husband want to get more real plants in the house [Music] so now we’re upstairs in our master bedroom and I’m going to get this place picked up cleaned up and then we’re going to go ahead and add a few pieces of decor in here and I’m also going to be changing out my sheets which I’m really excited for you guys know I’ve been rocking these Christmas winter sheets for awhile because my husband loved the flannel sheets but I did pick up some new sheets from Target I will have those linked down in my description box [Music] [Music] don’t get the best of you so I’ve recently shared this hack in a previous deep cleaning video I will have that link below in case you missed it but this is actually going to kill some bacteria and I just go ahead and put it all over my mattress and then I let it sit there for a few minutes and then I’m gonna go in and vacuum it up [Music] I told you with that go baby [Music] [Applause] so right now I’m gonna go ahead and add our mattress protector cover onto our mattress and this just helps keep the mattress cleaner and just keeps the integrity of the mattress [Music] I told you if we then baby as I look back at this video I realized how much trouble I was having putting on this sheet these are the new sheets so they didn’t fit easy so I was definitely fighting with the sheet for a while [Music] so I actually just washed these sheets because every time I buy a new set of blankets or sheets from the store I always wash them first before putting them on our beds and unfortunately they got really wrinkly and the dryer and I was pretty bummed about that but I didn’t have time to fix it I just put them on the bed they’ll smooth out and it is what it is [Music] so I did decide to remove some of my bigger pillows and keep it simple for spring and add this really cute pillow I got from Ross [Music] I’m sorry in the middle gotta find myself again but life is one big riddle ah the future and what’s been cuz it’s the way it goes and I will never know while you let me go look to the left look to the right nothing stopped me in the night all the bad stuff and trying to remain strong I know it’s good if I’m wrong I got it [Music] that is all I have for you guys today make sure you comment down below and say hi and you check out Tabitha’s video I hope you got tons of cleaning motivation and some spring decor inspiration I love and appreciate you guys so much don’t forget to enter into the giveaway down below in the description box and I will see all of you guys later bye [Music] and join super may strong I know it’s good and follow along I got it I got [Music]

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  1. Yay! My fiancee and I just purchased a home 🙂 with a move in date of December 2020. So my goal is to save as much money as possible between now and December. I'd also like to focus on losing some weight just so I could feel better in my clothes. Thanks Lindsey!

  2. Oh my goodness! When you panned the kitchen after it was clean and decorated the dog peeking over the counter CRACKED me up 😂😂 So happy to collab with you girl! You’re awesome! I love the simplicity of the decor. Less is TOTALLY more.

  3. I still need to buy that dang Tide Antibacterial spray you had used in one of your previous videos!! 😬

  4. My Goal for 2020 is to survive I will be 60 yrs old & hope i have friends caring enuff to chat with me or email.. I would hope Arthritis would be gone but I have 3 Arthritis’ 🙏💜🌹

  5. My goal this year is to try to get better with photography . Been feeling frustrated lately bc i am teaching myself and it's not as easy as it seems . Also , To take better care of myself . my anxiety takes over my life and I need to find ways to help myself control it .

  6. I have a goal of getting the job I’ve been searching and waiting for, getting all the planning for my wedding done, and living life with the least amount of worries as possible.

  7. Last Friday everyone went crazy in my country and rushed to the stores. I can't find disinfectant wipes or lysol spray anywhere. I use rubbing alcohol with multipurpose cleaner and water in a spraybottle to disinfect. Got the idea from @jamiesjourney😄

  8. I’m just here hanging out not cleaning @ the moment..
    For sure need to check out that MicroBan disinfectant spray heard its really good..
    Me & my family are definitely doing really well and healthy..
    ✔️I’m definitely subscribed to your channel
    ✔️My goal for this year is declutter/downsize a-lot of items either donate or sell items we don’t use anymore & also save $$ and also loose weight & eat healthier..
    ✔️I follow you on Instagram as well h.talley83

  9. It's a crazy world right now, Australia is just starting the food crazy buying and seriously it's just madness. So glad to tune into your videos and just get motivation/calmness 💕

  10. Hi Lindsey.. you do your bed like I do w/baking soda, love that stuff.
    Love the pillow, so pretty. Your decorations are so nice.
    My goal would be to get healthy and be able to walk more. Slowly but surely I'm getting there. Great motivation.
    Love u dear

  11. My goal…get more organized & continue to set positive examples for others. Love your videos!!! Praying for you & your family!🙏🏽

  12. LOVE the simple decor ideas!! that's where I am right now!! everyone is getting plants… wondering if i need one too lol!

  13. Great video Lindsey. Your home is really beautiful. Lots of cleaning motivation. Stay healthy with everything that is going on right now. Have a great week.

  14. My goal this year is to keep my current cleaning schedule. So far it has been working and it helps having you on my tv cleaning with me 😂

  15. Took me a minute to find this video. Im not getting your notifications either and I couldn't find this on your page..

  16. What an awesome give away! My goals for thus year are to eat healthier and spend more quality time with my 2 year old daughter !🙂

  17. Love the motivation much needed. My goal this year is to make up my bed as soon as I get up and to stay more organized….❤️

  18. I love your videos girl!!!! I’m a teacher here in KY and we are out for three weeks due to the Coronavirus, so I’m starting my Spring Cleaning today. One of my goals is to save more money and add it into my savings.

  19. Love your decorations! My goal this year is to get my home completely clean and organized. It's gonna take that long because I want to do it right. Thanks for the opportunity and for the inspiring video. ❤

  20. Hey girl! I hope you’re doing well. My goal for the year it’s to work on my health…my goal For the next few weeks that there is no school and I’m stuck at home is to declutter and deep clean my house as much as possible!

  21. Hi just wanted to say I love your channel, but everytime you talk, I can never hear you when I am doing dishes T.T

  22. My goal for the rest of the year is to work toward becoming debt free. I would like to have at least 70% of my debt gone by the end of December. I already follow you on Instagram! 🙂

  23. Hey, pretty lady! I just ordered the 8 pack e-coths. You convinced me. I used your link so I hope that helps. Lots of love to you💜

  24. My goal for the rest of 2020 is to appreciate how fortunate we really are and to stay healthy.

    Ps: your sweet fur baby peeking over your kitchen counter was the best!!

  25. My goal is to stay healthy!! My two kiddos (out of 4) appendix ruptured on Christmas Eve! So two weeks in the hospital and after recovery the flu😭.. so we are all trying to stay healthy and avoid the current virus. Thank you for ur videos! They help make the day brighter🤗

  26. Hey beautiful friend I need to get me one of those Dyson vacuums and let me tell you that I love planners I have a planner and then I have all kinds a little journals I just love writing things down and the one that you’re giving away is very pretty and has good space to write thanks so much for sharing and motivating us to get us get up and clean maybe do some decluttering sending you such a big love and blessings

  27. Fitted sheets are the bane of my existence!! Ugh!! My goal for this year is to maintain a family budget. I have finally come to realize budgeting is more than balancing a checkbook!

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